[Review] Good Bye – Wheein (Mamamoo)

Due to the nature of the video, I have typed up the bulk of the music video section in white font. To read this section, simply highlight the text. 

Mamamoo is back in the form of one member! Wheein has returned to the music scene with a solo release titled as Good Bye. Her last solo single was 25, which she released in May of this year. That release went completely unnoticed by many (including me) due to a lack of promotions in the lead-up and after the release of the single. Let’s hope that Good Bye doesn’t share the same fate! Her last solo single officially reviewed by your faithfully was Easy, which was released last year.

Good Bye takes on the ballad side of the industry. And it does so in a way that feels fitting for Wheein. We know of her impressive vocals through her works with Mamamoo and her solo stages on shows like Duet Song Festival. Her raspy vocals come through in this song, whereas they usually don’t during the group promotions. And I thought they brought some really nice warm colour to the song. The instrumental is pretty plain and ordinary for a ballad, but her vocals do a fair (as you would expect with any ballad) to make up for this pitfall. I also like how her voice builds as the song progresses, which I is something I enjoy when it comes to most ballads. Okay, it sure sounds like the Good Bye confirms to most ballads in many ways. But Wheein’s execution of Good Bye makes it stand out from the rest of the ordinary bunch.

The attention-stealing component of this comeback is the music video. IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE VIDEO YET, I RECCOMEND YOU DO BECAUSE I AM ABOUT TO SPOIL IT!!! We see the lead female actress adjust to a singles life for the majority of the video. At the start of the video, we see she flip a picture frame over angrily, make a meal for two when she should have just a meal for herself and removed all of the couple stuff from the house. It seems like her former lover was an artist, as she trashes the painting on the wall with fresh paint. This is the turning point of the video and if you want to read the rest of the plotline, you will need to highlight it as I have typed it out in white. So essentially, a couple arrives at the house to see it trashed. The entire time, we were lead to believe that she returned to her own place. But instead, it turns out it was her lover’s house. The guy runs out, to alert people (I assume), leaving his girlfriend in the house. It actually turns out to be her house and that she was the painter. As this girlfriend enters the room with the painting, she picks up the same picture frame from the start of the video, revealing a huge patch of orange paint over her boyfriend’s face, while her own face is uncovered. We are then shown clips of the lead actress drunk, crying over her lover and she lives the house. If you still don’t get the story, don’t worry. Essentially, the lead actress loves the girlfriend, not the boyfriend. It is another video similar to Please Don’t by K.Will. And it is a really good plot twist that I had to rewatch a couple of times. I also like the warm colours that feature in this video, fitting for the first ballad that I have reviewed on the site for the Autumn season!

Song  9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.4/10


[Review] Gleam – Mamamoo

Idol groups and artists are usually brought on board to model a brand or product in the industry. I don’t usually focus on these songs because their lyrics tend to be cheesy and the entire music video is literally a product placement gold mine. However, I do make some exceptions. The most recent one would have to be the Pepsi and Starship Entertainment collaboration (Eunha & Ravi, Ong Seong Woo, Hongbin & Hyungwon) from this year. Another group that I will be adding to this list is Mamamoo, who has released the single Gleam today to help promote Davich Bibiem.

The consensus with comments on YouTube is that Gleam manages to come off as a well-polished single that suits Mamamoo on stage. I completely agree. While the track doesn’t have that powerhouse vocal vibe to the song, I find the track to showcase a very stylish sound for the group. It is a pop track, a genre that practically every group has touched upon during their careers (well, it is after all KPOP). So the instrumental isn’t that special sounding. Rather typical, if I were to describe it. But with Mamamoo’s vocals, they end up making this very traditional genre stand out, fitting for their discography. The chorus is quite upbeat, while the verses are a little more contemporary. I really liked the melody in the chorus, which ended up being decently catchy. Moonbyul’s rap gives the song that little extra kick. And altogether, you have a great CF track that manages to double up as a possible promotional single on stage.

Davich Bibiem is actually a sunglasses brand. So it makes sense that the music video heavily features glasses of all assortments throughout the video. The girls don them in a bowling alley and end up having fun wearing said glasses throughout the video. I find the bowling alley (along with their outfits) highlighting that stylish factor that I mentioned as part of the song review. In this review, I will be combining the choreography section with the music video (as we most likely will not be seeing any stages for this track). There is a bit of dancing in the video, which looks very good. Nothing too extreme or crazy, because it is a CF after all. But definitely, a routine that I wouldn’t mind seeing on stage.

Song – 8/10
Music Video  – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

[Review] 4:44 – Park Bom ft. Wheein (Mamamoo)

If Park Bom was still under YG Entertainment, we wouldn’t be able to see much of her in the near distant future. But the good news is that Park Bom is no longer under YG Entertainment and therefore we are able to see her more often. Back in March, Park Bom returned with her first solo single in 8 years, titled Spring and featured fellow 2NE1 member Sandara Park. Within a month and a half, the soloist has returned with 4:44, which features Mamamoo’s Wheein. And in a recent interview, Park Bom hinted towards other comebacks within the year! So rejoice Park Bom fans, she is here to stay!

