[Review] Think About You – Jun.K (2PM)

[This review was written and scheduled a few months back in preparation for my absence in December. The standard posts for the end of the year (comebacks I have missed in November & December, the end of year charts + KPOPreviewed awards) will be written and posted after my return. No weekly charts will be uploaded for the last week of November and all of December.]

Jun.K (formerly known as Junsu) is the main vocalist from 2PM, under JYP Entertainment. He previously made his solo debut a few years back. He has actively promoted as a solo artist in Japan when he is not promoting with 2PM. Thinking About U marks his solo return to South Korea, in August of this year.

Thinking About You is a song that has the RnB sound, but is mixed with an EDM instrumental.  It is an odd mix but it works really with each other. Vocally, he sounds outstanding. His singing style doesn’t typically match the genres of music that the instrumental has us expecting. But somehow he makes it work. Those ad-libs at the end really do end the song quite nicely, boasting his talents even further. The lyrics of the song talk about the regrets that the guy has, who previously cheated or left his previous lover behind. Overall, I think it is a really good track. It is interesting that it combines genres that don’t usually go well together and still it manages to work.

The video was extremely boring to watch. There wasn’t much going on in it. Though, for someone who never took his shirt off, he has his fair of shirtlessness in this video. There just wasn’t anything captivating in the video. There were many close up shots in different sets and a few choreography scenes. But nothing that worth talking about.

During the live performances, Jun.K doesn’t participate in the dance (he focuses on the singing only, only dancing during the dance break). The dance is okay. His performance overall is a little boring to watch as well. I would have preferred just him singing into a microphone with this song, though.

Rating – 6.5/10

Time Spent Together – 2PM

2PM is back with a brand new song. But you haven’t heard of any comebacks from 2PM? Well, that is because this is a Japanese song for a Japanese comeback. Well, more technically it serves as a goodbye single, from what I heard, as 2PM will be enlisting this year and this would mean that this could be the last song we see from 2PM for a long time (two years or so). Given that fact, it shapes our perception of the song. But more on that below!

Yeah, this is a very sad song. I am quite sure it was not written to be like that, but given the circumstances. But anyway, when I say “sad”, I actually do not mean literally. The reasoning makes the song sad, but the song can be described as touching and quite nice. 2PM has gone for a ballad this time around with all members singing in it. I repeat. All members sing in the song, even Taecyeon, who is the rapper of the band. And damn, do they do a good job at it. The song itself has this warm feeling when you listen to it and you can honestly feel the emotion that band tries to rely across to us. During the time I was listening to the song Beside that, I don’t have much more to say about the song. It is a great song that has a nice warm feeling to it. A song that I would listen to remember good memories and enjoy those times.

The music video that came with the song shows the guys having fun and enjoying each others company. For all we know, this could be their final time together as a group. And to the person who pointed it out when Nichkhun looked at the picture that he took of the others when he was sitting on the stairs alone, it is kind of sad to see something like this, since Nichkhun will be the only member who will not be enlisting and hence would have more of those moments in the future. Way to dampen my viewing experience, but honestly, I can’t say much. The video’s slowness complimented the slow tempo of the song and fitted in with the happy feels. What more can you ask for?

So you can tell I am very impressed with this Japanese comeback. Hopefully, 2PM will return one more time to South Korea before enlisting. 10/10


My House – 2PM

2PM is finally back with a new song. Last year, they made their comeback with Go Crazy which was seen as a go to party song for everyone to dance to. It did that job and probably turned into one of the most popular songs for parties for last year. This time, they are back with a more fantasy world comeback. I can’t think of the word for it. Maybe mystical?

The song is a pretty solid song. Though I have to admit it was a little disappointing for me. I think the song was a solid display that the vocal work and rapping was still pretty decent. But I don’t really associate this sound with 2PM. Jun.K wrote the song and I think he did a wonderful job with a song that had a bit of a mix up in the middle in terms of the sound. I feel like Nichkhun, Chansung and Junho got overshadowed in this song but I feel like they got their parts at the same time. It is a pretty nice song that reminds of the late 90s boy bands. I really enjoyed the autotune ad-libs during the song (the Rabbit in other words). I liked the guitar at the start with the slight electro feel we get in the song. The chorus wasn’t that appealing in my point of view and it just didn’t get me into it. But I think the song did its job pretty well, but it just lacked for me.

