Severely – 4TEN

4TEN or POTEN, I don’t know anymore, but this is a new girl group that I am reviewing. They have been around for a few years, to be precise, they made their debut in 2014, under their current name, 4Ten with Tornado. They later came back with Why in early 2015. They then came back later in the year, under the name POTEN (hence my lack of care for their name now) with Go Easy. Since debuting, the group has had members leave and new members added on. The current lineup is: Hyeji, Hyejin, Hio and Yun. The girls are under Jungle Entertainment.

This song is honestly a really good song. Once again, the girls have this retro feel with the song. The song started off with some cheerleader kind of theme, but then it changed to a more retro yet modern sound. The song is quite upbeat and the rockish themed sound they have going is really cool (I make it sound like they have 5 different sounds mashed into one, but honestly, the retro and cheerleading sounds were just what I felt). The vocals in the verses are quiet strong and at the hook of the song is very powerful and loud. I get the vocals in the chorus are sung at such a higher pitch, but the instrumental overshadows the vocals and hence makes them sound much quieter. Rapping is good, but quite short, which was disappointing to an extent for me. While I do think the song sounds good, it does sound quite ordinary. Sure the rock sound is not attempted by other girl groups that often, but this song sounds kind of “normal” to me, and I am not really wowed with anything in the song.

The music video really got my hooked to the song. It seemed like the girls went for a complete change with the concepts. I listened to the girls when they came out with Tornado and Why, (but never heard of Go Easy before actually), and this concept is completely different with the image I had associated with them. And do I like it? Hell yeah. Totally in love with what they are wearing when they are dancing in the video. Anyway, the other scenes had me a little worried. It is a much edgier concept that they are going for, but it seems to me that sitting on a basketball ring, up high is not the ideal way to display the edgier concept. I feel like that guy was a random addition to the video. And that last scene where the girls get their revenge on the guy (assuming I pieced the video together correctly) where the girls celebrate with flares or smoke flares seem very cliche nowadays. Too much partying after  “revenge” plot in the video. But I love the rooms with the LCD screens, where they did most of their dancing. Quite headache inducing, but gives a really cool and fresh feel (despite it being dark colours). Those dance scenes probably hooked me to the song.

But I must make it clear, I did not like the dance. The scenes in the videos were great, but I was greatly disappointed in this choreography. Nothing grand, nothing amazing or awesome. This is the type of song and concept that needed powerful dance moves, but instead we got most of the ordinary moves girl groups tend to pull off.

Overall, I like the song and music video. Not that keen on the dance. 6/10