From the very start of 4:44, you can tell that there is a heavy emotional tone to the song. It also tells you what type of direction the song would go into. Despite being in a time of sudden changes, I think vocally-centred and emotionally-based songs don’t become affected by such trends. But a trend that did affect the song is the use of an electronic instrumental for this R&B ballad. Even some of Park Bom’s vocals are autotuned. I am not too bothered by as they all blend well together. But they could have been a little lighter with the autotune. I find 4:44 very interesting for two reasons. Part of me finds certain moments quite nostalgic as it brings me back to her earlier solo works. Leading right after is that the Park Bom’s voice is very husky and airy in this track, reminding me of Soyou’s vocals when her collaborations were the go-to track to download. I think Wheein gave the song some lightness and crispness. Her part had a slightly faster tempo and this gave dynamic appeal. I also liked Park Bom’s ad-libs during Wheein’s feature, which I thought were rather cool.

Once again, the emphasis is on the colour blue. It definitely made itself the centre of attention. Apart from that, there isn’t a whole heap going on. Park Bom, for the majority of the video, walks around. I like the idea but I think she could have been a little less rigid while walking, which would have made the video appear softer. I also understand that Wheein wasn’t in the video. Many times, featuring artists cannot fit music video filming into their schedule. But getting the main actress to lip-sync doesn’t really cut it for me. And the small opening of the mouth really annoyed me. Maybe there was an artistic reason for this. But I just thought the lip-syncing was unnecessary.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

[Album Review] White Wind (9th Mini Album) – Mamamoo

Mamamoo returned last week with the very last instalment to their 4 Seasons 4 Colours project. It is in the form of their 9th mini-album, White Wind, and the title track, gogobebe (link below). It definitely has been an interesting and worthwhile project, as we got enjoyable and well-liked tracks every few months. This is something MooMoos have been appreciating from the group. And now that it is over, I think everyone hopes the girls will be able to have a long rest before for their future activities. But before we say goodbye to the project for one last time, let’s have a look at their album!

White Wind Album Cover

1..Where R U – To me, Where R U is a flowy R&B track that showcases the lighter side of the group’s vocals. If you are looking for a song that showcases their signature power vocals, then this isn’t the song for you. Instead, the softness is what speaks volumes in this song. The instrumental say compliments the softness of their vocals, opting for a simple and light house instrumental. I think another thing that I don’t speak too much about Mamamoo is the fact they manage to be extremely cohesive as a group in their songs. And this is a recipe for success, as established by this song. My personal favourite part of the song has to be the bridge, due to the presence of the heavy drum beats, which is what the song needed. (9/10)

2. gogobebe (고고베베) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of gogobebe. (8/10)

3. Waggy (쟤가 걔야) – Mamamoo goes softer with Waggy. The song feels like it is one of their gag songs and I think the live stages lead us in that direction. But rather, the song seems to like their crush to an extremely cute puppy. Or that they are directing the lyrics just at a puppy. It is a light-hearted song that really makes the song sound fun. I thought the trumpets were a nice addition to the light song. There are two other things about the members that I want to quickly point out (and yes, their vocals are superb here). Moonbyul shines the most for me. I really like her vocal lines that came out so smooth and her rapping was quite fitting. Finally, I love how Hwasa sang some French and Solar responded with ‘what are you saying?’. It made me chuckle and gives confirmation of that fun vibe. (8.5/10)

4. 2525 is Wheein’s solo song on the album. And she does a really nice job with this ballad-like track. From what we know already, Wheein has a very nice voice. And 25 does an amazing job of highlighting this. I thought the slight breathiness to her vocals gave the song a very nice texture. I think the main issue with the song for me was the instrumental. It didn’t necessarily captivate me, which left Wheein’s vocals a very large gap to fill. Yes, there was some buildup along the way, but I felt like it wasn’t enough and hence it felt too consistent from start to end. Unfortunately, that was the case and it left feeling slightly disappointed with the song. (6/10)

5. Bad ByeBad Bye deviates from what we heard so far on the album. It is a power ballad, showcasing that noticeably absent powerful vocal form that the group is more commonly known for. They put a lot of emotion into the song, fitting in the with the clear message that comfort isn’t always a good thing in a breakup. There is no doubt that their vocals were flawless. But can we take a moment to discuss the amazing rap sequences that Moonbyul got to bring to the song? I was floored with her delivery and how it managed to also pack a punch during this emotionally-driven song. My favourite part, once again, is the bridge. Why? Well, we hear all the members in a short time frame and it shows how well they compliment each other. (10/10)

6. My Star – When I think of a song named My Star, I don’t think of something dramatic, edgy or powerful. But that is what Mamamoo’s version of My Star is. And it is extremely drawing, as a result. The extremely heavy beat really makes this song stand out, alongside their vocals which take that powerful form once again. It is one of those songs that you need to listen to really feels its energy and punches. No text description would do this song justice. It left me speechless. (10/10)

