Let’s Not Fall In Love – Big Bang

Once again, Big Bang has made their comeback, for the 4th time this year. Talk about that Big Bang drought we had, I think that has cleared up totally. Yes, their MADE album is about to end. Now, the full album and the final songs are meant to be released in September (next month), but since the comebacks have been quite tiring on the members, YG has decided to delay (hmmm… why is delay and YG always in the same sentence?) the full album release, to let the members rest and to make way for iKON’s long awaited debut. But these are the song released for August. Which I am reviewing at the end of August because I am that slow (and busy). Lots to catch up on.

Big Bang have been experimenting with different sounds for these few comebacks. They continue to return with unique sounds. This time, they went for a much happier sounding (?) ballad, something that we don’t actually hear much of the band. It is probably one of their slowest songs ever. I think the vocal mix in this song is pretty nice. We have all the members singing and of course rapping from G-Dragon and T.O.P. It is a nice sounding song, which I would love to hear on a summer night when it is raining. There is something so dreamy about T.O.P’s singing voice for rainy days… It just lacks that appeal that Big Bang songs usually have. To be honest, this is just a B-sided track. It is good, but it really is not good enough to be the title track. There really isn’t a hook or anything to grab our attention. But still, nice song.

If there is another thing I like this for, I guess how the lyrics mis-match with the sound of the song and the music video. The lyrics have that sadness factor, but the sound and the music video do contradict that. Not in a bad way. But in a way that could be described as artistic. While the members sing about “not falling in love yet” and “just be my friend” or “remain friends or else I can hurt you”, we see the members play around with the girls. They have fun and no hint of sadness. No tears, no arguments. I have a feeling that Big Bang always know how to have a good time. Their company always bring along these foreign girls into their music video. Not only that, but the girls change each time, so I would expect there to be some sort of awkwardness. But the guys and girls seem to have a great time and their chemistry together seems pretty nice.

Nice song and music video. Pity that they haven’t really promoted this song at all, compared to Zutter. 8.5/10. Zutter review will come tomorrow.

[DOUBLE REVIEW] If You + Sober – Big Bang

Once again, it has been a month since their last release. And now they are back at it with a more toned down comeback. But I am not going to use “comeback” anymore to describe Big Bang’s album’s promotion. Let’s call this a promotional run. They are going head to head with many big name groups this Summer with Super Junior, SNSD making their comeback in the coming weeks. Not only that, but other upcoming big name groups are making or have made their comeback: Sistar, AOA, Teen Top, Girl’s Day, A-Pink, Infinite etc. So essentially, this summer is going to be one very chaotic battlefield.

If You is a really nice song. Not one that is expected by many fans, however. When the song starts we hear T.O.P and G-Dragon sing. Normally, they raps. However his voice adds a really nice deep element to the song. As the other member move in to sing, we get a very peaceful ballad. I have to be honest though. I did say Taeyang did not have a suitable voice to be someone to take most of the lines, but in this song, his voice was delivered in a way that has me doubting myself. Even though it was a pretty long song and slowed down compared to the other Big Bang songs we have gotten, this song seemed to go quite fast for me. I have no complaints with this song.

Sober is a completely different song. It is toned down compared to their last releases, but it really isn’t a song that I again would associate with Big Bang. It’s more upbeat and I think I enjoyed it more than their other songs. It is quite addictive and catchy to my ears. It fits in quite well to their previous releases and it also has this strong Summer feel to it. Not as impressed with the vocals of this song though. I can see how some people are saying this song is quite similar to another song out there. Don’t remember the title of the other song though. And I get it. It does sound similar to me, just the style of Sober and the sound of Sober is a pretty much recurring sound in many music industries.

There is no music video for If You, which is quite disappointing. But then again, the company and band are filming quite a bit. Sober did get a music video which leans towards the crazy side. In other words, no where near what Sober’s definition is like. I personally like this video. It is quite wacky but it doesn’t overdo it like Bae Bae did. I did notice a few things. Why are there beds outside? What happens when it rains? T.O.P is not being T.O.P no more in any of the videos. Daesung looks pretty cool on the drums. Taeyang has been shirtless in 100% of the music videos that were released in 2015. I would like to now how they filmed the scenes where the members are in those spinning rooms. Not exactly sure if it spinning but it looks quite cool.

Not exactly sure if there are any dance to Sober. I can guarantee there be no dance for If You. But then again, I guess a lot of things and still manage to get things wrong.

If You – 9/10

Sober – 8/10

So what did you like more? Sober or If You?

[Double Review] Bang Bang Bang + We Like To Party – Big Bang

Big Bang is trying to kill all fans out there with their continuous comebacks for the next 3 months (5 comebacks in total). Each song they release is being promoted and I am thankful I am getting this review out now, with just days until the next two releases. Wow. After Loser and Bae Bae, Big Bang returned with songs that they believed was more their style and more like their last comeback, Fantastic Baby. And I think they are right. But that is to be discussed below. Let’s just brace ourselves for the next few months.

First song was Bang Bang Bang. I find this an awesome song, but like everyone I know and see commenting, the chorus for the song was just an ear sore. Yeah, but only the chorus. I love the club and dance instrumental song the sound goes for and I feel like the lines are more evenly spread this time around. Beside the chorus (even though it has grown on me), the rest of the song was just amazing. The vocal work and rapping for this song was amazing. I feel like this is a more modern version of Fantastic Baby, with an upgraded instrumental. The ending was superb as well. Just I want to change the chorus so badly.

