[Review] Spring Again – Golden Child

Also returning today is Golden Child. Unfortunately, it isn’t their usual full comeback. Instead, Spring Again is the main track from their first special single album. At this very stage, I am not sure whether there will be any promotional stages for this release. But despite that, we must push on with the review! We last saw Golden Child through the group’s previous promotional comeback, Genie, which was released at the end of October 2018.

There is no doubt that when you look at the title, you will automatically think that it is a Spring song. And as long as Korea is experiencing Spring, the influx of Springtime songs will continually bombard the charts and our devices. Spring Again is your standard Spring track. While it sounds like I don’t perceive any element as mind-blowing, there were some good points about the song. I thought the vocals were very melodic and flowy, which is something I personally do enjoy. This paired nicely with the instrumental, which incorporated whistling and classical instrumentation to become a pleasant canvas for the vocals. The harmonies were also quite nice. The rapping gave a little definition to the song and provided something that usually isn’t there when it comes to other Spring tracks. Overall, typical may be part of the description for Spring Again but it was still a decent track.

Unlike past Golden Child music videos, Spring Again lacks choreography. It was quite obvious that with the idea of a Spring track, along with the fact that it was a special single, the ‘performance’ aspect of this release would be omitted. Instead, the video shows the members in a pleasant fashion. Cherry blossoms were in the background and the members were having an outing to look, smell and play within the midst of these flowers. Other than that, there really isn’t much to the video. I know the seasons are getting warmer but I found the greyness of the video made it look cold and dreary. I think if they went with a more colourful approach to fit the warmer temperatures, the video would be fun and vibrant. It would have also been a nicer fit for their music portfolio.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6.9/10


[Review] A Song For Me – Hong Joo Chan (Golden Child)

We continue the solo debut trend of this week with the first member of Golden Child branching out into solo works. Hong Joo Chan, the main vocalist of Golden Child, released A Song For Me on the 27th of February (this past Wednesday). This is also the first time we heard from Golden Child since their Genie comeback in October 2018.

As I mentioned in an earlier review, main vocalists tend to go down the cliche route by selecting a ballad song to showcase their vocal talents. And this is the same route that Hong Joo Chan had decided to go with. But once again, I wish to reiterate that I am not troubled but this and this is merely an observation that I have noticed with other artists. A Song For Me reminds of ballads that I would listen on a radio channel here in Australia. It has a very old-style instrumental, almost 90s ballad feels, as it has an electronic feel to it. And his vocals are very soothing in this track. They aren’t powerhouse vocals where he is belting out every single note and because of that, I think this is a very enjoyable song to kick back and listen to after a long day. And the track has that swaying effect, which I enjoy doing while listening to really good ballads.

The song is about reflecting upon one’s self and there is no other way of doing that but by taking a trip to a different place where no one knows you. Joo Chan does just that in the video, where he goes on the streets and wander the streets of Japan.  One thing I did notice about the song is that it suits a very wide scenery. And there is no better place than the beach if you want an image that feels wide. It also seems that he wants to bring a part of the trip back by filming scenes from the beach to constantly himself about this reflection time. It is a fitting video for the song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

[Album Review] WISH (3rd Mini Album) – Golden Child

Golden Child returned at the end of the October with their 3rd comeback of the year. I had the opportunity to review all of their mini-album and single album releases for 2018 and I knew I had to do the same for this one. The album is titled as WISH, with the title track Genie, which obviously goes hand-in-hand. The album contains 7 tracks in total, with the first being an intro track. Like always, I have omitted the intro track from the album review.

WISH Album Cover

2. Genie (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Genie. (8/10)

3. Eyes On YouEyes On You is better than their title track, in my opinion. It is an energetic electronic track that uses staggering and distortion in its instrumental as its main tactic to make the song quite unique. And while I thought that was pretty cool, they throw in some electric guitars to bring some more life to the song, which was already upbeat (but potentially too electronic and sci-fi sounding). The vocal work was amazing, and the rap sequence was on point! I have listened to this song a number of times already and I just enjoy its uplifting and bright nature. (10/10)

4. I See You – This track is a slight step back to more typical terrain. It brings the electronic instrumentation, but it doesn’t employ any of the unique tactics from Eyes On You, going for a more typical or standard feel. This is no means is a bad thing. Once again, I thought the vocals and raps were really good for this song. The winning section has to be the verses, with the fraction of the verse reminding me of the melody of Lady (which was another amazing b-side track from Golden Child, earlier this year). (9/10)

5. Listen – While this is the group’s most passable track on the album, it is still really good. It is a pop ballad, with guitars at the very forefront of the song that is mixed with a few synths. But the song remains distinctly on its acoustic side, which is quite nice. There were good vocals and the rapping was well fitted for the song. I like how they all come together at the end, which rounds out the song very nicely. I just didn’t feel too much connection to the song. (7.5/10)