7. 4Seasons (Outro Track) – I don’t review outro (or intro) tracks as they tend to be instrumental-based only. This has vocals, hence I felt the need to talk about. On top of that, 4Seasons is the final song of the entire series, so I think that is a bigger motivation to quickly describe the track. The song is an R&B track with an airy feel. It has great vocals and wraps up the entire series in a breezy manner, which I think was very suiting for a series about seasons and the weather. I like it for its length, which felt just right. I think this is the style that I don’t enjoy at full length. But this was good and satisfying to my ears. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

White Wind Album Teaser

recommended red round grunge vintage ribbon stamp

[Review] gogobebe – Mamamoo

Unfortunately, I was a little busy this week (particularly last night) to write up multiple reviews (on top of the scheduled album review), so I had to push back the reviews to today. Hopefully, I hope to catch up on them today and tomorrow. But today, we are here for Mamamoo, who returned with their new single, gogobebe, just yesterday. The song is featured on their 9th mini-album, White Wind, which also happens to be the final instalment in their 4 Seasons 4 Colours series. gogobebe joins Starry Night, Egotistic and Wind Flower in that lineup.

Each of the songs we have seen in the series thus far compliments the season in which it was intended to be released. gogobebe doesn’t fit this trend at all, opting for a very upbeat and somewhat fun sounding track, atypical if we were going to consider just the season. Note how I say ‘somewhat fun-sounding’. I felt that it was borderline but there were times where the song (without the aid of the music video) didn’t necessary gave the right colours to be ‘fun sounding’. The track has this slight hip-hop influence, which was rather nice. It is slightly different from what we have seen so far. Another aspect I liked about the song was the chorus. It switches between a’ singing to chanting and back to singing’ chorus and it managed to flow effortlessly. I also liked the post-chorus hook (the ‘illuwa illuwa‘, which was rather catchy to my ears. I also thought that they didn’t use their powerhouse vocals, which I think gives the song a light feel. And this choice allows the song to really flourish more. Personally, I don’t think it is their best song ever but it is still a nice song.

If you are are a MooMoo (Mamamoo’s fanclub name), you will probably have a great insight into their playful and wild personality off the stage. And I feel like the music video does a good job of drawing on that aspect. We see the members have a boring and tiring week and it finishes off with a party invite to house number 99. The members frantically prepare themselves to attend this party (with Moonbyul’s head getting stuck in the pavement in that mess – say what?) and have a little bit of fun in the meanwhile. When they rock up to the ‘house 99’, they crash a book club meeting (which is all very peaceful), whilst a party was very obviously occurring at house no. 66 (right next door). But knowing Mamamoo, they literally started the party in house no. 99, causing everyone to have a great time. It urns out that the girls at the start of the video (featured in Wheein’s solo scene) decided to have some fun themselves and switch the house numbers. It is a very fun and colourful video, fitting with the song.

Like the video, the performance features a fun performance. There was a lot of nice moments to enjoy (sorry I don’t know the names of any of these moves, so I am just going to list the song parts) including the start of the bridge, the chanting part of the chorus and the ‘illuwa’ illuwa‘ parts of the performance. I liked their energy and their smiles make everything better.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

[Album Review] Pink Funky (3rd Mini Album) – Mamamoo

Mamamoo isn’t back with a brand new comeback just yet! In fact, they will be returning towards the end of next week with the final instalment of their Four Seasons Project. But that doesn’t stop us from reviewing one of their past albums. Pink Funky was released back in 2015 and it features 6 songs in total, including the title track Um Oh Ah Yeah and the pre-release single, Aah Oop! (links to their respective reviews below). Um Oh Ah Yeah is also the very comeback that grew the group’s popularity due to their unique performances and the song’s very catchy nature.

Pink Funky Teaser Image

1..Freakin ShoesFreakin Shoes feels like an odd title but it actually makes a lot of sense. Essentially the song likens a pair of new shoes to a person’s crush. Simply, they need to be bought before they are off the market. It is a fun light-hearted song that leads onto the main title track quite nicely. The song features a variety of sounds and vocals from each member, showcasing their capabilities in this somewhat cutesy pop sound (though there seemed to a slight dash of hip-hop influence at the start). When I first re-listened to the song to write the review, I thought the instrumental during the chorus was similar to the later-released Aze Gag. I also thought this song was quite catchy with its chant-like and repetitive chorus. It isn’t overly repeated, which I think makes this track refreshing rather than annoying. (8.5/10)

2. Um Oh Ah Yeah (음오아예) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Um Oh Ah Yeah. (9/10)

3. Sting (따끔) – While the first song deserved its popularity, Sting is the under-appreciated song on the album that deserves some love as well. It is a ballad about realising you still have feelings for a former lover despite thinking you have already moved on. Sting features amazing vocals that really make this song as amazing as it is. Wheein, Hwasa and Solar all do an amazing job with their voices in the song, especially during the bridge which really gave the song that powerful tone despite it being a emotionally driven ballad. If you like Mamamoo for their vocals, then this is the song for you. Moonbyul fans, unfortunately, Moonbyul didn’t have any lines in the version that is featured on the album. However, there are live performances with a special additional rap section, which I thought was fitting and nicely done. (9/10)