As for the music video, I liked the concept they are going for. It is pretty original. While I am sure we have all seen 1 fairytale story in a music video somewhere, I don’t think there has ever been a combination of them together in one video. We see different fairy tales in this video mashed up into one including: Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,  Alice In Wonderland, Red Riding Hood, Beauty and The Beast, Rapunzel etc. I thought it was a very well thought concept that matched the song as well. And the animals in this music video. I kid you not, the rabbit made my day when I watched the music video. I thought the rabbit scenes were adorable and so freaking cute. The wolf matched Taecyeon very well, so I guess their Beastly Idol image remains. It is a little confusing to talk about how it all fits in but I think the music video was pretty nice to watch. It wasn’t boring because I found that I was more intrigue about who she was going to choose.

When I first saw the dance, I thought they were pulling luggage. Not joke, it just made so much sense to me. So when I found that they were holding the girls hand and leading the way back to “their house”, my mind was blown. The dance fitted the style of the song (and the lyrics)  but to me it doesn’t have that 2PM feel to it. It just seemed like a pop song’s dance.

Overall, even though I find 2PM now losing a lot of their colour and identity, this was a pretty nice comeback. 7.5/10

Guilty Love – 2PM

2PM is back in Japan with a brand new single, Guilty Love. For a while now, 2PM has been focusing more on the Japanese industry with more regular releases of albums and songs than compared to the Korean market. With both Jun.K and Junho starting their solo careers in Japan in 2014, 2015 will see 2PM’s Wooyoung make his official debut later this month (according to insiders). On top of that, their newest Japanese single is receiving a lot of love with the song peaking at number 1 in the Japanese charts.

The title of the song sounded a lot like a ballad, so I was quite surprised when I first heard this song. But instead we get this Las Vegas sounding songs with a lot of trumpet work and with a grand feel to it. It really does not have that 2PM feel to it. Instead there is more of a popish feel to it, rather than a manly feel to the song that we usually get from 2PM.  The song is actually pretty good, and I feel that Jun.K’s (well the chorus) parts hook me to the song. The 5 grunts were totally unnecessary after Taecyeon’s rap.  But his rap is pretty good still. I feel that 2Pm really needs one of their Japanese songs to be one of their Korean songs. 2PM put out good music while in Japan, and sadly, they haven’t been as successful for their last two comebacks in Korea.

Prepare for me to review 1 minute and 32 seconds of basically the first part of the song. They carried the Las Vegas feel of the song to video. The background looks like the Las Vegas lights we see and think of when we hear about Las Vegas. The combination of the band and black and white filter gives off this really retro feel to the song. Even their hairstyles remind us of the retro times. I’d be a little creeped out my jukebox has a bunch of dudes just waving at you. And really beside that, I can’t say much about the music video. Seriously, Japan really needs to start releasing the full version of their videos, like when the song is released. Makes my life 10x easier.

As for the dance, it looks pretty solid. Not as memorable or catchy as their previous dances, but still pretty good.

Nice comeback for Japan. I think we need a comeback in Korea. Comeback to Korea after Wooyoung’s solo okay? 8/10

Alive – Jun.K


Wow, this is a style that  would never had expected from 2PM’s Junsu. From what I understand he is just the vocal person in the group but to hear him rap and sing what I understand to be Hip Hop kind of scares me. I quite surprised that he even can rap because I am just used to hearing him sing not rap.

Anyway, I really like this song. It is “ALIVE”. The vocals in the bridge, the rap and the hip hop beat is definitely cool. The whole song was the highlight for me. I just can’t pick between a certain section over another. His English in the song is really good. I find it much better in this song than in his previous song as he has this Engrish pronunciation. In this song, there is no English pronunciation.

Music Video

I thought there was a music video for this. I want a music video for this. There was news that he was mean to have a music video but currently we are all waiting. JYP do not become like SM , don’t make us wait. Turns out the music video for this song just happens to be what they filmed at 2PM’s concert (if I am not mistaken). That sucks.

Live Performance

Okay, yeah. Lost for words. Its not a good performance since it is a music video as well, but it is not also a bad music video. I do like the start where they are all dressed up in these ghostly figures and then Junsu turns around a few times and then he is like in his full suit wear. Yep, got to love stage effects. I also like the long line of fireworks.It is pretty cool.

And The Rating?

8.5 out of 10. Nice song. Still awaiting an actual music video, one that is not filmed during a live performance.

Have Fun Watching. Troy. 😀