[Review] So Do You – Seo Eunkwang (BTOB) & NC.A

A few days ago, Seo Eunkwang and NC.A joined forces with a new duet, So Do You. We all know Eunkwang as the main vocalist of BTOB, while NC.A is a soloist who recently participated in the reality rebooting show, The Unit. NC.A also placed in the top 9 ranking at the end of the showing, earning her a place in the upcoming group UNI.T. They aren’t necessarily the first two artists to put together but their latest track proves otherwise.

So Do You captivates me for one particular reason, vocals. Both singers make this song so interesting to listen to. Their solo parts just confirm their skills in the singing department. I just like how they voice climbed higher as the song progressed, pushing the song further than the previous second. But when the two comes together, there is a clear balance between both singers, allowing harmonies to sound so good. Despite the content in the middle (i.e. their vocals), the song started off soft. More interestingly, the song ended on a much softer volume, which is an intriguing yet contrasting aspect of the song. The instrumental wasn’t that impressive, which left the biggest emphasis on the vocals. Needlessly to say, whoever wanted these two to come together was definitely on the right track and it resulted in such a good song to listen to.

The song is about the memories we have of a past lover so it would make the most sense to show that storyline in the music video. Interestingly, the video opens to Eunkwang and NC.A singing on the streets, with the male character of the music video stumbling into the picture. Listening to the song, he starts crying and reminiscing about those fond memories he had. We see the couple act our their lovey-dovey days and see the relationship progress to a sad breakup. At the end of the video, we also see the female character run into the guy, who is still busy crying. Yet, we do not know what happens afterwards. The idea of the video is quite great and fresh in a way. The thing I would change was to make him cry later on. It just felt too soon to have him start crying at the start of the video/song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

Vanilla Shake – N.CA

Sorry about the ongoing delay with reviews. Yes, I am back at university and boy it is taking a toll on me. I am feeling tired as the days go by since I have to wake up early for the few days I go per week. And I am trialling a new study method where I get on top of things. It has worked, but I have been so busy with assignments and homework, so there is so much to do. But I will be churning out reviews this weekend. I am literally going to dedicate tomorrow night or Saturday night to just write reviews and get them out there because I am so delayed. That is my lengthy apology. N.CA is back with a new song. Her last comeback was in March with Cinderella Time.

Yeah, I’ve decided to review some lesser known acts this time around, mainly because I feel like it. But also the fact that these artists are often thrown aside due to the ongoing competition between certain artists in the industry. I find many of these songs  quite nice and fail to get the recognition they deserve. This is one of them. I think this song can easily be turned into a sexual song, but let’s not. This song has that olden style hit track song (or how they described as “vintage”). And I like it a lot. It is quite addictive and the instrumental is not overpowering. But her vocals seem weak in this song, which is disappointing, because she has quite strong vocals. I also enjoy how she kept the cuteness that she is known for into the song with this song.

Here is where the comeback does fall a part for me. For a while I thought she was going to comeback with a more mature comeback (watch her teaser), but that was misleading. When I saw the start of the music video, I thought, “Okay, she is going for the cute comeback, fine.” Until I realized what she was wearing and at the same time her dance moves. Now, I don’t hate what she is wearing and don’t have anything against it. It just felt to mismatched with her vocals and song. Clearly the video was oversexualising her. Was it necessary to put her in tight clothing and lay around on the floor? But I have to be honest she has a nice body. And no, I am not a pedo. Wikipedia claims she is an adult and actually is older than me. So it is all good. Hehehe… And NS Yoon G featured in this colourful and bright music video. And somehow, some people missed that so much. But her cameo, what was the point of it????

Here is what stole the show for me. Cute song, bright video, suggestive dance? Yeah, dirty minded me, But honestly, the dance was asking to be associated with it. Yeah, that was essentially what ruined this comeback for me. What happened to her cute moves?

This review seems rushed. But I like the song. Music video was okay. Dance was a total no no. I think I got my message across. And maybe N.CA got her message across as well. 5.5/10

Coming Soon – N.CA

N.CA is back with a new song titled appropriately as Coming Soon. Her past singles have always shown to everyone how cute and lively she is. This song does the exact same, however also uses the same bubble gum sound that she is known for.