4. No No No (갑과 을)No No No starts adding more funk to the album. It is quite energetic and bright, which I thought was rather fun. Penned by Moonbyul, the song is written to (or in regards) to her ex. It is all about her ex underappreciating back then but now (since she is popular and successful) that they have changed their attitudes about her. I like how the lyrics showcase a more confident side of the girls, which I think is quite appropriate given the background story of the lyrics. I quite liked the vocals of the members, including the rap sequences done by both Hwasa and Moonbyul. The chorus was quite groovy as well. I did notice some Esna influence in some sections of the song and this reminds me of Aah Oop! (8/10)

5. Self CameraSelf Camera takes on a soft R&B sound with some funk mixed into it. And like the first song, this one likens love to a camera. Once again, the vocals of the members stand out in Self Camera, especially in the final moments of the song. I also thought there was an easy-going tone with the song, which does slightly draw some attention to the song. However, I felt the song was weaker than the rest. I didn’t instantly standout, which seemed to be the case for the other songs when I think about it. However, it is still a nice song to listen to. (7.5/10)

6. AHH OOP! (아훕!)) (with Esna)Click here to read the full review of AAH OOP!. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

Pink Funky Teaser Image

[Review] Twit – Hwasa (Mamamoo)

In the past year,  we have seen the Mamamoo members through multiple comebacks including Starry Night, Egotistic and Wind Flower. On top of that, we saw the members through solo songs on the albums released throughout the year and through solo works. Moonbyul made her solo debut with Selfish, which Wheein also made her solo debut with Easy. It is time we turn our attention to the maknae of the group, Hwasa, who recently gained attention for her sexy outfit on the MAMA stage. She made her solo debut today with Twit.

Listening to the song, I felt like the song was more suited for the Summer seasons. It is bright and upbeat, something you don’t get too much in these colder months (though Korea is fast approaching the end of the cold season). But that being said, it is a strong song suiting Hwasa’s image from the very second it started playing. The song shows how a person is calling themselves (and others) a dummy and twit for not being able to care for their respective lover. The instrumental is made up heavy beat and dramatic flair, offset by a light panflute that is played over and over again at consistent intervals. I find this to be very intriguing. Alongside the song, we get Hwasa’s raspy vocals that really adds another sound and texture to the song. I particularly like how she kicks her vocals up a notch via the bridge, which is where we get the vocal climax to the song. Overall, Twit is a nice song that showcases the strengths of Hwasa.

The music video opens up with the male actor trying to get the attention of Hwasa. While this does annoy her throughout the video, the guy ends up leaving her at the end of the video, making Hwasa the ‘twit’ of the video for disregarding her lover. Another take on the video (see the comment section for a more detailed explanation) is that Hwasa calls the male actor a twit for being too focused on her (the scenes throughout the video showcases Hwasa as the centrepiece (i.e.e she is the queen, all the guys are staring at her and she is uniquely confident). This causes the guy to become upset and leave Hwasa at the end, despite her best efforts of her showing him that she still cares for him. Throughout the video, we see shots of Hwasa being confidently sexy, which could be an indirect response to her recent controversy regarding her outfits at the MAMAs. Wheein also pops up in the video, where both Wheein and Hwasa are rubbing shoulders with each other. It is a very bold video, which I think suits Hwasa and the song very well.

We don’t see much of the choreography in the video. But from what I can see, Hwasa is going to be bringing sexy to the stage with this performance. On top of that, an element of fun may be present. We won’t know for sure until a live performance is available so I will be back when that occurs.
[Updated] She definitely brought her sexy game to the stage with this comeback. Though, I wasn’t as impressed with the choreography that was chosen for this comeback. It didn’t feel as enticing as I had hoped for, Her moves felt fitting with the song but I couldn’t help but describe the performance as mediocre.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 6/10 [Updated]
Overall Rating – 7.8/10 [Updated]

[Special] 2018 KPOPREVIEWED Awards – Artist Categories Results

Welcome back to the 2018 KPOPREVIEWED Awards! On the 1st of December 2018, I presented my readers with many categories filled with talented and deserving nominees for the 2018 KPORPEVIEWED Awards. For the month of December, all of you voted for your favourite artists and songs from January 2018 to November 2018. And today, I present to you who the winners of each category were.

This is the first section, which will look at the categories surrounding the artists including Best New Groups, Best Female and Male Groups and many others.

Each category will have a WINNER (the artist/group that received the highest amount of fan votes), Honourable Mention (the artist/group that received the second highest amount of fan votes) and KPOPREVIEWED Choice (who I voted for).

So, drum roll please, for the winners of the 2018 KPOPREVIEWED Artist categories.

