Kill Bill – Brown Eyed Girls


Brown Eyed Girls have made their first comeback to the stage in 2 years with their latest album, Black Box and their latest title track, Kill Bill. Parodying one of the most famous movie series to date, Brown Eyed Girls have made a comeback with a song equally as strong as Abracadabra and Sixth Sense. They announced their comeback through the release of Recipe, another song off their album which was released on the 9th of July earning them an all kill, toppling over their rival, 2NE1. Not only that, but Kill Bill has also proven to be one of most popular songs at the moment, trailing both F(x) and EXO with their songs on the charts.

The song has that western cowboy feel to it that we can all hear throughout the song. To be honest, I felt that this song was kind of weak compared to Sixth Sense and Abracadabra. However, after closely listening to the song, this song turns out to be an equally powerful song. KIll Bill (the song) talks about killing the girls “partner”. They talk about taking revenge on the guy, who has betrayed them of their love. Poor girls. The whole song is really dominated by the instrumental. While that would be a bad thing, I loved the vocals of Gain, JeA and Narsha in the song. They sounded really good and actually matched the song. The rap did not match the song as much compared to the vocals, but was really badass and powerful (Typically what you would expect from Miryo). I also did like the gunshot sounds before each chorus, giving more to that western olden day feels. I also loved how they had this changeover system for the chorus, where each of the three members who vocally sang in the song would each sing a different part of the chorus each time there was a chorus. I honestly was satisfied with the song. Why are they not winning any awards???? My most favourite line from this song when translated would have to be: “Run away from me as far as you can.

As for the music video, I have to confess. I have never watched Kill Bill before. Yeah, apparently it is a really good series, which I need to start watching. This review however, will be my own interpretation of the music video. Obviously, from watching the video, this whole music video is making fun of the movie, not an actual accurate depiction of the song. At the start of the video, in the olden days, we have Narsha, an calligraphy artist, who was busy painting the word “Bill” on the guys back. JeA who used to have perfect eyesight, was under the bed with a jar of a poisonous spider. Then, we have Gain who shoots the poor guy. Narsha on the other hands grabs her hairpin (paintbrush) and throws it at gain, supposedly killing her. We then have Miryo who comes in and kills Narsha with a gun, buts ends up dying because of that evil spider. Throughout this old scene, we learn that the guy they are all trying to kill is Bill and they all have their own motives for killing him, revenge for leaving them. We then skip forward to the future, where all the members survive, but instead starts hunting each other down to kill them. However that fails. It is not until they all “door knock” on Narsha’s house, that they have an extreme battle and die. Seriously, this is one funny ass video, that you must watch. JeA’s death must be the most unfortunate as she was shot in the eye, attempted to poison Gain, but instead ends up poisoning herself and then ends up falling (a remarkably short distance) to her death. I really do like how they did play on the characters. All I know of Kill Bill, there is a Japanese person, a yellow suit person and a really dumb one? I don’t know. But hilarious video (and artful come to the think of it).

As for the dance, I really did love it. It matched the feel of the song and was really cool. I particularly love the final chorus and Miryo rapping parts. Totally rocking.

9.5/10. REALLY GOOD. LOVING IT. Only problem is, I never watched Kill Bill, so my view of the video was distorted because of that.


While You Were Asleep – JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)


JeA, the main vocalist from Brown Eyed Girls, has finally made her long awaited solo debut. Being the last member to debut, JeA has shown her true colours with the really epic song While You Were Asleep. End of the story. Hands down. This has to be one of the best songs of the year, for this year.

Did you hear her high note at the end? It WAS EPIC!!!!! Everything in this song has been thought through pretty well. From each instrument used for the song, to each high note that was sung. The songs started off small and very slow. But as the song progressed, she went on get faster, with the orchestra building up the song. She soons ends the song with a very slow melody, like at the start of the song. The song had a rocking orchestra like in Sixth Sense and the back-up choir was epic as well. I will beg you to listen to this song. It is too good.

The music video was pretty epic. Did you see the teaser to this video? It looked like JeA rocked the whole video. The video itself, for me, did not live up to the teaser’s standard (don’t you hate it, when that happens?). However, that does not mean that this video is totally rocking. Did you see the transition between the epic sets? This is seriously pretty good. The lighting in this video is used to the directors advantage, and I totally love the floating violinists and the freak guitarist who has guts to play well on a stack of chairs, all turn upside down! I like how all the musicians all just became like JeA back up dances. This is pretty epic. Love IT!

Her lives are pretty epic. I am really surprised that she has not won an award for her song yet. Her high note at the end every time she sings shows how much talent. I think that is her way of saying, “You got nothing on me, gurl!”

10/10. Duh, if I worte such a wonderful review, and gave her a 1/10, that would be crazy. Or that might mean, I made a typo. 10/10.