EXID (이엑스아이디)

Up & Down - EXID

Debut: 2012

Company: Banana Culture (formerly known as Yedang Entertainment)

Members (L to R): Solji, Hyerin, Hani, Junghwa, LE

Former Members (not shown): Jung Yuji, Dami, Na Haeryeong (all left in 2012, redebuted as BESTie in 2013)

Promoted Songs:

  • Whoz That Girl (2012)
  • I Feel Good (2013)
  • Every Night (2013)
  • Up & Down (2014)
  • Ah Yeah (2015)
  • Hot Pink (2015)
  • L.I.E (2016)

Dasoni (다소니)


Debut: 2013

Members (L to R): Solji, Hani

Promoted Songs:

  • Goodbye (2013)
  • Said So Often (2013)

Past Reviews (Click on the reviews below)



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