As for We Like To Party, guess who just found their new favourite song. I am currently digging this song so much. It just is done so well. Did not expect for Big Bang to put out a party anthem like song, but it worked really well. The vocals and rapping per usual with the band was amazing and I was not at once disappointed with the song. I honestly feel like this should have been the more promoted song than Bang Bang Bang. And to those One Direction fans who are accusing Big Bang for copying their band’s song, these songs have been out for a long while.

The music videos were pretty amazing. I feel like both music videos, while different concepts were happening in both, were still pretty solid efforts, considering they were promoting their previous songs and had to film these as well. They did not look tired at all. I love the seriousness of the Bang Bang Bang video and the contrast between the red and black. We Like To Party was a more fun filled music video and I thought it fitted the song pretty well. They were apparently a little tipsy during the music video filming for some scenes, but I feel like it paid off very well. We see them go on a road trip and have lots of fun, which is what the song suggests. I am just glad they did not go off topic for any of the music videos.

I believe Bang Bang Bang had an actual dance to it. Beside the ending, I thought the rest of the dance was pretty boring to watch. We Like To Party had a dance as well, it seems kind of lazy, but managed to fit in with the song. But only the chorus got the dance for it… so…. And poor Seungri, everytime he tried to sing in We Like To Party, he was sabotaged by the other members.

If I was to choose out of the two, I would pick We Like To Party. Bang Bang Bang was great but the chorus… Sorry for rambling on about it. But a review is a review.

Bang Bang Bang – 8/10

We Like To Party – 10/10

What Big Bang song did you like this month? Pick out the two and the results will be up on the Rewind: June 2015 post (coming soon).

Bae Bae – Big Bang

As per my last review, I told you that I would have this review out sometime this weekend. That means I have an hour and a half to get this review done. If I post this up before 12:00 am AEST (1 hour and a half), then I successfully completed my mission. If not, I failed and really should try to push to do these reviews a little earlier. This is part two of Big Bang’s first comeback of the year. Apparently these are just teasers to what really is coming up next month (which is going to be the fan’s main course). The other song they came back with was Loser.

I don’t want to rant about what I said last review regarding Daesung, but I think I don’t have anything else to say about this song. While it was fun and “different”, I found it a little boring to sit through. The song is short, which is a disappointment, but I don’t want to think about extending this song into a 3 minute + song. We got a very different feel from the band, something that I don’t think they ever have gone for. The vocals and the rapping were just find, it just lacked a lot of appeal and I am very disappointed for that. Once again, I feel the song is Taeyang orientated, but I have already discussed that, but it seems like only Taeyang in the song got the promotion he deserve (but that can only be seen more clearly during the live stages). Even almighty G-Dragon and TOP got shut out this time. I also despise of the word “bae”. So the title gave me shivers. It is like “Yolo”. Just no.

As for the music video, whoever wrote “TOP’s sexual awakening” deserves a freaking gold star. Every time I see this video, all I can think of is TOP, his eyes and his unlikely behaviour in this music video. It kind of got me nervous and scared when I first watched it. Each member is a little crazy in this video. G_Dragon went a little crazy over breasts. Tayeang went crazy with his hair (it has to go). TOP went crazy as the Mad Hatter (his part reminds me of the Mad Hatter). Daesung was too lonely (and probably sex). And I think entirely Seungri got crazy over finding a partner (he was the one with nothing, but hands over his chest. Fake hands to be precise). Overall, I was okay with the video. Surely more could have happened for it to be something that I would rank high. The ending scenes were nice, but that just confirms the crazy nature of the music video.

As for the dance, there really is not much of it during the solo parts (unless you consider the prancing of TOP as a dance). The ending when they all sing together had a dance that kind of gave it that “different” feel. I am for some reason glad, that Big Bang embraced this side for the stage. But dance at the end was so so as well.

I think I did a good job for less than 10 minutes. LOL. Don’t know why I was begin so dramatic at the start. Sorry for that. As for this song, music video and dance, I think I am going to give it a 6/10. Music video and song could have a little more appealing.

As for the question I put out last time, which was you favourite Big Bang song for this promotions?

Loser – Big Bang

The wait is over. After three hectic and chaotic years, Big Bang has finally returned as a five member band, not as 1 member or a two member subunit, but actually five members. This time around they went digital, with plans to release 1 or 2 songs per month and then releasing a full album later in the years with the already released songs. Yes, probably every fan has been going on non stop about this and I am too very excited. I mentioned in a past review about doing “Double Reviews”. Not this time around Big Bang, but I will be doing that kind of reviews for the upcoming few releases (given there are two new songs each month).

This is a pretty good song. It isn’t really the fun or crazy side of Big Bang we are used to. It kind of goes back to Haru Haru, Lies or Blues style of songs. I enjoyed it. There is something that I am going to rant about. But I feel like Daesung is overlooked in Big Bang. It feels like there is no faith in him. Both songs that were released consist of Daesung singing one verse and that is it. I know his sick and all (from the looks of live cams) but seriously, it is very disappointing. I understand Taeyang has a good voice and because of his recent success with Eyes Nose Lips, but to me, his voice only gets so far when it comes to emotional feels. Maybe it is because Daesung is just sick, but if the next few songs have Daesung little parts, I guess I am onto something. On the other hand, everyone else (including Daesung) have done an excellent job with the song.  The rapping, vocal work and instrumental is very calming (just maybe the “I’m a loser” part. Way to be optimistic). I really liked Seungri’s part in the song at the bridge. It is pretty unique and sets the song apart from their past songs.

