Queen – History

History has returned to South Korea after what seems to be an extremely long void without hearing from them. However, they spent the last year (or since their last promotions with Might Just Die) in Japan. They successfully made their debut in Japan and have released two singles (L.O.S.T and My Love). Both songs were featured as Korean songs on their latest mini album – HIM.

Jaws were dropped in the writing of this review. Why? Because this song is amazing. Minus the pronunciation problem that seemed to get on every international fans mind, this song is really good. The hip hop vibe is extremely strong in this song. Mixed with electronic and dance elements made it seem so much cooler. Heads were banging along and it soon became one of the most played songs. The song (just without any context) around sounds like they are insinuating towards something dirty but the lyrics are just backs that up. “Get on my back naturally and wag your tail”. Given how they were singing (and it was – again –  amazing), I don’t think this was talking about a dog (oh god…). The English is quite questionable. I get that is how Koreans pronounce Queen, but how about “We All Pac Man” and “Crazy Intoxication Historical Criminalization”? No cohesion on my part. The rest of it was okay though. Another thing that I loved about the song is the really sexy sounding saxophones. They added another element to the song and made it sound so much cooler. Despite the English, I think it is an amazing song and am totally digging it. Just waiting for it to be played at some parties.

Music video wise, loving the concept. Really edgy and it seems to push the boundaries… by a lot. Not exactly sure about the rest of the video, but damn their attire (especially the suits) is so good. It is not that I am hating the video or anything, I have played it once or twice and it still confuses me. So I end up just skipping the video and listening to the song by itself. The solo shots of the guys shirtless or drinking alcohol don’t really mean anything to the video (I don’t think). I just couldn’t link A with B in this video and if I did, I don’t think it would have made any sense. They are singing about the Queen and we got towards the end. But was the rest of the video just showing how rebellious and cool they were? Cause that was all I could piece together. I think the video would have been so much better as a performance video. To me, the dance parts were the best and they were the ones that caught my attention more.

As for the dance, 10/10. Damn, so cool. I think I loved just about everything about the dance. The small James Bond move that they managed to put in and Yijeong’s really standout move at the start. I don’t know. It just made everything feel more edgier and more unique. The one thing is that I was watching one of their performance and I forgot which guy (correction: it was Yijeong), but damn. His hair cut was horrendous and the eye makeup was too thick. I remember replaying the video just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Be the judge of it – watch it here.

Amazing song and dance. Video wasn’t that great. 7.5/10


Psycho – History

History is now back with a brand new single. And now they are back with a much tougher image than ever before and probably an image that would get them locked up in a mental institution. Their comeback song, Psycho, is their 4th comeback since debut. This is also their third mini album since debut. And this band is also quite underrated. They have good songs and sometimes they go for concepts that some bands would never even think of going to attempt. I am just saying, but this band really does deserve more recognition.

This song is freaking amazing. I really enjoyed listening to it, Though once again, this song does sound like a typical KPOP song, I feel that there are some highlights that stand out a lot in this song. The “You’re gonna like this babe” part was really seductive and sounds really cool. Their chorus was also quite cool as well. I am just really disappointed with Kyungil’s solo part during the verse. There is far too much autotune on his voice to make it sound good. It just really distracts me from listen to the song. The rapping was quite good, but it problems in it as well. The same thing goes for the autotune in it and it was far too short. Like the rapper gets one line or like two seconds in the song. That really is not cool. I am not sure of the small instrumental only part in the bridge. It sounds out of place and really does not fit in with the song. Actually, the song was pretty cool until it added the pop vibe into it which got me quite disappointed. but overall, a pretty cool song.

The music video is okay. Not the best music video to be honest. The start reminded me of Big Bang’s Monster. And then we get the creepy church theme which is not creepy at all. And then we cut into the song and actual music video. Okay, so we see the guys get up one by one systematically and then they start creepily staring into the girl in the next building. And then they battle each other to see a glimpse and get touchy with each other as a warning. And that picture scene, where the guy hangs up the million pictures of the girl. Did anyone notice that the very big picture failed to have a nose? Just putting it out there. They call her, but she hangs up on them which annoys and angers them. The girl then gets a letter from next door, to which she does not open it, but she physically goes over and just barges through the door. Uninvited… Anyway, the girl starts to wander around and notice that the people who live at this place are stalking her. When someone appears she runs. Great. Good girl. But to her house. How freaking stupid is that. Anyway so the guys go into for the kill and then have some kind of breakdown to which they don’t choke her. Instead it is revealed that the five guys are technically just one mentally disabled person. It is like a typical horror movie with the really lead character doing all the stupid stuff that really does get them killed in the end. I like it how the music video is shot in the black and white filter, but the dance scenes. They ruined the music video. Too bright. I would not have minded 3 minutes of just plot, but yeah.

The dance is pretty cool. It has that really creepy side to it. The hair pulling and all of the dance moves which they actually teach in a separate video which you can view by CLICKING HERE, were really well done. They did a lot in enhancing the song and it looked really good on stage.

I think this was a really good comeback, it just could have been a little longer and a little better in some areas. 7.5/10

Friday – IU ft. Jang Yi Jeong (History)

Source: http://modernseoul.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/friday-iu-feat-jang-yi-jeong-2.jpg

Welcome to 2014! Did you all have a Happy New Year? I did! Hahaha… This is my first review of the year. Sadly school is restarting in a month, so I have to start doing my holiday homework, so it is going to be an awkward struggle. But don’t worry. I doubt nothing will effect the rapid speed of my reviews. They won’t be rapid once I start school though, but anything that changes will be notified to you guys, so don’t worry. Anyway, IU recently released her repackaged album, on December the 19th. The new album featured 2 new tracks and also includes the tracks from her album, Modern Times. Though no formal promotions were taken (I believe so far), she still managed to achieve a perfect all kill on the charts and remain on the charts as one of the top singers of the year!

I have to say, this song is pretty good. However it does not have me coming back to it more. I like the song more than Red Shoes, but I have to be honest, but it seems to be lost and forgotten quite easily. I have the simple feel of the song which sounds pretty good and awesome. I have to say, both voices in this song, compliment each other. Both have this husky voice which I really dig. The lyrics are quite simple, and I am thanking IU for not singing the song of the same title released 2-3 years ago. You know what i am talking about! Anyway, the lyrics too are quite simple. It is great for a song like this to come out, which allows us, as the audience, to step back from the heavy dance tracks and relax through a song that calms ourselves down!

The music video is quite interesting. I don’t get the whole new trend of one shot videos. EXO did it well, but everyone else is jumping onto the bandwagon now. Sad. However, I really enjoyed the music video. It was pretty nice and like the song too, was relaxing. Though I am unclear about Yi Jeong though. What roles does he play? The best friend who acts like a big brother? or a guardian angel? Or her make believe friend, who she ignores when she talks about love? So many roles in which he can play that has a logical explanation. The music video is quite cute, but the last scene, where she gets dragged into a dark alley. Umm… I just hope I am looking into the video a little too much there! But beside that, really cool music video.

10/10. What a way to start off the year!!! Let’s hope 2014 will bring more amazing songs like this to our ears and minds!!!