6. You Turn Me On Baby – The most questionable title for the group thus far must go to this track. Looking at the tracklist, I questioned its nature and was very glad when I heard its bright and upbeat nature, which is very Golden Child-esque. I don’t think I am personally ready to hear what I initially thought of from the group. But it will happen one day. I thought the instrumental was very clean. The vocals and raps were clear, and nothing felt out of place. (8/10)

7. Would You Be My – This is their ballad for the track. Would You Be My felt like an incomplete title but once you listen to the song, it makes sense. I thought the ‘Would You Be My’ soothing hook was my favourite section of the entire song. Actually, the entire song is quite calming, and it was a very nice track to end with, especially with the upbeat songs we had all before this track. I really liked the ad-libs and the rapping (which gave the song something I personally didn’t know was missing – until I heard it, of course)! (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

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[Review] Genie – Golden Child

Returning to the stage with their third comeback of the year is Golden Child, who has been growing in popularity thanks to their multiple comebacks. After It’s You and Let Me, the group’s third title track for 2018 is Genie, which is featured on the group’s third mini-album, titled Wish.

Honestly, I do not think this is their best song as I think the song lacks a strong hook (like the one in Let Me). However, there were moments that were really impactful or memorable for me, which ticks a few boxes for when I am looking for songs to enjoy. Firstly, it was rather pleasant. I say this because the song started off very boring and standard. But there was a beat change in the first verse, which got me interested in the song. While it did seem to return to that standard feel for a while, another kick (the dance break) came in and it worked wonders in changing up the song once again. For a very bright and happy-filled song, I was surprised by the dance break, which was intense and felt like it came from another song. But I am not complaining! I liked the vocals and the rapping in the song, especially after the dance break. Overall, another good song from Golden Child.

The music video shows the members being workers in a factory, which seemed to make presents. Though, it did look like a factory that makes happiness from the way the video showed everything. I thought it was a nice and light-hearted way to showcase the song in a visual form. Towards the end, you get to see the members become dorky, which was rather interesting. Who knows, I may check out some of their other stuff like VLIVE’s now that I have some time on my hand. Also, the room at the start of the video (with all the scrunched up paper balls) is literally my room at the moment (I had a few intense days of studying). I thought that was rather funny.

The choreography for this comeback looked quite good. Once again, the dance break was fitting for the music but it looked like it came from a completely different routine. While I have seen many idols flip across the stage, I don’t remember anyone jumping like the guy in this performance (it was like a handstand mid-air). It looked cool and very memorable.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

[Review] Let Me – Golden Child

Golden Child is a boy group that I am keeping my eye out for. I am a major fan of their It’s You title track from their earlier promotional run in the year and was super excited when they followed up with their awesome Lady b-track. And now they are back with their 1st single album, Goldenness, which features their latest title track, Let Me.

Let Me has a similar feel to a Summer pop track released by Western boy group (i.e. One Direction). And while I am not a fan of songs released by these certain groups. Golden Child does a pretty good job with it. The song seems to be infused with a bit of rock which can be heard during the chorus of the song. The vocal work was pretty good, with the bridge standing out the most. But I think this song let the rappers shined more. Sure, the rappers are limited sections. But I felt that their parts were extremely dynamic, particularly how there was an addition of a siren-like synth (in the background) paired with the rap sections. The “Let Me Let Me” felt like it was repeated one too many times in the song, though I may have an inkling that it might become a really addictive hook after a few more listens. Other than that, Let Me is a really good Summer song.

Suiting their image thus far, the group has returned with a fun concept, which is also bright, colourful and well-suited for Summer. It seems like the members start off by trying to impress a cute girl. As the video goes on, I noticed that she doesn’t appear anymore and the video is more of the boys having fun. I thought the snapshots that were taken throughout the video was really cool and the members looked cute throughout those parts. I really like the background which they used throughout the video. The sports theme appears once again through the on-field location that they use, while the indoors locations looked very stylish and it would be somewhere I would like to hang out.

There doesn’t seem to be much choreography scenes within the music video that actually focus on the choreography (or that many wide shots for that matter). As a result, I will update the performance section of this review tomorrow once a live performance is released.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – TBA
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

[Special] Missed Reviews – Music Videos

Please note these special posts are designed to be long and may require some time to read (if you plan on reading the entire post).

In some cases, some groups extend their promotional period by promoting a new song. And in some of these cases, the groups also released a music video for the follow-up song. Usually, these music videos are released after I have published my album review and hence I don’t go back to do a separate review (as I have already done a short one for the song). So, I dedicate this week’s special post to return to some of those missed music videos and do a quick rundown.