The music video reminds me of Blue and Bad Boy just minus the unnecessary one shot takes. Their acting is definitely pretty good (disappointing we don’t see more of them acting). To me Daesung’s, Seungri’s and TOP’s parts in the video made much more sense than Tayang’s and G-Dragon’s. You can definitely see the loser part in the other three’s parts. But I guess Taeyang is a loser in this video because he is lonely? And G-Dragon is just walking around? I just like it how Daesung, despite getting punched and ganged up on, manages to be fashionable. It is pretty funny come to the think of it. And Taeyang, I think you have a condition. No-shirt-itis. Not complaining since you have a nice set of abs, but sometimes it is a little excessive. Out of the 5746556536 music videos he has been in 99% of them consist of a Taeyang without a shirt.  Also, I think we witness TOP stepping out of his comfort zone………. And then there is his part in Bae Bae……….

There is apparently a dance to this song. I find the song fine without a dance, but whatever floats their boats. I noticed it on their Music Bank stage, but I think it is like a one off thing. It is only this performance (I think) so far with a dance. Glad they incorporated the L sign. It makes sense after all.

Don’t worry. I should get the Bae Bae review out sometime during the weekend. Things have finally started to lift up off my shoulders and I only have exams (plus the odd one or two assignments) left. But I promise you, the Bae Bae review will come out. But for Loser, going to give it a solid 9.5/10.

But which song has been your favourite? It shall be an interesting question, since t is now Big Bang vs Big Bang.

Rewind: March 2015

Through this new segment (Finally got to use that one word), we will be looking back at the third month of 2015. I get to rank my top 10 songs. But we also get to look back at other events that happened in the Korean music industry. This way, I can talk about big events in the KPOP industry and rely my thoughts to you all.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Dating

This by far is the biggest news of March 2015. Just a few days ago, it was confirmed by both companies that Miss A’s Suzy and Hallyu actor Lee Min Ho are officially dating. More importantly, JYP (Suzy’s company) have announced that Suzy would not avoid questions regarding the couple. Now, usually companies try to “Hush” the rumours, so I thought it was a little wierd that JYP would say Suzy would be answering all questions. Though I get that both companies would have to confirm due to the evidence presented, but I think JYP is milking everything they can out of this big piece of news. Dating in the industry is going to be hard but I wish the very best for the two. Now let’s move along with Miss A‘s comeback, shall me?

Red Velvet First Win

The subheading says it all. Congratulations to Red Velvet on their first music show win. At the time I am writing this, they actually have won 4 music show awards. Their latest song is ________________________________________________________________. Sorry. Let’s leave this here and wait for the review to come out. Soon. I promise. I am not YG. It will come soon. Like next week probably.

2AM Members Change Companies

Another big piece of news with the 2AM members splitting up with their company. No, they are not disbanding (though it sounded a lot like it at first) but 2AM members have decided to go with different companies. Jo Kwon decided to stay with JYP Entertainment. Seulong decided to go with SidusHQ and Jinwoon decided with Mystic Entertainment. Changmin signed with Big Hit after his contract ended with JYP last year (I think?). This kind of says something about JYP Entertainment, but at the same time, we should be glad the ballad group are not going away for now. Let’s hope 2AM comebacks with a new song with this different formation with companies. (On a side note: all 2PM members – contract ended around the same time – resigned with JYP).

Comebacks for April

BIG BANG HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!!! Though, not exactly sure when the comeback is exactly. But BIG BANG HAS BEEN CONFIRMED to be the first YG artist making their comeback in 2015. On top of that, EXID will be making their comeback. Miss A and EXO just made their comeback at the end of the month. Dal Shabet, Mamamoo, Cross Gene have also be confirmed. SNSD (Girl’s Generation) will also be making their comeback in May BUT they will be releasing a track during April in both Japan and Korea.

Yewon and Lee Tae Im Scandal

This scandal I am not familiar with. Essentially what happened is that Yewon spoke informally to Lee Tae Im. After Lee Tae Im got angry and left, Yewon decided to curse out at Lee Tae Im, and hence causing this controversy. Essentially, Yewon is more of a younger person in the industry, so she had to be formal. I get it sometimes. I come from as Asian background and sometimes I don’t think the formality thing is right. Just because they are older does not mean they are right. Imagine this: the older person is cursing the daylights out of you and your loved ones, and you “disrespectfully” defended yourself and your family. Is the older person right and you are at fault? Though this is not what had happened, it seems like the industry zooms in on one part and leave the rest out for every bad situation. We don’t know 100% what happened. We will never know what 100% happened. Something could have happened before that got both angry. Those are just my loosely put together thoughts on the whole thing. Maybe Yewon is in the wrong. But what if she isn’t? Remember I am not siding with her. I am just being “opened minded” about things.

