[Review] Lie – Favorite

It is time to tackle another track from the ‘Coming Soon’ list. Today’s focus will be on Favorite, who returned the other week with Lie. Favorite, for those who may not remember, is a female group currently under Astory Entertainment. They debuted with Party Time in 2017 and have had a number of comebacks over the years. Most recently, the group returned with their Korean single, Loca, and their Japanese single, Catch Me.

The major issue with Lie is that it doesn’t offer anything new that we haven’t of. Nor does it take what we have heard previously and try to repackage it into something refreshing or bold. Right off the bat, the song opens up with guitars that are play into the Latin genre, an already heavily used and tiring genre nowadays. The song then adds a little more to the instrumental by incorporating a very neutral sounding dance beat. Together, I felt the instrumental to be extremely plain and helplessly dry. The vocals do add a level of sweetness to the song, which I can deem as helpful. But only to a certain extent. Like the instrumental, the vocals do not add much momentum to the song. The rapping is a little bit better, with it being the best part of the song for me. The chorus was weak, in my opinion. I did like the melodic and flowy nature of the chorus. But paired with the already neutral instrumental, it just isn’t enough.

The group opts for their most mature image yet. Dressed in red suits, the group performs in a cathedral or church like setting, with a red carpet running through the place. While red on red isn’t the greatest visual idea ever, both the red suits and carpet standout in the dark setting. The rest of the music video is closeup shots, which show off the beautiful faces of the members. And that’s all to the video. I’ll be honest, this is one of the few better looking ones. But the basic formula of closeup shots and choreography just makes it sound plain.

The choreography takes that mature path that I had mentioned as part of the music video review section. It definitely felt refined and pleasant to watch. But it just didn’t have anything memorable within it to really make me come back to continually view it.

Song – 5.5/10
Music Video – 6.5/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 5.9/10

[Review] Loca – FAVORITE

FAVORITE has returned with a brand new concept and sound. Through their new title track, Loca, the group is branching out from their unique and memorable Party Time debut and their more typical Where Are You From? cutesy concept. Personally, I am glad that they decided to move away from the cutesy concept because it is an overused concept within the industry. It only works when you have a song good enough to set it apart from the rest of the competition, which is what Loca aims to do by changing the sound and concept.

This wouldn’t be the first time that FAVORITE had a little exotic flair in their song. Their debut track, Party Time, had a Middle Eastern influence, which I thought gave it a defining uniqueness. For Loca, FAVORITE jumps on board the all too familiar Latin trend. However, it isn’t heavily used as other songs. Instead, the electronic dance sound is used more heavily, with the Latin influence acting as a compliment. Hence, I am not too troubled by the overused latin influence in this song. I really like the guitar during the dance breaks in the song, as they allow that influence to be kicked up a notch, the song to become energetic and bring together the song. I think the song could have used some more powerful vocals. I did think the verses were kind of bland compared to the chorus. I would have liked more of the rap throughout the song as this could have really brought more intensity to the song. But both elements were fine as is in the song. I don’t find the track all too catchy at the moment but it is memorable enough to return to.

I am a little confused about the video. To me, there isn’t a plotline despite the music video does feature some good scenes that could have been part of a plotline. Like the member messing up her hair because she thinks she doesn’t look good enough for the red dress or the member being wrapped by the rose vine, these scenes could have been interesting if someone was sabotaging them.  That could have added a nice level of darkness to the video, which I think could have complimented the song. But instead, we are left with everyone pretty much in their own scene that just doesn’t add up.

I really like the choreography for this comeback. While the moves did seem very standard, I thought they matched the song very well. I also thought the moves were elegant. My favourite bits were the dance breaks throughout the song as this allowed the members to show off some of their moves. I also liked the ‘Na Na Na’ moves at the end of the song.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

[Review] Where Are You From? – FAVORITE

FAVORITE makes their return to the stage with Where Are You From?. This is the group’s first comeback since their debut with Party Time last year and their participation on the YG Entertainment produced survival show, MIXNINE. Where Are You From? is the title track off their second mini-album, which is titled as Love Loves to Love Love.

Where Are You From? is your basic girl group song that we see most girl groups do throughout their career. It is that cutesy and innocent sounding track that is either a complete hit or miss for me. However, I think for the first time ever (or at least, in a long while), their song isn’t a hit or a miss. It is just that typical track. Still listenable to without me cringing but not overthrowing their epic debut song. The song has this funky feel to it, which doesn’t cease to stop throughout the entire song. The verses were rather plain but I did like the slightly autotuned pre-chorus, which made the song sound somewhat quirky and appealing. The chorus was nice but it didn’t have a strong hook to really gain my attention. The vocal work was decent. The raps were probably the most disappointing section of the song. The added cutesy rap delivery doesn’t really do it for me and feels like the most cringest part of the song. I stand my first comments. It isn’t either amazing nor terrible. Just a good track to listen to.

I have no clue what is going on in the video. They seem to be on a spaceship, with one of the members playing with a toy plane. It drops and its results the girls being transported to another sandy planet with pink cacti.  Being the optimistic bunch, they seem to settle onto the planet just fine and observing both the plane that crashed and their surroundings. One member encounters a fox human though… The rest of the video just doesn’t add anything else to the story. It is these videos that have ridiculous music videos that I tend to stay away from, mainly because they just don’t make much sense and just a way for the group to look exaggeratedly cutesy. Sorry but the video just wasn’t for me.

Their accompanying choreography was okay. Not mindblowing nor boring. Rather, just good, like their song. Though, I was more interested in listening to the song rather than watching the performance.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 5/10
Overall Rating – 6/10


[Review] Party Time – Favorite

I would like to start off by saying that I will be struggling throughout this review. Why do you ask? The newly-formed girl group’s name is spelt the American way. But I live in Australia. Even my spell-checker is currently yelling at me for spelling ‘favourite’ wrong. Back to the introduction. Favorite is a 6-member girl group currently under Astory Entertainment. They made their debut in the past week with their first mini-album and the title track, Party Time.

This group has managed to score a brand new fan. Their song is like your typical KPOP song, in the sense that it mashes multiple genres together. While I have poorly rated song in the past of the same nature, I am not too troubled by the mix of genres in the song. You can hear electronic, pop and Middle Eastern (during the rap bridge). It honestly sounded quite cool. Like the name suggests, the song does a pretty good job at conveying that party sound. The chorus was quite catchy, though I do get a feeling that it is so repetitive, that I might get annoyed at it, in the future. Their vocal work is quite nice. The way their vocals fit into the song really make it an interesting aspect of the song. The different genres are quite unexpected. Especially the Middle Eastern inspired sounds during the rap bridge. They caught my off guard, but damn, do they really provide suspense and added energy to the song. That was by far my most favourite part of the song. It might not be some people’s ideal track, but I think it is one interesting piece of music and I am totally replaying it.

The music video takes on a creepy vibe, something that you don’t get from the song. However, despite it being an extreme concept to attempt, it does work well with the song. I would have liked to have written a full interpretation of the video, but I got lost very easily, so I am just going to avoid misinterpreting the video for you guys. But if you know or have any idea of what’s going on, comment down below and share with all of us. But overall, the music video was very interesting to watch. And the song adds a little more creepiness to the video, for some reason. Kind of how Ring Around The Rosies is used in horror films.

Their performance isn’t a really great performance. It does do the job, but it doesn’t have a wow-factor or anything memorable. I probably watch the performances for the song mainly.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 5/10
Overall Rating – 8/10