Initially, my plans for this post would be over two weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is enough for two weeks. So I have scrapped the second week and will do the entire list of 6 songs today. I may return to do more ‘Missed Reviews’ special posts in the future, in case I find myself in a similar position.

Lady – Golden Child

As part of their Miracle album promotions, Golden Child followed up their It’s U promotions with Lady, which received a 9.5/10 rating on the respective album review. I actually think the group, despite their youthful charms, can do extremely well with this mature concept. The heartbreak can be seen throughout the video, as the members deal with their one-sided love. While dancing on top of a building has been done before, it looks really good here. I feel like when the members all sing together, the video could have focused entirely on all the members in the choreography shots (like for the first chorus) as they enhance the epic sound of the chorus. But overall, it is one good video that compliments the song perfectly.

Black On Black – NCT 2018

I wanted to review Black On Black like a normal song-mv-performance review, however, they didn’t get around to promoting the track until weeks after the album (and album review) was released. On the album review, the song was given a 7/10 ranking. Black On Black was a relatively simple video, which showcases a very complex choreography. The members were all wearing black, fitting for the song’s title. What I did like was the set of the video. Despite it being the one set, it was shown in 3 different lighting settings, which made it feel like 3 different sets entirely. I know the ending was meant to show all the member but I found the random zoom up into Taeyong’s belt really odd. Other than that, pretty good video.

Yestoday – NCT U

It was clear that NCT received a large budget for their multiple music videos and I guess there was enough left over for a 6th music video. Yestoday is sung by NCT U (made up of Taeyong, Doyoung, Lucas and Mark) and received an 8/10 rating. It is okay to say that I like this music video more than some of the others? Because I was very impressed with what was given to us. While the song had this jazzy feel, I felt like the video was more edgy, which I thought was a great contrast. Simplicity was the key but they did a lot of the video post-production which made it likeable and interesting. I liked the random inserts of images that flash by throughout the video.

SObeR – Suzy

At the time of writing any of the reviews, I don’t think I was aware of any news that Suzy had shot three different music videos for four of her tracks. The first of which is SObeR, which received a 9/10. And with that title, it kind of makes sense that the video will be set partly in a bar. To me, it was a ‘fun’ themed video, where Suzy acted wild and drunk, in order to woo her interest. In the end, she confessed that she wasn’t sober, which I guess could be a fun game at the club (PS. Not a club person here). I thought the various sets or places she filmed at had this elegant vibe which suits Suzy, who is considered to be South Korea’s top actresses. I also liked it how she didn’t go over the top in this video, which could easily have occurred. But it kept to her image and ended up being a nice video to watch.

Teenager – GOT7

This is the one video released last year which I never got the chance to look at. Teenager was featured on GOT7’s 7th mini-album (7 for 7) and I gave the song an 8/10 rating. The video focused primarily on the choreography. Despite that, it was still a high-quality video which I thought it was rather cool to watch. I really liked the visual effects that were shown at the start of the video. I like how the video cuts between black and white to colour. Also liked how the background complimented the hip-hop style of the song, while also adding an edge. The members also looked good (including Jinyoung’s golf pants). It is a simple video done well.

One and Only One – GOT7

One and Only One is the pre-release single for GOT7’s 8th mini-album, released earlier this year. It received an 8/10 rating, as well. What we have isn’t technically a music video. Rather, it showcases the song for a minute and that is all. I did like the blue background and how simple the video was (like above). I think if we got a longer video with some flashing lights and maybe a few different colours in the background, along with Hyolyn actually featuring the video and some choreography, the video would have been amazing. Or at least, what I think the video could have been.

Distance – CLC

Distance is a single off their 7th mini-album and the accompanying music video was released after promotions for Black Dress ended. In the respective album review, Distance received a 7/10 rating. The music video, on the other hand, would have received something much higher. I don’t know how to exactly describe the video. It can either be about heartbreak or something more sinister. The cutting of the rope can be about breaking up and physical distance. But the members disappearing, the blindfolding and just the fact they wear white alludes to something else. I have no idea what it is, though. On top of that, I thought it was a really nice video that complimented the softer nature of the song.

Thanks to all who stuck around to the end. This wraps up this special post (for the time being as I may bring it back as more music videos or songs accumulate). I will be back in two weeks time with special posts dedicated to even more music videos, so do keep an eye open for those! (Or make it easier by following me!)

[Album Review] Miracle (2nd Mini Album) – Golden Child

I know this particular album review might be a little late but at least I didn’t hold onto it for an even longer period of time. Golden Child made their return at the end of January with their latest title track, It’s U, which featured on their second mini-album, Miracle (奇跡/기적). The album features 5 songs and one intro track, which I have omitted from this review.