Top 10 songs of the month

1. Paradise Lost – Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)

2. Between Night n Music – B.I.G

3. FM – Crayon Pop

4. You’re Pitiful – Fiestar

5. Donghae & Eunhyuk – Growing Pains

6. I Am A Woman Too – Minah (Girl’s Day)

7. Ice Cream Cake – Red Velvet

8. Apple – Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) ft. Jay Park

9. Growing – K.Will

10. Bounce – Boyfriend

Rewind: February 2015

Through this new segment (Finally got to use that one word), we will be looking back at the second month of 2015. I get to rank my top 10 songs. But we also get to look back at other events that happened in the Korean music industry. This way, I can talk about big events in the KPOP industry and rely my thoughts to you all.

YG says comeback for Big Bang will happen in April

This month, YG “promised” us that the first artist to make their comeback would be Big Bang, who has been scheduled for April. Yes, I put “promised” in quotation marks because half the time, we really cannot take his words as the final story. Hopefully, this time Big Bang will make their very long awaited comeback in April and for once Yang Hyun Suk say something we can actually could have relied on. iKON will always be make their debut this year, just we don’t have a clear time frame yet.

Comeback announcement for April?

About 343425946 bands in the KPOP industry have announced their comeback in April. Yes, there have been so many already that I can’t remember. As mentioned above, Big Bang is. Joining them is Girl’s Day, Miss A and Dal Shabet. B1A4‘s sister group will be making their debut in April as well. FT Island is also due to make a comeback in April as well. iKon is also another band rumoured to make their debut in April. As we look further into the future, SNSD and Infinite are both aiming for May comebacks. April is going to be one hell of a month with all the bands coming back for me. And April is going to be one busy month for me already…

Kim Hyun Joong’s Domestic Violence Scandal + Pregnancy rumours

Another turn for the worse for Kim Hyun Joong. Late last year, it was reported that his former girlfriend was a victim to domestic violence attacks from the KPOP star. She sued him for what she had alleged that he has done to her. Now, it was revealed that the former girlfriend had withdrawn the lawsuit and the two proceeded to meet up with each other. Now the ex girlfriend is claiming to be pregnant with Kim’s child as he prepares for military enlistment.  His side has been asking for the girlfriend to come out and do pregnancy tests, which from what I read, she refused (but she ended up,  through her lawyer,  giving out “her” test results). I am going to be honest, this sounds very suspicious on her part. Since she had sued and withdrew the lawsuit basically means she has a free ticket to get away from Kim Hyun Joong. Unless she is that crazy in love for him, this progression in their relationship is putting both parties in a bad light.

Top 10 Songs Of The Month

1. Black Swan – Rainbow

2. Crazy – 4Minute

3. Shake That Brass – Amber (f(x)) ft. SNSD Taeyeon

4. Love Equation – VIXX

5. 너무 Very 막 – MYNAME

6. Just – ZionT ft. Crush

7. Always – A.Kor

8. Because Of You – Berry Good

9. Beautiful – KXIS (DMTN)

10. Sniper – Shinhwa

1AM – Taeyang (Big Bang)

Yesterday, I reviewed Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. Today it is 1AM’s turn to be reviewed. This song was first performed at the SBS Gayo Daejun which occurred at the end of last year. It was then included with the release of this mini album. It also became another title track for Taeyang’s promotions. And I glad it was. Let’s say, this review won’t be as bad as yesterdays one, because, mainly this one is the song that I liked. And this is where I am gonna end my introduction.

In my personal opinion, I like this song much more than Eyes, Nose, Lips. Like 10 million times better. This song, though, still does not fit my idea of Taeyang, but at least this one feels more cheerful and does not sounds like “monotone” in the way he sings it and the way the song is presented. It is also a much more lively song to listen to and I honestly think this vocals in this song is much more better than his vocals in this primary song. The song is pretty catchy. I like those 1 to 2 seconds moments prior to the chorus, where he slows the song down and then enters back with power for the chorus. Though the bridge can have some work on it, this song is totally more amazing. His live vocals are much better with this song than of Eyes, Nose, Lips. The song talks about how he remembers his love at 1AM. Overall, a much better song and probably my favourite off the mini album.

This music video is a lot darker than expected. I think most of the scenes were filmed at night which contrasted the lively feel of the song. Though there is a lot more lights in this video which gives it that really nice feel to the video. I have to say something though, but I am getting pretty annoyed with Taeyang’s hair. I though G-Dragon’s colour change was a problem, but Taeyang’s fat mohwak is terrible. Anyway, the “sex scene” in this video is actually not too bad. Beside the fact that Taeyang is sill wearing clothes while making out with her (like your on a bed, making out, shouldn’t clothes be coming off?). Actually come to the think of it, this video features Taeyang in clothes for once. Like he is not showing his abs for 99% of the video. It seems like he is shirtless 1% of the time, with 99% of the time being clothed. Just an observation. Honestly, I don’t think this video is that bad. I liked it. And I don’t mind it.

There is a freaking dance. LOL jks. Well, there is a dance, just it is not the Taeyang feel that we are used to. It is just not the same, but at least he is up there dancing.

8/10. Honestly love this more than yesterday’s one. Which prompts me to ask this question. Which Taeyang song did you like the most? Was it Eyes, Nose, Lips,? 1AM? Or was it Ringa Linga? Or maybe another song off the mini album? Answer below.


Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang (Big Bang)

Taeyang has finally made his return with a new mini album after years and years of waiting. He, last year, released a single in November, Ringa Linga which was proven to be very popular. This time around, he had decided to tone his comeback down a bit with RnB songs, not his usual dance-heavy songs that we all associate Taeyang with. He achieved an all-kill when he released his album and managed to rank 1st for like 3 days, which from memory is a record for an artist. On top of that, he has also ranked first on many international charts such as iTunes RnB charts. Proven to be quite a successful artist and proves that he still has it, even though his official release was 4 years ago. And he has also won awards for this song as well, doing very well for 2 weeks and we are still counting.

This song, however, was not for me. I understand that Taeyang had other ideas, but I have always associated him being a dancer and even though his last few songs have mainly been RnB songs, this one was to be the worst crappiest out of all. Just listening to this song a few times, I just could not play this song anymore. I just found it boring and odd to listen to. His voice, not sure if it was the desired effect, was very shaky at many moments. His vocals were monotone to me, though he did have some moments. There was nothing in this song that “catches” my attention. I was very disappointed when I first heard this song. I am sure you guys already got that feeling from my previous lines. I just have nothing else to say about this song. Just – shakes head-

The music video, I thought would be good. Boy, was I wrong? Instead, we get a video of a camera zooming out on Taeyang (who is once again shirtless) singing, with a burning picture of a girl in the background. Oh wait, did I just spoil the whole video for you? I apologise for that. Well, I can’t really say anything about this video as well. Because there is nothing in it. Disappointment. Even a few of my friends thought the video was quite boring to watch. And didn’t he used to have defined abs back in the day? Cause his body looks weird for me. Though I am not judging, I cannot get my body anyway near his. Just a very disappointing video.

No dance, so I am going to skip over that part.

Oh look, the end. I will be reviewing Taeyang’s 1AM tomorrow, which has a lot more going on. This is probably the shortest review I have done in a long time. 1/10

‘End Of Year Music Festivals’ Favourite Performances

Woah, 2013 is over (Soz, a tad late) and each year KPOP fans always end up looking forward to the end of year music festivals. These “festivals” are held on the final days of the year by the 3 major boradcasting companies of South Korea (ie. KBS, SBS, MBC). It is a stage where the artists who are active during the year can come together and celebrate by putting on some music and performing different stages from the ones that they had promoted during the year. So this means there are many different collaborations between artists or remix stages which would have fans screaming for. Because there happens to be little songs to review at this time of the year (end of Jan, don’t ask why), I thought I do this and release it in time for the Vietnamese (Or Chinese) New Year!!!!!

KBS Gayo Daechukje

  • Honestly, I was not satisfied with any of the collabs. They seem to be a last minute thing which made the show rather messy. They had good songs, but Iw as not satisfied with the way they were presented.
  • Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar was a good stage. The start got everyone hyped up and when the song actually started, boy was the screams loud! It was rather fresh and different stage that everyone must’ve had enjoyed.
  • EXO’s Intro + Growl sounded amazing. Now if only they were not replayed 563495630295634092560 times this year and everyone talking about them, I would not think poorly of them. However the intro and the performance was really good.
  • APINK was one of the few bands to throw in a new instrumental for their “sexy version” of No No No. I enjoyed the dance and I liked the new mix.
  • Beast had a pretty cool stage as well. They kept their normal instrumental but made something interested out of it.
  • Sistar’s “femme fatale” Give It To Me looked really good. Minus the not so good looks of the dancers, I really liked their dance break and Dasom has my heart beating even faster.
  • Miss A’s remixes were amazing this year. I like them much better than the actual song. Amazing right?Well, honestly it is just a new instrumental over some parts and then the actual song itself. And Min, walking away like a boss and carrying on singing after getting hit in the face.

SBS Gayo Daejeon

  • First stage which I enjoyed was VIXX’s On & On and VooDoo Doll. I honestly thought that Hyde and On & On would have been a better match, but they still seemed to pull it off pretty well. I think I am turning into a fan. Damn.
  • Z:EA and Nine Muses collaboration stage with Ghost Of The Wind, Glue and finally hit song Bounce was another stage that literally got me into it. It is such a good stage with the two bands together, where it was Nine Muses first time and Z:EA’s second time since debut.
  • Another collaboration stage goes to Girl’s Day and APINK’s Expectation and No No No. Honestly, it seemed APINK had less airtime than Girl’s Day. Not sure about the detail, but it kind seems unfair. But both suited the stage every well singing each other’s song.
  • Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar was pretty good. But the camera work destroyed the good stage.
  • T-Ara had a lot of hate, but I seemed to enjoy this stage. Number 9 but vampire version. Not much change to the song, except for really creepy dance breaks. And BOOOOBSSS!!!!!
  • 2NE1 had an alight stage. Though they just sang Missing You and Do You Love Me?, this still had remarkable stage preference.
  • Taeyang and G-Dragon seemed to had some fun on stage. I liked the lineup of songs they had coming. They sung 1AM, Crooked, Ringa Linga and Bad Boy. Considering that the whole group as not there, they did a good job filling up 3 other parts as well.