Best New Male Group

Nominees – ATEEZ, NOIR, Stray Kids, The Boyz, UNB


WINNER – Stray Kids
Honourable Mention – The Boyz
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – The Boyz

Best New Female Group

Nominees – fromis.9, (G)I-DLE, IZ*ONE, LOONA, NATURE


Honourable Mention – LOONA
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – fromis.9

Best New Soloist

Nominees – Kim Dong Han, Leo (VIXX), LONGGUO, SOHEE (ELRIS), Yuri (SNSD)


Honourable Mention – Leo (VIXX)
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Kim Dong Han

Rising Star

Nominees – (G)I-DLE, Lovelyz, Momoland, Oh My Girl, Pentagon


Honourable Mention – Pentagon
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Momoland

Most Underrated Artist of the Year

Nominees – A.C.E, CLC, N.Flying, KARD, Snuper


Honourable Mention – CLC
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – N.Flying

Best Unit Group / Subunit

Nominees – EXO-CBX, NCT 127, NCT Dream, Oh My Girl BANHANA, SNSD-Oh!GG


Honourable Mention – SNSD-Oh!GG

Best Male Solo Artist

Nominees – Eric Nam, Hwang Chi Yeul, Jung Sewoon, Samuel, Seungri (Big Bang)


WINNER – Seungri (Big Bang)
Honourable Mention – Eric Nam
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Eric Nam

Best Female Solo Artist

Nominees – BoA, Hyolyn, Kim Chungha, Sunmi, Taeyeon (SNSD)


WINNER – Taeyeon (SNSD)
Honourable Mention – Sunmi

Best Band

Nominees – DAY6, IZ, N,Flying, The East Light, The Rose


Honourable Mention – The Rose

Best Raps

Nominees – B.I (iKON), Ilhoon (BTOB), Jooheon (Monsta X), Mino (WINNER), RM (BTS)


Honourable Mention – Mino (WINNER)
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Jooheon (Monsta X)

Best Vocals

Nominees – BOL4, BTOB, Hwang Chi Yeul, Mamamoo, Minseo


WINNER – Mamamoo
Honourable Mention – BTOB
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Mamamoo

Best Male Group

Nominees – BTOB, BTS, EXO, GOT7, iKON, Monsta X, NCT, NU’EST W, Pentagon, Seventeen, SF9, SHINee, VIXX, Wanna One, Winner


Honourable Mention – SHINee

Best Female Group

Nominees – AOA, APRIL, BLACKPINK, CLC, Dream Catcher, EXID, GFriend, Lovelyz, Mamamoo, Momoland, Oh My Girl, Red Velvet, TWICE, Weki Meki, WJSN (Cosmic Girls)


WINNER – Red Velvet
Honourable Mention – BLACKPINK
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Mamamoo

Artists Who Topped The Weekly KPOP Charts The Most in 2018

This is not a fan-voted category


WINNER – Monsta X, Seventeen & Sunmi

And that completes the Artist Categories for the 2018 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. The Song Categories will be unveiled shortly and you can access it by clicking here!

And for the End of Year Charts – they will be out tomorrow. I will update this post with the link once it is out.

Thank you for all voting and checking out who you all selected to be the winners! I hope to do this again for 2019!

[Album Review] BLUE;S (8th Mini Album) – Mamamoo

Mamamoo is nominated for Best Female Group and Best Vocals for this year’s KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Click here to support Mamamoo and other artists!

Mamamoo returned a week ago with Wind Flower performing the new song on some of the weekly music shows and also the MelOn Music Awards over the weekend, where the group was one of the Top 10 Artists for 2018. Wind Flower is featured on the group’s 8th mini-album, BLUE;S, which is the group’s album release for the Autumn season and is the third comeback in their seasonal comeback series. Before we get blown away, let’s dig into the album.

BLUE;S Album Cover

The album contains an introductory track (가을에서 겨울로) but like most of my album reviews, I have opted to leave it off the review.

2. No More Drama – Following the soft intro track, No More Drama jumps right at you with its title and its blowy sound. It is the track that I would like to listen on a nice breezy day as the song’s vibe fit that environment. It could easily fit onto an official soundtrack to a movie. The chorus is extremely catchy, and the upbeat nature of the song makes it stand out. It doesn’t help that the vocals were explosive. The raps started off low, which was surprising at first as the song doesn’t really call for that. However, it remains fitting nonetheless. The ending was nice, but I was expecting a little more afterwards. But still, great song! (9/10)

3. Wind Flower (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Wind Flower. (8/10)

4. HELLO (Solar Solo) – Blue is Solar’s colour based on the Paint Me music video. So, her solo track is featured on the album. I like the bright tone that features in this track, which allows a sense of hope to be portrayed throughout the song. I would have expected an emotional driven ballad but that would have been cliché. I liked this style and direction, which was intriguing. Her vocals is at the forefront of the song and really blows you away, especially during the chorus. There is an epic vibe fitted into the song which makes this song extremely memorable. I liked the lyrics of the song, which seems to allude to the restart of a relationship. (10/10)

5. Better Than I Thought (생각보단 괜찮아)Better Than I Thought is the song to get lost in. Its acoustic sound starts off the song and slowly the other instruments filter in, allowing the song to build-up in a fulfilling manner. Like all their songs, their vocals are on point. Moonbyul, in particular sounds amazing with both her rapping and singing being my picks for highlights in the song. I also liked the autotuned vocals effects they added to contribute to the instrumental. It gave texture but a nice detail to fill the void during those sections. (8/10)