This song is pretty catchy. The chorus is pretty catchy as well. Her voice really fits these types of songs. They are fun to listen to and at the same time does a very good job at showcasing her talents. The song is a first for N.CA however due to the rapping that she does. It is the first time for her to be rapping, however to me, it sounds more like her talking into a microphone with heavy autotune. The lyrics are pretty nice as well. For those who want to know what the song is about, it is mainly about her ready to confess to her love. At first, I thought the company and N.CA would introduce a different title to the song, however it is still pretty nice.

The music video is okay. She is pretty cute. And that is all I have to say about the music video. It also seems that the company is investing a little more into the artist as well.

The dance is mega cute. The “penguin” dance is really cute and addictive. Though, it won’t be a dance that fits the club scene, the dance fits the song and the concept as well. However, that ice cream microphone can definitely go.

Overall, a really nice comeback. If only she was a little more well known, this song would have received a little more attention. 7.4/10

I’m Different – N.CA



N.Ca is finally back with a new song. After debuting with My Student Teacher and making her comeback with Oh My God, the singer is back with I’m Different. I’m Different follows on from her song Oh My God, in terms that it is quite upbeat and fun to listen to. Now, I have to be honest with you. I am procrastinating and I have an assignment due in a few days and here I am writing a review. Happened to decide to continue and review songs. So behind and I thought the last few weeks allowed me to catch up. Anyway, since it has been like 5 years since I wrote the first line,  I am going to end the introduction here.

This song is pretty good. To me, her voice sounds really cute and at the same time quite mature. She is my age, which to me is pretty scary, but at the same time, her voice does not match her age. And that is a good thing. The song, as mentioned above, is quite upbeat and has this kind of mainstream party theme to it, which makes it catchy and really addictive. The “1,2,3,4” chorus is really amazing and got me into the song. From start to end, it was the perfect song that I fell in love for it. It was not upbeat and electronic to make it sound like a Summer song, however the song did manage to give off this moving vibe from it, such as moving from Autumn to Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere of course. Don’t mind me, I will just freeze my ass off).  Overall a really great song.

The music video to me is so so. I just want to get something off my chest, but with her makeup, I don’t get the new look with the stars under eyes. I just have not been able to look at them and not get distracted. But anyway, she still looks stunning. Music video tells of a story where these two people happened to meet by chance (or the balloons were attracted towards each other). And then they date. Well, to me, it does not look like they are dating, but the girl is trying to still get to the guy. Anyway, I liked the sets. Though it still gives off that little under-budget look, I think who ever edited this video did a splendid job and managed to make it look like a 100% well budgeted video. I love the backup dancers and their moustaches. So cute.

Her clothing to me, was a little messed up. Looked like someone threw someone else’s wardrobe onto her. The dance is also quite simple but also quite cute as well.

That is my rushed review. I should stop procrastinating. 8/10. 

Oh My God! – N.CA

Source: http://www.soompi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/nca-800×450.jpg

One of the most cutest rookies of the year is finally back with her newest single “Oh My God!”. It was such a pity that I never got to review her debut song, because it made me feel warm and fuzzy. Too much? Now N.CA is back with a new song, ready to show the KPOP scene more of the mature voice and the yet  young face. Anyway, I cannot say too much without hinting too much on my thoughts of the song.

How freaking catchy is this song? “Oh my, oh my, oh my god!”. I love listening to the song. Her voice has something that makes us feel so good. Her voice so sweet and loving in this song. You just want to hug it don’t you? No? Just me? I love the way the song slowly builds up tot he chorus and then maintains the beat throughout the song. The chorus is really catchy and the lyrics are so sweet. The lyrics talks about how a guy wants to leave her, but she makes it more into a positive song, than making it a much more depressing song. I have no complaints with this song and it sounds really amazing.

The music video is good. I love the doll scene where she plays with the dolls, but it seems like she is controlling the people in her life. Not sure about some of the sets, particularly the school one. Not sure how it fits into the whole song. I guess she runs after the guy, but then instead of the expected “love me” scene, she dumps him. And I also believe that there was a scene he thought she was going to kill him via electrocution. But instead she sings to him, in the forest, with lights conveniently placed there and a microphone. And it is funny how one small part of the song can make him want her more all over again. Hahahaha…. I would be joking if I said the plot was flawless. But nevertheless, the music video had a cute feeling and looked pretty good.

She looks awkward dancing. I think she does not know where to look. She looks shy and really has no idea what she doing there on stage. But she still looks cute while dance. I like the part where they kneel down and bang the seats, and also the “Oh my, oh my, oh my god” part.

8/10. I must remember to review her debut song, one day. Over my holiday break. One day.