MBC Gayo Daejejeon

  • Miss A’s classy club mix for Hush sounded the best and probably has to be my most favourite stage out of all the stages listed here. It sounded to sexy and cool all at the same time.
  • T-Ara’s Number 9 and What Should I Do was a great stage. They combined the two songs into a club beat kind of song which flowed pretty well, considering the two extreme opposites for each song.
  • Ailee’s rapping before her performance , U&I, was da bomb.
  • F(x)’s Rum Pum Pum Pum was pretty good as well. Was not as impressed with the original version though.But the instrumental and ending of this stage was awesome!!! And finally F(x) gets a stage remix for an end of year festival.
  • B1A4’s rock remix for What’s Happening? was also a pretty cool performance. Literally got me going with the beat.
  • Infinite brought a new thing to the stage with Destiny remixed with the instrumental of Deception. Something that was quite unexpected but sounded pretty good despite the two songs sounding completely different.
  • Give It To Me by Sistar was pretty cool as well if the little bit of dubstep (I think) mixed in the song as well. Hyorin’s intro with Sweet Dream was pretty cool.
  • Kara’s medley of songs was pretty good. And considering the departure of two members, it fitted the occasion. They performed Lupin, Step, Damaged Lady, Mister and Honey (not sure about the last one though.

If you watched the performances, which one did you like? Honestly, when I was watching the performances on YouTube, all I thought was that it seemed too much like a normal music show rather than something to be called a “End Of Year Festival”. I think these stages are losing their purpose. But anyway, still a fantastic line-up and amazing stages!!! What were your favourite stages of the three nights?

Doom Dada – T.O.P (Big Bang)

Source: http://www.soompi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/TOP21-800×450.png

Now it is T.O.P’s turn. T.O.P has finally returned with a brand new single after absence of like 3 years. It has been sometime since we last heard a song from the man and now we finally get our chance. Being extremely busy with movie roles that he has to pay, T.O.P has literally spiced the stage up with something weird. I am not complaining because I freaking love this song. Let’s just say, it is a tribute to song to his hardcore rapping and extreme creativity. The only live performance was at the MAMA’s last night, and really, he does not really dance that much. So I will be skipping that part all together in the review. But I will put the video of his performance and the Big Bang crew into the playlist for you all.

The song has that exotic feel to it. No one is this world will be able to argue with that. At first, I thought this song would not make it at all, because of the exotic feel. However, the second time listening to it, I figured it is not the instrumental of the song or T.O.P’s rapping style, but rather you have to listen to the whole song together as one to be able to grasp a full understanding of the song. And that understanding is: WEIRD! Like every aspect of this comeback is “not normal”. This song talks about the evolution of the human body. Well, more like the evolution of T.O.P and how he became “hot” and “sexy”. Hell, this song is so catchy and sounds so amazing. Like the “doom da da didi da” was hella catchy. You have got me officially singing this song all day long. The hardcore rapping is amazing. The only problem with the song is one main line: “Long Time No See”. Why? Because to me, the soloist is saying “Long time no shit”. T.O.P, is work that demanding for you? You have got no time to take a dump? Wow!

This music video is so quirky and different, it made me laugh so much. There is most probably a million ways someone can interpret this video. And here is my take on it right now. T.O.P, in ape form, discovers a microphone with his gang. Gang of apes. What? Fast forward a bit and you get T.O.P in his full glory. Then we get T.O.P and the little kid with the massive head. Seriously, I love that little kid. He is basically made the video turn from a boring video into such a funny video. That or T.O.P’s ridiculously motorbike riding style. I am sorry, but if I found out that T.O.P was my chauffeur, I probably take a taxi to my hotel in Korea. I have to say this video was hilarious and a video that I would probably go to when I feel down.

9/10. Excellent and funny. This also takes me to the end of the Big Bang reviews. Now I just need to wait for their single that should be released later this year. You have one month YG, one month.

Who You? – G-Dragon (Big Bang)

G Dragon, who last night won 4 awards at the MAMA awards, recently unveiled his third music video for this latest album. “Who You?” was a just a song I discovered recently that I thought never discover. As you can tell, I never got to sit down and listen to the whole album. Tragic, hey? I know G-Dragon is amazing and has really great songs, but his latest song, Coup D’etat, was not that great from my perspective. Crooked on the other hand was amazing. Okay, review now. But first: as you have noticed, I released Taeyang’s review last night, now its G-Dragon’s review. Tomorrow, it will be T.O.P’s review. Or later today. Not sure. I have commitments after releasing this review, and unsure if I will get around to releasing T.O.P’s review tonight.

Who You? is an amazing song. It has that really popish American feel that I really love, from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. It has to be one of the best tracks by G-Dragon to date and I cannot form words on my keyboard with my fingers to describe this amazing song. The instrumental has that American feel to it, which makes it sound so memorable. Though I was delayed, I had to replay the song over and over again. The chorus, like Crooked, sounded catchy and was really cool. The piano at the start gave that really fresh feeling to the song and opened the song quite well. The “Du Du Du” part was really catchy and I had it replaying in my head a million times. It was a fun song to listen, which was much different to Coup D’etat which had a obvious serious feel to it, but at the same time was not as crazy as Crayon.

