Coming Soon…

Welcome to the KPOPREVIEWED “Coming Soon” page. Here, I list the reviews that will be coming your way. Currently, this page will be used to list the song and album reviews that I will not be able to post on or close to its respect release date (i.e. comebacks that I missed last month). This may be due to a number of reasons including busy study load or unexpected events in my life.

Upcoming Song Reviews

  • [Double Review] Bae + Rock Paper Scissors – M.O.N.T
  • Out Of My Mind – 3YE
  • Boom Boom – ANS
  • It’s On You – TEEN TEEN
  • Be On You – GreatGuys
  • [Double Review] Human + Daredevil – Zico*
    *Zico released three music videos for his most recent comeback. Two of the releases will be in the double review, the third will be a single standard review. I will decide which will be the single and which ones will be the double review closer to when I write them.
  • Set Me Free – Ladies Code
  • Nom Nom Nom – Sunny Hill
  • Vampire – IZ*ONE
  • Pinky Love – Momoland
  • Fake & True – TWICE
  • My New World – CIX

Upcoming Album Reviews

  • Feel Special – TWICE
  • Firework – Laboum
  • Fly With Us – ONEUS
  • 6Senses – AB6IX
  • Time_Leap – Super Junior
  • The Book Of Us: Entropy – DAY6

Upcoming Special Posts

  • Queendom Final Singles Review
  • Missed Music Video (Stray Kids edition)
  • Missed Music Videos (ONEWE, TXT, Dream Catcher & ATEEZ)

This list will be updated weekly as new songs and albums are released or as I listen to them.