Miracle Album Cover

2..It’s U (너라고) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for It’s U. (7.7/10)

3. Lady – From their promotional tracks, you get a sense that Golden Child’s music centres around a youthful sound. Hence, this song took me by surprise. There is an epic sound to the song, which was quite unexpecting considering the soft start. It’s a heartfelt song, where their vocals do most of the conveying of the emotions. The vocals are amazing, though I thought for a moment I was listening to Infinite. The raps were also quite good. The best part of the song has to be when all the members start singing the second half of the chorus together. (9.5/10)

4. Crush – You are launched into a rock-themed song but the chorus seems to be more pop than rock. Despite this, I found that the chorus wasn’t that distinct to the verse. It took me a while to register that the chorus had already started the first couple of times I heard the song. The ‘Oh Crush‘ repetition was really addictive. The ending was also another abrupt one, which I am not much a fan of. Out of all the elements, I liked the rapping the most, which felt fitting for the rock instrumental. (8.5/10)

5. All Day (모든 날)– It’s time for the mandatory ballad on the album. The vocalists indeed shined the brightest in this song. Listening to the song, I can imagine a live performance where the audience is swaying along with their light sticks, creating a beautifully coloured sea for the members to see. The rappers also did a good job but my favourite bit has to be the harmonies at the end of the bridge, which made the already so good song even better. (8/10)

6. I’m Falling – Ending the album is a standard pop song. But it is a really good pop song. The instrumental was nice, with the EDM another unexpected turn featuring on this album. The pause and buildup in the pre-chorus was also another likeable section of the song. I feel like the raps outshined the vocals, as the rap section in the bridge was awesome. Great way to end the album! (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

Miracle Teaser Image

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[Review] It’s U – Golden Child

Making their first return to the stage is Golden Child. Golden Child is a group currently under Woolim Entertainment who debuted in August 2017 with Dam Da Di. Since then, they lost a member, Jaeseok, who left the group due to health issues. However, the group has reformed as a 10-member boy group for their comeback.

It’s U feels like your standard KPOP song. There are some synths that make it feel like some past KPOP tracks that give the song a nostalgic element to it, which I actually quite like. I say it is standard because it has that KPOP feel to it but there are some elements that make it feel a tad bland and dry, in my opinion. The verses, for example, didn’t do a good job at keeping my attention. The vocal work and the raps for the song in these sections were okay but they don’t really show anything off nor do they felt memorable. That being said, the song managed to make up in memorability during the chorus with that really catchy and addictive opening to each line. The very fast pace repetition that opens the chorus was the main reason to why the song places towards the higher end of the rating spectrum. Otherwise, the song would have just remained in the bland category for me.

Dam Da Di (their debut track) gave them a young concept that made them look like children, It’s U places them in school uniform outfits and this automatically makes them look so much more mature. I feel like they look so much better in this video, in comparison to their previous concept. Besides that, I am thoroughly confused about what is going on in the video. It seems like the members are learning tricks to impress a girl that they like. That is my (unoriginal) take of the video but I feel like the storyline can be a lot more original than what I think. If you have any understanding of the video, feel free to explain it to me in the comments below!

The performance for this song is quite lively, which fits their image and the song. I really liked the chorus and the pointing choreography that they do with it, which makes sense since they are singing ‘It’s U’ repetitively.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

[Review] DamDaDi – Golden Child

The newest and youngest kids on the block. Golden Child, who is currently under Woolim Entertainment, the same company that brings you Infinite and Lovelyz, made their official debut yesterday with DamDaDi. The group is made up of 11 members (too many to name) and have already received attention for their knife like choreography, something that Infinite was known for when they debuted and made consecutive comebacks.

The song is surprisingly good. Given their ages, I thought they would go down the typical cutesy KPOP debut track. But instead, the group went with a more funky and energetic sound, which I thought was unique. The sounds fit the warmer seasons perfectly. Some moments felt very retro, while other moments felt modern. The hooks in the song are pretty good. It did get a little repetitive towards the end but they worked pretty well because it has me coming back for more. Their vocals and raps are good but it didn’t the wow factor that you want to hear from a new group. While I am very satisfied with the song, a part of me wants the song to go that extra length and amaze us. That way, the group can secure a more permanent spot in the industry, something that rookies don’t really get an express route to.

The music video had that hazy filter on it, which could have been removed entirely. The song calls for a bright and bold atmosphere, but the hazy filter made it feel dull. The colours seem to look vibrant but the filter just doesn’t convey it. The entire video sees the guys prepare for a  baseball competition and they have some fun on the way. It is a good video but it doesn’t leave me with much else to say.

The group is already known for their choreography skills. The performance for DamDaDi seems very good, with the entire group in sync for the entire dance. And visually, that makes it look so perfect. But I feel like they could have gone for a more energetic dance to fit the song, especially during the chorus. It is good but it isn’t as memorable as it should have been.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10