The music video is quite memorable. Who You? music video was filmed using fan’s fancams, which is quite an original idea. But imagine the editing processing, going through how much footage to make it into a video! Not one to complain here. Knowing that it was made from fancams, I can’t really complain about the shakiness of the video. On top of that, I liked the graffiti, however thought it was quite excessive. It was over the windows, and everything inside the enclosure. But I guess it has its charm. Also, I am glad that YG and G Dragon decided to list all of the names at the end. A good 534895634895632 people on that list. Hahahaha… I kid, not that much. But it was very nice of him to include them.

The performance was so so. The dance did not captivate me like the video or the song itself. I also kind of noticed that this choreography was the last one to be thought through, It seemed rush and “un G Dragon like” if you know what I mean.

8/10. Quite good. Now, T.O.P’s review and that one Big Bang single we were promised. Where you at?

Ringa Linga – Taeyang (Big Bang)


Taeyang is finally back with a new solo song since his last promotions of I’ll Be There. Since then, fans have been asking for a comeback of the solo artist. From memory, I think this solo “album” was meant to be released ages ago, like start of last year. However, it was delayed for quite some time. Like, a very long time. Note that I put album in quotation marks, because we were told we were going to get an album, instead we got a single. Not good enough. It also seems that Big Bang is all about solos this year. Daesung, Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang and now T.O.P all have released a solo project this year and from what we were all told, a new single of the band as one will be release quite soon. Don’t know when though.

The song is okay. Overall, it was okay to listen to. I have to say, I was expecting something along the lines of “I Want A Girl” or “Only Look At Me”, but instead we got more a hip hop swag battle in this song. The start to me sounds like what you hear when you see the sunrise, which is kind of ironic, since Taeyang means the sun in Korea. But then the chorus, to me was just awful. It had its fame, but in just did not sit well with me. I am not sure if it is Taeyang or if it the lyrics or the instrumental, but it did not go well. Also, congratulations to Taeyang, for learning how to spell your name. Seriously, this song sounds like it was copy and pasted a million times. I did however like the slow ballad parts of the song, which was something that I enjoyed. It matched Taeyang’s voice really well. The ending just had to be the chorus didn’t? Anyway, it was okay to listen to, but as a whole it was quite disappointing.

The music video. Oh geezz…. I guess it is too hot for Taeyang to leave his shirt on. Again. I am not sure about the “art” on his body though. Those big thick black lines on his arms. They look like black duct tape stuck on him. I actually don’t mind the video. Though, yes the sets seem cheap, it fits Taeyang’s image and complimented the song. Not sure about the dreadlocks though. Never am a fan of those, and sadly Taeyang looks kind of awkward in it. Mohawk, I guess is the best. I love the glow in the dark shirts. That looks awesome and really fitted with YG’s fresh style. The ending scene was kind of weird. It seemed like the spinning top thing was distracting. Also, the amount of foreigners in this song was kind of weird. It was great, but it seemed like they brought a whole different image into the music video, which kind of sucked it a bit. But hey, I like the music video, so I won’t be complaining as much.

The dance is still pretty cool. Taeyang will always live up to his standard as the one of the best dancers in KPOP and it seems like he showed the exact same standard in this song. Not disappointed here. Linked in the playlist below is the dance version, which was released first, and it was an amazing video to watch. Dare I say, much better than the music video though.

5/10. Okay comeback, did not live up to its hype for me. Maybe, this year is just not YG’s year.

Crooked – G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Source: http://i1.wp.com/24-7kpop.COM/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/G-Dragon.png?resize=770%2C472

G-Dragon recently returned with his latest two part album. Previously, we have already reviewed Coup D’etat which did not do well in terms in the review. However, while that was the title song on the first part of the album, the second part of the album was  much better and the song will be getting a much better review. I think he already has won 2 awards for this song, as it gets confusing because like all of his tracks are on the charts and when they say “G Dragon won this week’s award”, it is not exactly that we won that award for Coup D’etat or Crooked. I am sure Black and some other song are on the charts as well. Now many people are saying this and honestly I think too, but is it me or YG is having a lot of flops this year. It seems like Big Bang is the only thing now YG has up his sleeve to gain back the crowd. SM has taken over the scene a lot.

The song is definitely much better than Coup D’etat. Way better. I love the pop feel this song carries and also that hint of sadness that you can hear in the song. The song is very modern. As soon as I heard G-Dragon singing, it seemed pretty cool. The chorus is pretty catchy, being the highlight of the song for me. Not technically fond of the verse, but loving the moments before the chorus which G Dragon sings. Honestly, I think this song will do well as a club song. Imagine all the people jumping around to the music, not knowing what it even means. That little vocal part at the end was pretty amazing as well. Pretty good for the lead rapper of the band.

The music video is pretty cool as well. We see what seems to be a high end (or try hard or insane partygoer or persistent underage kid) person trying to make his way into the clubs, which of course he is denied. And because of that he gets angry and cries? Throwing a little hissy pissy much? And the crying seemed a little exaggerating, which is quite disappointing but still worked. Not sure about his successive outfit changes in one music video. I counted 18 outfits changes and heck, I am not even at the end of the video. Most of the changes were in the first 1 minute, which is quite a lot of outfits for one video. While counting however, I did notice one scene. GD, are you really pissing on the wall? Cause that is really traumatising. On top of that, we see a neglected GD, where his acting was quite fine. I feel for you mate, if that ever happens to you.

