[Review] Adios – EVERGLOW

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Kicking off the new week is EVERGLOW’s latest comeback. This is the group’s first comeback ever, following their debut with Bon Bon Chocolat. The group has received a lot of attention for their edgy debut, which was unlike any other debut that I could recall. And now, they are back to show us who is in charge with their latest track, Adios.

The group says goodbye with some attitude in this track. And this concept no doubt follows nicely from the edgy Bon Bon Chocolat that the group debuted with. I think the best compliment I can give the group with this release is that brings them in align with some of the toughest sounding female groups currently active at the moment. The song is full of hip-hop. It was pretty much oozing from the song. The verses were more of the traditional form of hip-hop we hear in KPOP, while the chorus manages to mix it up with some dance influences. In addition to that, the chorus ended up being very heavy and attracted a lot of my attention. I did like the vocals that dominated the pre-chorus. That was the closest we got to something melodic in the song and I think that part did have an opportunity to shine (to an extent) amongst the more tougher sounds of the song. I also really like the contrast that whispers set up, which helped build suspense as well. The question is whether I like the song. And I do, as it manages to top Bon Bon Chocolat in terms of toughness and essentially confirms that we should be looking out for EVERGLOW in the future.

The music video I thought was rather interesting. There is a storyline, featuring the two balls (the yellow and blue ones) that were dropped at the start of the music video. But apart from that, I couldn’t really interpret the rest of the video. But it is intriguing and I will be investigating it as soon as I can get my hands on more information. Apart from that, there was really cool sets in the music video. And on top of that, the editing made it look so much cooler. I also thought the group looked really fierce in this video, thanks to their outfits.

This group does not hold back with their performance. If the song can be described as tough, then the choreography has a lot attitude to it. Well, at least for the music video. It does look like some of the moves were weakened so that the group could actually sing on stage. But the form was still there and it looked really cool.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10


[Review] Bon Bon Chocolat – EVERGLOW

EVERGLOW is a brand new female group to grace the stage. They made their debut last Monday with Bon Bon Chocolat and their very first single-album, Arrival of EVERGLOW (which I think is named very appropriately for a debut). The group consists of 6 members (E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren) and are currently under Yuehua Entertainment. Some of the members may look familiar including Sihyeon (participated in Produce 101 and Produce 48), Yiren (participated in Produce 48) and Onda (participated in Idol School).

Bon Bon Chocolat is not a sweet song as one would expect, based on the translation of the French title. Instead, EVERGLOW goes with an extremely edgy style that is surprisingly addictive. The instrumental is an electronic centred piece with a robust and tough hip-hop influenced drop. I think this is one of the elements that give the song its addictive nature. I did want more to the chorus, however, despite me already enjoying the simplicity of it. Another thing I enjoyed about this release is the vocals. Particularly the pre-chorus, where they go with some slight chanting before one of the members start singing. I also liked the drum beats during the same part. I did think the autotune did fit the song very nicely, though I hope they don’t become dependant on it in the future. While the vocals were all good, notably missing was a rap sequence. Surely a powerful and tough song like this could have used a rap sequence to really pull the track together. But they didn’t and I am not sure what to really think of that. I mean, the song handled it fine without one but it was an expectation to have one given its edgy nature.

Can we take a moment to look at the views for this music video? Almost 12 million views for a newly debut group not from the Big 3 within a span of a week? They must be doing something right! While the song is already doing a lot in gaining attention, the music video is extremely visually appealing. The quality is extremely crisp and something I expected from a larger company. I also like how they managed to showcase the beauty of each of the members. Usually, KPOP companies will focus on one member but everyone seemed to have a fair go, which I think is amazing. As far as I can tell, this is a debut done right.

The performance is on par with the song. It is edgy and powerful, as you would expect. I really like the chorus section of the performance. It feels very ‘in-your-face’, which I think matches with the song’s style. I also like the bridge of the performance. While they do they sing the exact same part as the pre-chorus, their formation is completely different and isn’t ‘towards the audience’. I think this is quite cool and a little different from other performances where everyone is usually facing the audience.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10