6. Morning – Finishing off the album is this R&B ballad track which sounds like a track from an OST to some beautifully written romance movie. The vocals that Mamamoo went with weren’t powerhouse but rather delicate and fragile, which fits the meaning of the song and the orchestral-like instrumentation. Everyone shone in the song, so it was hard to really pick a favourite. It was also rather hard to pick a favourite moment as well. What makes this song so nice is that it had that swaying effect that I love when it comes to good ballads and it ended the album on a very soothing note. (9/10)

Overall Album Review – 8.8/10

BLUE;S Teaser Image

recommended red round grunge vintage ribbon stamp

[Review] Wind Flower – Mamamoo

Mamamoo ends the Autumn season with another comeback, making this their 3rd comeback so far. They have been releasing mini-albums every season for their 4 Seasons tetralogy this year, with Starry Night in Spring and Egotistic in Summer. For Autumn, the title track is Wind Flower and it is featured on their 8th mini-album, Blue:S. The only season left is Winter and my prediction is that won’t come until the very end of Winter, based on their release dates of the previous 3 seasons. But we are here for Wind Flower, so let’s dive in for a closer look.

Wind Flower is a pretty neat song.  The first thing you get when you listen to the song is a blast of smoothness. The song almost reminds me of a jazzy number, but not quite. It also has an interesting blend of R&B, which brings the emotional side of the lyrics into play. Together, it creates a song that I think only Mamamoo can nail. Their vocals feel perfect for the song and the season. It goes to show that Mamamoo doesn’t need to rely on their powerhouse vocals to get the job done. I thought the song had some interesting textures, based on different vocal styles I heard in the song. The husky whispers of Wind Flower just prior to the choruses show a delicate nature, while Moonbyul’s rap and vocals during the bridge bring a little bit of coarseness to the song. The choruses themselves do pop a lot, giving the song that needed boost of energy to make it memorable and another Mamamoo hit.

The emotional side of the comeback can be seen most prominently in their music video. The members are feeling the emotions from their past relationships despite breaking up. They spend some time of the video by themselves, feeling heartbreak. But towards the end of the video, the members band together to have some fun on the streets of Hong Kong and forget about their troubles. They have fun drinking heavily (while it is depicted as alcohol, they are actually drinking oolong tea) and then some more fun eating soft serve cones from McDonald’s. I like the video quite a bit as it brings a really beautiful insight into the nightlife of Hong Kong. And the acting in some of the parts of the video are on point.

I thought the performance was quite fitting. It wasn’t as hard-hitting or sexy like Egotistic but it had its own charms. I thought the heartbreaking summed up the song pretty well, while the incorporation of the number 2 during the chorus was a nice bounce back from that saddening theme.  Also, the male backup dancers added a nice touch, especially for the freestyle bit at the end.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

[Album Review] Red Moon (7th Mini Album) – Mamamoo

Mamamoo returned 2 weeks ago with a brand new mini-album titled as Red Moon and the title track Egotistic. When this album was first released, I noticed a connection between their previous mini-album, Yellow Flower. Red and Yellow are colours that two of the members wore during their Paint Me single release earlier this year. If we were to follow this trend, we will be seeing a blue and white themed album release in the future. Just an observation I made. But let’s refocus and look closely at the songs on the Red Moon album.

Red Moon Album Cover

1..Midnight Summer Dream (여름밤의 꿈) – Opening this track up is this music box effect which really makes the R&B song twinkle. While this does sound like an odd combination, it actually works extremely well. I love the vocals and raps of the members from all the members especially with the odd quirk or two that keeps the song feel repetitive and linear. I really liked the burst of energy from the chorus which really gives the song some life. It was a great opener for the album and definitely drew my attention to the album. (9/10)

2. Egotistic (너나 해) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Egotistic. (8/10)

3. Rainy Day (장마) (Pre-Release SIngle) – The pre-release single for this album was not apparent on my daily check for new releases. The song is an R&B ballad but it doesn’t feel forced or that ‘mandatory ballad’ that girl groups tend to put on their album. I am drawn to the song for their fantastic vocals, which make me feel very sorrow and sad. With the rainy days where I live, the song is perfect to put on and do a lot of sad reflection. There is also that swaying effect that makes me feel at ease. It was a change up from their previous tracks on the album but it was nice. (8.5/10)

4. Sky! Sky! (Innocence) (하늘하늘 (청순))) – I think out of all the songs which I heard in the past by Mamamoo, Sky! Sky! seems to conform to that typical girl group sound the most. But a song from Mamamoo cannot be typical. I really like the simplicity of the chorus and it does feel very nice. But what makes me go wow every time I listen to the song is Moonbyul’s rap section which was completely unexpected and different to the rest of the song (it goes for a very mindblowing hip-hop sound). By far, this is my favourite song on the album and definitely going on my replay list. (9.5/10)