I did not like the live performance that much. Not really impressed with the dance. I was just watching G Dragon’s stage for this song, and wow, I really like it how he actually has a stage made for him only. Pretty amazing.

8/10. Much better than Coup D’etat. Way better. Let’s just wait for more music videos to come out for his other songs. Also, I don’t think I will be reviewing any more G Dragon videos anymore. There are like another two coming out. Have not made an exact decision yet, but it is most likely going that way.

Coup D’etat – G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-cLxTRX5Vs4E/UiQYRAm44tI/AAAAAAAAVSc/KkC2h8Vy1nM/s1600/gdragon-coup-d’etat-mv-screencap-2.PNG

The leader of Big Bang is back with this second album, Coup D’etat. One of the title songs used from this album is Coup D’etat. As you can see this song is exactly the albums name and also the focus on today’s review. After a successful run of promotions last year with his singles Crayon, That XX and One Of A Kind ; and Seungri’s Gotta Talk To You, he is back to rock the stage with his new songs. With this, Taeyang  will soon be having his comeback and Big Bang had just announced that they will be returning in October with a new single. Looks like YG will be very busy when it comes to the end of the year.

The song is quite boring. Honestly, I don’t think this song should be receiving the attention it is getting. There are much better songs out there at the moment, that deserve the level attention that this song is getting.  On top of that, I found the song quite unappealing. I listened to it once, never actually ever touched it again. It is lacking quite a bit and really does not live up to its standard that Crayon had set. It does mildly epic for a small amount of time. Okay, I am not a big fan of hip hop, but this song is rather slow and disappointing. Also that part where he incorporates part of Crayon into the song, seems like he borrowed off a successful song and just carried it over. This rapping skills in this song aren’t that great compared to much better song Crooked.

As for the music video, YG always does best to mash up a whole heap of different scenes that make no sense whatsoever. I get some bits with the gun wound part, the laundry house scene (which looks quite like a kitchen to me) as their are direct references to the song. But the scenes where he is a ninja at the end and the scene with him taking off his mask, kind of confused me a little bit. Maybe I am not looking into it hard enough, but it really throws me off. Oh and where are the controversies with his “taking the mask off his face” scene? Usually there would’ve been a lot of criticisms about that, but where have they gone. He uploaded a picture once like that, which made people angry. So where are those angry people?

The dance, yeah, not as great and energetic as Crayon. And what is with YG or G-Dragon’s favourite thing about his backup dancers? The faces are so not covered in this performance (Note Sarcasm was used here). I am just watching MNET’s performance, and there seemed to be inefficient lighting. Planned or a mistake made by the broadcaster, but it looks like G Dragon relied on the candles in front him. And what was the final scene for? Kind of scary though. Hahahahahaha…. G Dragon, why do you always give me nightmares?

1/10. Mildly better that CL’s song though, but still not appealing and I am very disappointing.

Gotta Talk To U – Seungri (Big Bang)

Source: http://seoulbeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/20131908_seoulbeats_seungri.png

Seungri has finally made his second comeback as a soloist in 2 years, with Gotta Talk To U. His previous songs What Can I Do?, VVIP and Strong Baby have all been hits that topped charts and it seems like this time around Seungri will not break that chain of events. It is refreshing to hear such a calm yet different song from all of the group songs recently. There seems to be a lack of soloist at the moment, with groups such as B.A.P, Girls Day, EXO, F(x), 2NE1, Teen Top, Beast and many other all making their comeback. It has been quite sometime since Big Bang has returned to the stage, GD has made his official comeback last year and Taeyang is due to make his comeback next month, but it seems that I and VIPS out there are all wanting comeback from the band itself.

Seungri sounds amazing in this song. Though it does seem to be those mashup kind of songs with a million genres in one, I really like the song. It has that What Can I Do? feel to the song and the Strong Baby essence as well. It sounds grand and seems like a lot of effort has been put into. I personally only do like this song off the mini album. Yes only this song. The others, Let’s Talk About Love, GG Be and others all sound different, in the sense that it does not carry that Big Bang or Seungri taste. Highlight would have to be the “Hustling” part of the song, it sounds pretty cool. Not the ideal lyrics in my point of view, but hey, they have their charm. I think if I go into any more detail, I would be overlapping with the live perfomance part of the video, but the instrument does carry that “live band” feel to it as well, making it sounding really good.

The music video… was kind of boring. It was not the ideal way I would have thought of how it should’ve gone. It is much better than the box sets from SM though, and it seems like the company knows a professional video and how to make one. However this video seems quite shakey, as in the camera works, which if you want to give your viewers a headache, sure go ahead. But as a music video and to appeal to fans, I would not consider such a thing. As for the glass between the camera and the “person of interest”, yeah, lose it. Those colour light and all of that stuff really prevented me from seeing what I was meant to see. As for the ending of the actual music video: were they like having distant sex or something? Because it seemed a lot like it. Oh and the hard remix of the song at the end video? Lose it. It sounds good, but in the same video, kind of conflicted with the whole video.

The live was pretty cool. There is not much of a dance that we can focus on here, but that band performance was pretty cool. Actually when you watch the video, it is mainly Seungri just jumping and bouncing around the stage. Not in that way, but in a way that it looks cool and “nice”. And those fanchants. Woah, so loud.

7.5/10. Mainly because of the music video, but seriously check the song out.