Dangerous – Tey (Mr.Mr)

Sigh… Here we go again. Tey is a newly debuted solo artists from the band Mr.Mr. Tey, also known as Han Ji Hyun, is the main vocalist of the band. He is the first member to go solo from the band. Now, where on earth have these boys been? They have been missing from the stage for ages. I have always liked their songs, though I never got around the reviewing them much as there was never enough time. To not see them on stage with their really catchy songs really disappoint me. Let’s hope their company is going to break them back soon!

To get off my chest, this song does not sound like Taemin’s Danger song. This has it own uniqueness and colour to it. This song sounds simple and quite attractive to my ears. It has that funky retro sound to it like what would have originated from the 90s. Actually this song has the sound and style of like Michael Jackson. Well, after doing a bit of research, this song has the same title as the exact song I was thinking of. And it kind of sounds similar. Well, only the use of the screams (which annoys the crap out of me every time I listen to this song). This song has a more modern feel, particularly the dance instrumental part of the song. He has pretty cool and also smooth vocals (well, he is the main vocalists after all).

Abs everywhere. Eye candy much? I have to be honest, he is quite handsome and quite fit-looking. Just the eye-liner. So thick. It is like that option you have on Microsoft word with the weight of the lines you can do in documents. Yeah, I guess with the Triangle, we can kind of say that there are some similarities to Taemin’s video. But beside that, I really liked that dancing room with the triangle. The laser lights were pretty good. As for that room with mirrors and flashing lights, thank you for giving me a headache. Not the best combination on a hot day, like how it has been in the last few days where I live. Not sure about the foggy room though. We really could not see much and I don’t get why that room with the fog/smoke was even used. But overall, there was this really nice simple feel with the video. Nothing to grand but at the same time, nothing looked too cheap.

The dance is not that impressive. There really is no cool move that makes me want to go back and watch the dance continuously. So yeah.

Overall, a pretty good debut for a person from a not-so-well-known band. And those rumours should be put at rest. Cause there were only similarities, not pure “copying and pasting”. 6/10

Do You Feel Me? – Mr.Mr

Source: http://i.imgur.com/vTkymFs.jpg

Mr.Mr recently made their comeback with “Do You Feel Me” on the 8th of November, which technically means it is a recent song. They made two previous comebacks this year: Waiting For You and Highway (which I never got to review). All fo their songs are really catchy and I enjoy listening to this band. Why are they not more known in the industry? Why are they just overshadowed by other bands? I don’t get this.

This song is amazing. End of the story. End of the review. Not if, no buts. Seriously, I really cannot be pleased and enjoyable with any other song. It has this Justin Timberlake feel to it. When I listen to this song, I think of Apologize by Timbaland featuring Onerepublic. It was those days that I enjoyed. Such a cool song back then and still is. No Judging! No, but this song is really amazing. There is a lot of class in this song and it has a a lot of emotions in such a subtle way which makes me enjoy the song even more. The instrumental is really addictive and the vocals as well. I am slo really impressed with the rap of the song. It really gives this song this more of a punch to the song and leads really well into the final chorus of the song. The “Hey, Hey” part of the songs really does sound amazing and so does the “Do You Feel Me?“.

The music video is filmed in the same set in which I believe Volume Up and so many other songs are filmed in. Those music videos were so so, but this music video fits the song really well. I guess in the music videos, the guys are statues or dolls or something along the lines of that, but because the girl touches them, they spring into life and starts dancing. Talking about freaky stuff. But then I guess the guys falls in love with her. My question is why the girls leaves the guys? Too much to handle? Or maybe the guys were forbidden to talk to and hence why there was a lock on the door before you entered? I guess I am speculating. But the lighting and flying snow makes the music video really great.

The dance is amazing as well. It is quite smooth and classy with the microphone stands. Even if they are not singing into the microphones. Yeah, I see those microphones on you faces. They record you singing live, not the hand held ones. Muahahaha…

9.5/10. I am just deducting half a mark for the confusing state the video is in, but beside that nothing else. This comeback is amazing and the best comeback by the band yet.

Waiting For You – Mr.Mr

Source: http://seoulbeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/mr.mr5_.png

Being one of the rookie groups from 2012 to make their debut, they recently made their comeback, with their latest single Waiting For You on the 4th of July. Fireworks? No? Really could not find as much information about this band than other bands which I listen to. All I can remember was that the song was released as a mini album.

The song is quite average. I found the song pretty okay, nothing special about it as I had expected it to be. Highway, their previous song released at the start of the year grew a lot on me. This song sounded great the first time I heard it, but as I progressed on listening to the song, I lost a lot of interest quite fast. There is no wow factor which I thought the song would have. From what I remember, the song is about how a guy thinks his lover ditched him. More on this in the music video review part of this post. A lot more. So overall, I was quite disappointed with a song which I thought was going to be much better. The teaser sounded so cool and amazing.

Wow. How dramatic was this guy? Just because your fiance does not pick up the phone when you call her and she is alone does not mean she ran away from you. Wait, actually it may mean that. However the video is quite dramatic with the whole idea of the song. I did say that the song is about a guy who thinks that his lover has left him. However in this video we see the whole idea set as a wedding. We also see that the fiance’s car broke down. Yet the guy assumes the worst case scenario that she left. Not that she was held up in traffic or that she was involved in a car accident, but that she has left him. Actually, come to the think of it, I see how you thought she had left you. YOU ARE PATHETIC!!!!! Bit harsh hey? However, it actually really makes sense with the girl running to somewhere with the guy searching which does give off that feeling that girl may have left in. We also see that the couple had an intense argument which left the guy every pissed off and the girl in tears which may have contributed to the whole thing, which confuses me even more. It however turns out that the girl was only trying her best to get there for the celebration on time, but the car had broken down, and she pathetically left her phone at home. She then returns to her lover’s eyes by sleeping on the table. GET A ROOM!! Not in that sense….

The dance is pretty okay. Nothing major and nothing that great. Just I wished to point out that in the music video, belly buttons everywhere. Sorry, I had to slip that joke in somewhere. But no, there were seriously a whole heap of belly buttons.

I apologize if I stuffed any areas up for this review. I literally wrote this in 10 minutes and on a phone. The point is: I HATE TYPING ON A PHONE!!! I think i am in the wrong decade of century, with all this texting stuff. Urghh…. But on that note: 5/10. They are a great band, but the song did not catch me, like what I expected it to.