5. Sleep In The Car (잠이라도 자지) – WOW! Mamamoo had their share of a hip-hop rap-heavy track through their playful Taller Than You a few years back. But this takes that song to the next level by being 1000 times more intense and unexpected. It is a fierce track on the album, going well with the already strong title track. They don’t hold back and definitely put all their energy to make sure that this ‘different’ track is successful in its delivery. And while you expect this song to be layered with deep meaning, it was more about how hard the work they do is and focused more on their wild car trips between schedules. (8/10)

6. Selfish (Moonbyul Solo) (ft. Seulgi from Red Velvet)Click here to read the full review for Selfish. (8/10)

Overall Album Review – 8.5/10

Egotistic Teaser Image

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[Review] Egotistic – Mamamoo

Two of my most favourite groups are making their return on the same day! This is getting a little too much to handle. But we are for Ma-ma-moo~! Mamamoo has returned with their Summer comeback, Egotistic, the main title track off their 7th mini-album, Red Moon. Mamamoo previously made their comeback earlier this year with Starry Night and they seem to be continuing on with their exotic flair concept with this comeback.

Egotistic brings on the Latin flair to a whole new level (with the basis being their Starry Night comeback). And it is an extremely powerful song, which I think plays towards their strengths. I say that because paired with the powerful vibes is the strong vocals we associate with the group. I really did like the guitars in the instrumental and liked how they managed to incorporate some change at the final moments by adding some electric guitar, which I felt was expected. What was rather unexpected was the reggae vibes the song managed to incorporated for Moonbyul’s rap in the second verse. It isn’t something that I would associate with the Latin flair but it worked really well. The chorus was super catchy and definitely making it on my playlist! I think the most impactful moment of the song was the final moments of the pre-chorus, which the members sing-speaking the ‘Egotistic’ title with the accompanying grunt.

Egotistic is a video that catches you off guard and you don’t know where to look after viewing the first few scenes (with the lyrics kick in). That is exactly what I felt when I first watched the video today. The video was extremely sexy, which was somewhat unexpected (though I should have paid more attention to the teasers, to be honest). The concept plays well with the song’s sound, going in with Latin and quite heavily with the exotic vibes. I really liked the use of fire for the final chorus, which definitely brought up the heat for viewers at home. I particularly liked the dress swirls at the end of the video.

I liked the performance because it looks relatively simple, allowing them to focus on their vocals during the performance. It definitely also played towards the song’s sound and was definitely very fitting. I think to match the overall presence during the music video, the choreography could have been a lot sexier but knowing Korean standards, this is good enough.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

[Double Review] Selfish + In My Room – Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

Moonbyul made her solo debut 2 weeks ago. Clearly shows how ‘up to date’ I am. But once again, better late than never. Moonbyul is Mamamoo’s well-known rapper (and starting this year, vocalist). The main title track is Selfish, which also features Seulgi from Red Velvet. The two previously participated in Idol Drama Operation Team. Furthermore, I have decided to include In My Room, which also had a music video (hence the review).

Selfish is a nice song that does bring a smile to your face. The song is quite melodic and slowly paced (but not too slow), which makes it pleasant to listen to. When rappers released solo songs, they are usually fierce and energy packed in the way the lines are delivered. However, Moonbyul’s solos tracks are one of the few examples that don’t really conform to that. Seulgi’s vocals in this song pair well with the soft nature. But my favourite part in the entire song is the harmonies, particularly in the final chorus. It is clear that Moonbyul can sing (as seen through her group’s releases this year). But there is something about the harmonies that has me falling in love with the song. Overall, it is quite good.

In My Room takes on an R&B approach. In this song, she takes on both the vocals and raps herself. Though, there seemed to be a male singer featuring in the middle of the song, who didn’t seem to be listed on any of the tracklist or information that I could dig up. I like her vocals in the song and when she changed to rapping as well. The instrumental was also quite nice, which gets me swaying along to the music. Sadly, I don’t find this song as memorable as Selfish was. However, it was still pleasant to listen to and showcases Moonbyul’s talents in a much more softer manner.

The two music videos are polar opposites. Mainly due to the atmosphere the song creates. Selfish’s video was more fun-filled, while In My Room was more emotionally centred. The message of the Selfish video can be seen clearly throughout the video (see the English translations for the song) but I really liked the comedic approach they took in some of the scenes (e.g. the kids intimidating and getting the singers’ money).  In My Room seemed to conform to that typical R&B visual, with the darkness and nightlife scene. On top of that, I thought the loneliness that Moonbyul was easily experienced just by watching.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

In My Room 
Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

[Review] Easy – Wheein (Mamamoo) ft. Sik-K

Mamamoo seems to be readying themselves for multiple solo releases in the months to come. Moonbyul seems to be releasing something May, while Solar was just confirmed to make her solo comeback. But kicking it all off is Wheein with her solo release Easy. This isn’t her first solo track, however, as she has collaborated alongside with other singers, such as the chart-topping Anymore with Jungkey and Narccius with M&D.

Easy is a very nice sounding R&B track. It features a nice melody, which makes the song flowy and groovy, which is a word I am using quite often nowadays to describe songs. But this is quite groovy, which isn’t something that I commonly associate with R&B. The chorus is also quite catchy, despite it being a style that I am not into. The line ‘Too late too late, your so stupid, stupid‘ is also quite addictive moments in the song. Also featured in the song is her husky vocals. It isn’t something you hear commonly in her Mamamoo work. Instead, she employs a more raspy sound which really sounds alluring and seductive. And while it may not seem like there is any, you could hear some attitude in her voice. She also tries a little bit of rapping, which was really good as well. The ain sequence was handed to Sik-K, who’s featuring is a perfect accompaniment to the other parts of the song.

The music video shows Wheein trying to get the attention of her boyfriend, who doesn’t really seem to care about her anymore. In the lyrics, she sings about how she went after him but now that he doesn’t really care anymore, she is trying to find a way out of their relationship. But what way out are you thinking of? Well, most likely kill your boyfriend using a fist missile didn’t pop into your head. And well, that is what Wheein results to at the very end of the video. Honestly, it makes the video a little more interesting with that quirky and unexpected plot twist. Also featuring in the music video is Hwasa and an amazing colour palette. Overall, it was a good video.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a full performance of this. I don’t think there are any plans to promote this (I am not sure). That small snippet of choreography around the 1:04 – 1:24 seems quite promising. However, as there doesn’t seem to be any hint of promotions (please comment below if I am wrong), I won’t include any performance section in the final rating below.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

[Album Review] Yellow Flower (6th Mini Album) – Mamamoo

Mamamoo recently made their comeback with Yellow Flower, their 6th mini-album. It is definitely amazing to see how far the girls have come since their debut days and how they managed to rise to the top of the industry. The mini-album consists of Starry Night, Star Wind Flower Sun and Paint Me (which I have all previously reviewed and linked below). On top of that, there are another 3 different songs on the release. There is also an intro track and like normal, that is not included in the review.

Yellow Flower Album Cover

2..Star Wind Flower Sun (별 바람 꽃 태양)Click here for the full review for Star Wind Flower Sun. (9/10)

3. Starry Night (별이 빛나는 밤) (Title Track)Click here for the full review for Starry Night. (7.2/10)

4. Be Calm (덤덤해지네) (Hwasa Solo) – We all know that the Mamamoo members are all talented with their vocals. We have yet to see Hwasa shine on a solo front yet and Be Calm finally gives her the chance. While her husky vocals do this song justice, I just think this song wasn’t that captivating enough. There were some good parts that made this track still good. Firstly, her vocals. Secondly, the electric guitar and drum instrumental. Thirdly, it makes me want to sway along. And fourthly, it is a relaxing track. (7/10)

5. Rude BoyRude Boy is a very catchy song. The first verse just seemed to pass along and I didn’t really care for it. But the chorus brought my attention back to the song. It has an awesome hook and I thought it was cool. From then on, I liked all the other parts of the track. The song had a body roll type of instrumental. Moonbyul’s raps were also amazing. That pause, however, felt too sudden for my liking but the launch back into the final chorus was awesome enough to forget that issue. (9/10)

6. Spring Fever (봄타)  – I can’t help always point out that all members are singing in the song. I don’t know why but it just happens to be the first thing I notice. The vocals aren’t that breathtaking like in Paint Me, however, it still compliments well with the acoustic sound of the song. Harmonies are also spectacular. Oddly (and this will be hard to explain), the acoustic sounds managed to make me feel like I was listening to some dance music. Finally, I didn’t expect the song to have a rap but it ended up being quite fitting. (10/10)

7. Paint Me (칠해줘)Click here for the full review for Paint Me. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.7/10

Yellow Flower Teaser Image

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[Review] Star Wind Flower Sun – Mamamoo

A few days ago, Mamamoo made their comeback with Starry Night. The day before their comeback, Mamamoo dropped a surprise music video for another song on their mini-album. Star Wind Flower Sun is the second track on their latest release. The combination of song and music video allows me to write a review, which is why we are here today.

Mamamoo has made a very big name in the industry for their vocals. Through their many appearances on variety TV shows and music comebacks, they have confirmed this time and time again. Star Wind Flower Sun is just another piece of evidence to add to that list. The ballad showcases the group’s vocals and this includes everyone (even though I will be talking about one particular member only). We see more of Moonbyul singing than ever before and her voice is just amazing. I also love her rap-singing during the second verse, where it literally was more singing than rapping. The harmonies in this track are also remarkable, which gives it another likeable aspect. I also liked the instrumental. Simple, yet really melodic with the piano and percussion combination. It is the type of ballad that gets you swaying along, which if you know me, I am a very big fan of this.

Also shot in New Zealand, the accompanying music video focuses more on Mamamoo rather than the scenery. It’s marketed towards the MooMoos that have been supporting and following Mamamoo. And it is a nice video to watch with the song. You see the girls have fun while on their trip. It is a more down to Earth type video, completely different from their other music video.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10