Baby – John Park


John Park, after a long year has finally made his comeback with a new song from his first album. Truthfully, the review was meant for AAA’s Love Is In The Air. It was about to start it until I noticed that the actual song has not be released yet and that only the “short” version of the music video has been released. My bad. Anyway, I am really enjoying the album overall. It has a really catchy tune to it, which fits John Park really well. Is it me or are solo artists who are not a part of groups (such as G.Na, Roy Kim, John Park etc.) are either doing really well on charts or are winning a award for each song.

This Baby song is really catchy, rather than Justin Bieber’s. I also thought that John Park was a much better singer than his counterparts and competition. He has one of the best voices that sound sweet and mellow. This song shows that she can do many styles. From his last song, Falling, which was more a serious side, where everything was slow and emotional. This song on the other hand had more of an upbeat instrumental, which carries more energy than Falling.  The lyrics are quite Sweet, as a girl would describe the lyrics talking about how a guy is attracted to a girl, as seen in the music video as well. The song is really great and says that summer tune which everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is in, and us Southern Hemisphere are not. The song itself is really catchy and the instrumental is superb. The drums with the guitar is pretty cool and by far a really good love song this year from the band that does not step over the line of hurt or pain. Recommended.

Wow, as a science freak. I love this video. A lot of attraction occurred in this video. Let’s just say that physical attraction and chemistry attraction occurred in this video. We get a sense that the guy (John Park) is like the North Pole in this video, at the start everything in the apart was attracted to him. However, when he meets this girl, who happens to live next door, everything went opposite and her charm (or force of attraction) was much stronger than his, making all the objects that were attracted to him, attracted to her (including him). That lead him to deducing that she in the one for him and that he should take advantage as an attraction to sing behind as she pushes the trolley along the longest stretch of road, behind a factory. Like where is this apartment? In some run down place. Oh, that would explain the horrible hallway. Oh girl, I don’t want to be rude or anything but are you deaf. He is singing to you, as you walk around an area where there are no other people. Yet you don’t turn around at all until he bumps into you. Also, when you opened that door to check out that “presence”. Has it not occurred to you that the door was a lot heavier now compared to when you first opened it? No? And how on earth are you meant to change the light tube if you are standing well away from the light itself? Beats me. I like the video a lot, but there were some scenes that I thought, no. It was colourful, I think they portrayed attraction really well.

On the topic of attraction. When his glasses and necklace were raised up towards the girl in the elevator, it looked kind of wrong, hence me deduction on the “chemistry” attraction.

The live only consisted of the guy singing and a live band, so nothing much here. Though it looks like he is enjoying his time there.

8/10. Pretty good solid comeback. I was thinking of slipping in a Justin Bieber joke into the review, but it would be a little weird, since I am not reviewing him or anything.

Falling – John Park


This must have to be the most beautiful song so far for the year. Is this the year of the rookies? Ailee gave us a performance so good. John Park too gave us a great song. It truly can not be described with words. It makes sense. The lyrics are not beautiful. I LOVE THIS SONG. Now, to clear something up. On the table I have for my favourite 20 of the month, John’s song is pretty low. Why? Because I was under a rock. This song is like beauty. Why can’t singers be more like this when they sing?

Music Video

A great music video which connects with the title of the song. Falling. A shipping containers falling from the sky. In which a guy is in and singing to his lover. The music video is like the song. Can not be described by words. The only thing I really have to complain about with this video though is the ending of it. I really thought the ending felt plain. Also, the container had sunk really low. There is no way the container could’ve washed up on the beach. Oh well, Thank God John is okay. More songs. Yah!!!

Live Performance

No dance. No need to complain.

And The Rating?

9.5/10. Love the song, music video & performance.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy.