[Album Review] Happily Ever After (6th Mini Album) – NU’EST

For the past three years, we have seen NU’EST in a number of forms and media. Firstly, four of the members participated in Produce 101 Season 2. The show led to the formation of Wanna One, which featured Minhyun as a member. This resulted in Baekho, JR, Ren and Aron forming NU’EST W in the meanwhile to promote the group. So for the last three years, there has not been a straight NU’EST release. Until last Monday, when the group made their return as a five-member group with this very mini-album and Bet Bet. So, I join fans today to admire their new release (and review it as well).

Happily Ever After Album Cover

1..SegnoSegno is a very soothing track to listen to. The song is about longing to be with their partner and the lyrics were very fitting to be their first song in three years as a full group. While it is soothing, I liked the direction that it went in with (as the song manages to incorporate multiple dance break hooks that were creaky but had a very rustic feel). I really enjoyed the vocals in this song, with all members (including JR) singing. I particularly like the line ‘Baby Don’t forget about my mind, Don’t forget about my heart’. The harmonies and delicacy make this line so memorable and impactful for me. (8.5/10)

2. Bet Bet (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Bet Bet. (9/10)

3. BASSBASS is probably my pick for the best song on the album. Before writing these album reviews, I have already listened to the album to decide whether it is worth reviewing. BASS was the very first song to draw my attention. The most important aspect of BASS is, well, its bass. Together with its very sleek and aesthetic approach with its sound, I would describe the song as very dynamic. The vocals were so nice and the main centrepiece of the song. JR’s rapping definitely provided the smooth song with some texture, but I felt it was rather limited (I wanted more!). The repetition was definitely a memorable highlight of the track, along with the instrumentation. (9.5/10)

4. Talk About Love – As I have always stated before, I always find there to be a ‘weak’ song on the album (note the quotation marks). In Happily Ever After, it comes in the form of Talk About Love. The song is probably their tamest work on this album as it doesn’t really emit that much energy. However, you can feel the smiles that come from the members in this track by the time the song wraps up. I thought it was also a good track to showcase their vocals, with JR providing texture to the chorus. I just wanted more substance to the track to really bring it to the same level as the rest of the album. (7/10)

5. DifferentDifferent is something that I haven’t heard at all yet. It is very… different. The most obvious section that needs to be talked about is the chorus. It is where the song strays away from the majority of other strong. I like the energy that it emits and the lead up to it was superb. Overall, it is a groovy song to dance to (or in my case, awkwardly move my body around). The vocals were sleek and I thought the rapping really added to the song. JR’s I Like That was probably the biggest standout point, apart from the chorus. And the best thing about the track? Its uniqueness gets you to come back for more! (10/10)

6. Fine – This is the song that plays at the end of the Bet Bet music video, where Minhyun wakes up and rejoins the members. Despite its heaviness in terms of the instrumentation, the song manages to give off a very light feel. I think is because the heaviness came during the chorus (with the dubstep-like instrumentation), whereas the vocals and raps during the verses gave the song that lightness. Together, it is a very intriguing contrast. And since it was felt, it was pretty successful. I really enjoyed the powerful side of the vocals, something that hasn’t really been shown us just yet on this album. Baekho really blew me away in this track. A performance for this track will definitely be highly requested by fans and I might join in on this request! (9/10)

7. Universe (별의 언어) (Minhyun Solo)Click here to read the full review for Universe. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.9/10

Happily Ever After Teaser Image

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[Review] Bet Bet – NU’EST

The mini Wanna One reunion occurred last week and it continues onto this week with the Minhyun’s long-awaited comeback with NU’EST, returning the group to its original 5 members. For those who do not know, 4 members of NU’EST (JR, Baekho, Ren and Minhyun) participated in Produce 101 Season 2, with Minhyun emerging to be part of the project group, Wanna One. JR, Baekho and Ren rejoined Aron to become NU’EST W during the time Minhyun was absent. Unfortunately, this meant that NU’EST has not promoted as a 5 member group since the release of Love Paint, released back in 2016. But that changes today!

Bet Bet is the name of their new title track. The first impression of the track was that it features a very intense sound that manages to do a good job of captivating me. While the foundations seem to very standard and plain, I think the various effects really made it appealing to me. The high pitch wailing effect and the drumbeats that are heard throughout the song really give the song a unique definition, which I really enjoyed. I also enjoyed the rush of energy that the chorus gives us, which is something that I really enjoy in other songs.  Vocally, I think the song is really good. Baekho’s vocals that kick off the chorus really does reach out at you, which I think is fantastic as it matches that rush of energy that I am talking about. I also liked the vocals in the pre-chorus, when the song slightly slows down. The rapping (by JR) is also very good. Overall, I think Bet Bet is a fantastic song for the group to return as a whole. I just hope next time around, they go with something a little different or unique like their past releases, as that was what I was yearning for.

The music video, as confirmed by Pledis Entertainment, completes the storyline shared between Overcame, Love Paint and Universe. It starts off with the Queen sitting in her throne. She seems to have all the members trapped in her world and they are trying their best to get out of it (I think this is suggested by the chess board, where Baekho versus her with all the pieces but she only plays with the queen). Minhyun seems to be a little more daring and climbs to her throne and looks closely at her eyes (which has been covered by since the start). This may have flustered and distracted her, allowing Baekho to win against her in the chess game. I am not too sure about the other members, however (I am not familiar with the card game or the casino based game they are playing, so I can’t really tell what’s going on). The second half of the music video is Minhyun’s awakening (presumed from the end of Universe), where he rejoins the others in Utopian world full of colour and plants (and based on this, they escaped the Queen’s grasp). As you can see, my interpretation is a little choppy. So, feel free to throw your thoughts into the comments below! Maybe I am wrong. But whatever it is, it is shaping to be a very interesting music video theory post.

The choreography for this was very cool. Aron was noticeably absent from the choreography shots in the music video, which I presume was due to his injury. But based on the showcase, he is back performing. I liked the fierceness of the chorus, particularly the sliding and kneeling move.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

[Review] Universe – Minhyun (NU’EST)

Out of all the members of the now-disbanded Wanna One, I think many people are excited for Minhyun. His group went onto Produce 101 as a final attempt to get themselves recognition. And it paid off. NU’EST returned as NU’EST W and continually topped charts with their new releases. Minhyun went on to be part of the popular Wanna One. And now that chapter has closed, it will be interesting to see what direction NU’EST will now take. And we will slowly find out from today, as Minhyun’s solo release (in preparation for a full comeback in the near future) was revealed.

Universe is the Minhyun’s solo track’s name. It is an R&B track but it diverts from that traditional slow tempo to a more upbeat pop and dance influence. And it is this diversion that really gets me into the song. A solo release will also get the member to shine and Minhyun does it effortlessly in this song. So altogether, the song does stand out for me. I find this particular route is very foreign for NU’EST, so it is quite refreshing when I reflect upon the song at the end. I really like the melody, which I thought was calming in a way, despite the upbeatness. Maybe it was the clearness in his voice or its rather easy-on-the-ears instrumentation. Talking about his voice, I really like the falsettos that he attempts at towards the end of the song. It did feel like it was missing something. It didn’t feel complete to me. I think I wanted a rap sequence somewhere to give a little more variety. But that would completely shake up the track, so I guess I understand why that didn’t occur. But overall, Universe is a really good track to kick start Minhyun’s return to the group.

The music video was shot in Budapest and is connected to NU’EST’s previous music videos (Overcome and Love Paint). It is a little confusing, but here is my attempt at the storyline. Minhyun used to be in a relationship but it ended badly (i.e. she leaves him). I think this break-up was a bit harsh on Minhyun, who becomes ‘soulless’ as we saw at the start of the video. However, there is an old man living in the apartment across from his and he comes by daily with a crystal (the same crystals shown in Overcome), that when connected to a machine, relays the good memories of a person. In this case, Minhyun relives the relationship, as we see the days repeat themselves. And this old man is always nearby to control the dosage (I guess) of the crystal. But on one particular day, he isn’t there and Minhyun uses more of the crystals, which unlocks the white Queen (the same Queen from the Overcome music video who went missing). It seems like Minhyun was still on his quest to find the Queen all along, as he bows down to her at the end of the video. Though we don’t know what happens after he reunited with the Queen. My guess is that this ending leads us straight into the forthcoming videos from NU’EST because the storyline doesn’t seem to be completed just yet. I am also unsure how Love Paint play into this (maybe another music video theory post idea?).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

[Review] Help Me – NU’EST W

Returning of the second time this year is NU’EST W with Help Me. They previously returned with Deja Vu in June. This will be NU’EST W’s last comeback as a subunit, with the impending return of Minhyun, who has been promoting as part of Wanna One, as he finished in the top 11 of Produce 101 Season 2. There is a slight nod towards this long-awaited reunion at the end of the music video. But before getting to the music video, let’s have a closer look at the song.

Help Me is one powerful and dynamic title track. Out of all the NU’EST W comebacks so far, this is probably their most promising yet. It is described as an R&B pop fusion track, featuring orchestral and rock elements in the background. I think the first thing that needs to be mentioned is the energy that this song manages to deliver in each punch (or chorus). It makes the track extremely memorable. I think the rapping (performed by JR) is very powerful in this track. But the vocals manage to match that same level of energy, so really they also shine. I particularly like the complete slow down for the first half of the final chorus and how it managed to fit in with the rest of the song. And then that return to the same impactful energy was just perfect. The point of exclaiming ‘Help Me‘ is to get someone’s attention and I can confirm that they have mine.

The music video features the member seeking help from someone. The lyrics paint a picture of a collapsed world and that this someone is the member’s saviour. And I thought the video did a really good job of creating a dystopian or non-existing world. And within each world, the members are lost and seeking that needed assistance. I think the most shell-shocking moment of the music video was the end, with the door opening. I think every fan of the group (me included) jumped up at that moment and assumed that it is alluding to the return of Minhyun, who I assume is the saviour (It doesn’t help that the footsteps sounded heavy – like a male’s footstep). Together, they reform as NU’EST once again.

I really liked the fast pace of the choreography, matching the energy of the song in a spectacular fashion. I was waiting for a really strong highlight of the choreography but I don’t think there was any. Instead, I was in complete awe of their moves and I was not left disappointed. Especially that entire dance break at the end.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

[Album Review] Who, You (2nd Mini Album) – NU’EST W

NU’EST W is officially back with a new mini-album, Who You, after their highly successful return as a subunit last year. And I thought I check out their mini-album this time around as well. Once again, I feel like this is a little late, due to some shuffling. But better late than never (which I say quite a bit here). So before I do some even more shuffling, let’s push along.

Who, You Album Cover

1..Signal – Opening up the album is a dance track which has elements of tropical and EDM but feels R&B-like. I thought that is a rather interesting combination. Starting off the song, there was a seductive nature, which I think would make this a great performance song. I thought the pre-chorus was awesome, particularly the vocals at this moment. Overall, I thought the song was really impressive, with the chorus kicking it up a notch. Also, I really liked the final section with the instrumental feeling more dynamic here than any part of the song. The rapping is also quite commendable in this song. (8/10)

2. Déjà Vu (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Déjà Vu. (8.5/10)

3. Polaris (북극성) – I personally do not have much to comment on in regards to this song. It had a slow jazzy ballad type of instrumental, which I thought was cool. The verses do a good job of showcasing the vocals. The chorus had a nice soothing vibe, with the falsetto in the latter half of the chorus, complimenting the jazzy sound. The raps were really well done (especially since rapping isn’t commonly associated with this type of music). (8/10)

4. ylenoL – The bright and upbeat nature of the makes this song really unique and stand out for me. I thought the instrumental which felt groovy yet jagged, which gave the song some interesting textures. The title of the song is ‘Lonely’ spelt backwards. I thought that was rather interesting, as the word tends to have a negative connotation. But being spelt backwards, it flips its definition in the opposite direction, leading to this positive atmosphere. The ‘Lonely’ hook as also quite catchy, and the vocals/raps were quite cool. (9/10)

5. Gravity and Moon (중력달) – Can we take a moment to appreciate how smooth Ren’s vocals are in this song? I thought that was a nice element. Apart from the vocals in the song, I thought it was rather typical. The instrumental didn’t really feel like it stood out on the album. Other than that, I thought how the lyrics complimented the title was nice. I did like the ‘Singing’ hook in the song (for the time being) but it is the type that can easily become annoying if you do not control the number of replays. (7.5/10)

6. Shadow – The album ends on an appealing song. There was a groovy vibe to the song with its fast-paced tempo standing out. I also thought the slowdown during the bridge was nice, along with the launch back into the chorus. I found the combination between the vocals/raps and instrumental to be quite dynamic. I really like the way Baekho sings ‘Shadow’ and the raps that were delivered by both Aron and JR. I would like to point out that the instrumental of this song is quite like HOTSHOT’s Jelly (only during chorus). I liked both songs but I am not too sure about the technicalities of this situation. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.33/10

Who You Teaser Image

[Review] Deja Vu – NU’EST W

After topping the charts with their previous comeback, NU’EST W has returned to do it all over again. The subunit makes their return with their second mini-album, WHO YOU, and the title track Deja Vu. In preparation for their comeback, I noticed their fans have been actively streaming their past hits such as Where You At and Yeobseyo (Hello). The music video for this comeback was also released later than 6PM KST, for unknown reasons (or at least, I don’t know why).

Deja Vu is another song adding to the growing list of Latin pop songs. However, it is unlike any other Latin pop song. Instead, there is a particular feel to the song that makes it unique. It might because it uses various synths that also makes it feel like it mashed into EDM somewhat. Or rather the chorus isn’t overloaded with bass or an explosive drop, allowing the guitar to feature more prominently. I really like the melody to the song and the instrumental of the song. I thought the vocals were really nice, especially when they perform in an almost high pitch during the chorus. I thought JR’s rap was good but I think his section could have had a little more momentum for the better. Overall, the song does standout due to its sound and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have no clue on what is going on in this video which is a common occurrence nowadays. And as much as I try to understand the video, they just keep throwing more things at me to confuse me even more. However, that intrigues me a lot more and would love to hear some of the theories of the video. My gut instinct says that this video is connected to some of their past videos due to the presence of the sword and some of the sets. But I am not sure if this is even remotely correct. Other than the plotline, there are some other details which I liked. For example, the fake rooftop where we saw their silhouettes dancing and the very start where they are all dancing the same moves (just in different areas). It all looked cool.

I really liked the start of the performance where they are doing the same moves (there is something so graceful about that short period) and when they start singing (i.e. JR’s moment in the first verse with Aron interacting with him, moving to JR interacting with Ren). I also liked the slow footwork throughout the performance, which was emphasised greatly in the music video.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

Writing this review, I had a brainwave. A young goat is called a kid. So is the young girl (which we can refer to as a young kid) in the video the goat?

[Album Review] W, Here (1st Mini Album) – NU’EST W

Slowly getting around to doing some more album reviews that I thought I should have done but missed because of my heavy study load. I think I am only doing 2 (this one and another one at a later date) because December is gearing up to be a busy month. NU’EST W’s first major release, W, HERE, was released in October and earned them their first win in their career! Congratulations! It goes to show how exponential their growth has been in the last few months. But as you may know, this is an album review, so let’s start cracking.

W, HERE Album Cover

1..My Beautiful – To me, this track felt one of those upbeat ballads. But it was still relatively slow. It is the one track that I didn’t really care for on this album, due to its lack of colour. There didn’t seem to be much of a build-up, resulting it in remaining in a neutral stance. Vocals and raps were okay but they aren’t really showcased in the track. (6/10)

2. Where You At (Title Track)Click here for the full review of Where You At. (8.5/10)

3. Paradise (Ren Solo)Paradise is the first of the four tracks that start displaying the solo capabilities of each member, which I think it is a very smart move by the producers/company. I have never paid much attention to Ren, so I don’t know how he fared in the past. However, this solo track does a good job at highlighting his vocals. It was a nice pop song with a great buildup. The drop was just underwhelming and this had a negative impact on the track, in my opinion. (7/10)

4. Good Love (Aron Solo)Good Love is a RnB track that is overloaded with synths. I like how the chorus becomes fast pace, giving the song some contrast with the slower verses. I also really like how he delivered his lines in the track, particularly that section mid-way through the song. Overall, the track was quite enjoyable to listen to. (8/10)

5. With (JR Solo) – Those who know me knows that I am not much of a fan of rap songs. But JR’s track is super cool. He starts off by whispering his lines, creating suspense. I really like the piano in the background and alongside JR’s rapping, the song becomes interesting and impactful. The chorus gives it a more epic feel. The only negative about the song has to be its length. (9/10)

6. Thankful For You (지금까지 행복했어요) (Baekho Solo) – Baekho is the main vocalist of NU’EST and like most main vocalists, he goes down the ballad route. But it is a really good ballad. At first, I thought the song would not really get anywhere and remain neutral. However, once the song hits the bridge, the violins did an amazing job at picking up the song. Baekho does a pretty good job as well, incorporating his emotions into his vocals, giving off a heartfelt appeal. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.75/10

Where You At Music Video Image


[Review] Where You At – NU’EST W

After gaining a considerably large following through their Produce 101 Season 2 days, NU’EST is officially back with Where You At. Despite this, however, the group is unable to make a comeback with all 5 members (Minhyun was chosen to be in Wanna One). Instead, the remaining 4 members have formed a subunit, NU’EST W. This also marks the group’s first return since Love Paint last year. Where You At is an incredibly strong song that the welcomes NU’EST W back to the stage.

Where You At is an incredibly strong song that the welcomes NU’EST W back to the stage. The song starts off with a strong beat, which does leave you a little towards the edge of your seat. Then we approach the first half of the chorus. The slow-paced and ‘stripping of the instrumental’ caught me off guard. I was expecting a massive drop but instead, they chose to delay that. And that delay made everything sound ten times better once the real drop came. It definitely gave the song more intensity and power that way. And made the song more appealing. Their vocals are pretty good and the rapping was on point. And while I do praise the song, I feel like there could have been more to verses to match that same level of impact. The verses become forgotten in the midst of the chorus, so that is why I am suggesting that. But overall, the entire song just blows me away every time I listen to it (and it has been replayed many times despite its release 3 hours ago).

Following their past videos, the accompanying music is definitely made to be aesthetic and there seems to be some sort of plotline mixed within the video. While I should read the lyrics, my initial assessment of the storyline is that the members are all one person and they seem to be held captive by the demon (the lady), who may represent their ex (or something like that). Every time they manage to escape, however, she manages to recapture them and make it harder for them to escape (i.e. Aron had access to the key at the start but the end, there was no key in the draw). That is just what I saw and there could have been many other clues hidden throughout. The camera work in this video is amazing and it contributes to the aesthetics that I was mentioning about. It is definitely a video to check out for.

[Updated] I will be honest. The song is so good that I pay attention to it more than anything else. Personally, it is another great dance that sums the epicness felt from the drops of the song. Best part was that drop just before the chorus. 

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10 [Updated]
Overall Rating – 8.5/10 [Updated]


[Review] Love Paint – NU’EST

NU’EST returned earlier in the year with Overcame. I haven’t heard anything from the group since then, so this introduction will be very small. Now, they have returned (unexpectedly) with Love Paint and their fifth mini album.

I am still warming up to this song. I am going to be honest, my views on the song could change in a few days. I just thought it was an odd mix of sounds. The classical start and the mix of electronic sounds had me cringing. The chorus caught me off guard and I was wondering where they were going with this. But listening to it a few times, I feel like the song taps into what the whole concept was about and what they are singing about. The song was as if it was a canvas and the sounds (along with the vocals and the raps) were like that paint. The track is quite artistic. Didn’t appreciate at first, but I do see it (well, hear it) more clearly. I do like the chorus quite a bit now and I am in love with the instrumental. I would have loved to hear more that classical start throughout the song. The song was mainly an EDM-based song afterwards, with a small hint of classical. It probably would have made the artistic feel I felt more apparent sooner. But nonetheless, I don’t mind the song at all now. I am just not 100% committed to it (yet). The vocals were okay, but I love Baekho’s vocals for the chorus. Very strong and matches the instrumental quite well.

The music video has a nice artistic vibe to it. It is a tad boring. Let’s start off with the choreography shots. I am quite a minimalistic person when it comes to these things. Simple is always better than over doing it. Them dancing shots were pretty nice. Dark room, with a few lights in the back and the guys at the centre of attention. What more do you need? I would really love it if a dance version came out (like right now) for my (and your viewing pleasure). The literal camera shots filmed at an angle and spinning around gives off that nice minimalistic vibe but emphasises the artistic side of the video. As for the rest of the video, I had no idea what was going on. From what I could tell from the video, there isn’t a plot. It is more like the guys are thinking about their love. I would have liked it if the video was more interesting somehow. It would give me something to speak about and at the same time, make me go back to the video more times to try and appreciate it even more.

Not really impressed with the choreography. It looked pretty cool in the video, but on the stage, it is quite lacking and dull. There really is no memorable bits at all and I am a little disappointed. It might stem from the fact that there is nothing in the song that really acts as a “hook” (well, at least that is what I see). I think I just play the performances on YouTube, just to listen to the song (in this case).

Final Rating – 6.5/10

Overcome – NU’EST

NU’EST has finally returned after a year with their newest mini album, Q is. Last year they did release I’m Bad, but no live promotions were held for the release. It also did not feature Baekho due to health reasons. So, we technically last saw them on stage in 2014 with Good Bye Bye.  But now they are back with Overcome as their newest title track.

This is a unique track which I think is pretty good. It starts off slow and within 5 seconds of listening to the song, it just picks up and turns into a dubstep filled song. That is what I think gives the song a really nice and unique feel to it. Not that I am complaining, because I feel like I have been deprived of the style of music for some time. I actually like how the start gave off that mysterious feel. The chorus probably was the best part of the song for me. The vocals were superb and stable. The rap was a little disappointing. Not exactly feeling the background vocals for the rap. It just adds a fake layer to the song, and ruins it for me. But still, it is not terrible. I think the song is pretty good (dammit, just said the same thing at the start again).

The music video is pretty confusing. It seems like they are in some kind of mystical land or some place that could be considered as the ideal fantasy place. But it kind of odd, how one moment they are in the snow, the next they are inside a castle, wearing normal looking clothes. I guess the girl goes missing in the end, and the guys all set out into the snow to look for her, while some hang back at the, what is now, an abandoned castle.  Yeah, as you can see, I don’t really have it yet. I have to say the sets look cool. Just where can I address Ren’s hair. Not that I have anything against the long hair men in the world, it is just, this particular hairstyle really does not suit him. When I first watched the video, I thought I missed the news where a female member joined NU’EST. Then I realize, I could not find Ren anywhere and connected the dots from there. Can’t he, for once, have short hair for a comeback?

The dance is pretty cool itself. While there was not much to be excited for, the dance that came with the song had pretty good formations and transitions. None of the moves were impressive, but I guess I was impressed by the formations and transitions between each member and such.

Overall, fans seem to miss the guys a lot, and I guess what the guys came out with lived to my and (from what I can read off YouTube) the fans expectations. 7/10

I’m Bad – NU’EST

NU’EST is back with a special single, I’m Bad. This single is not going to be promoted from what I see cause it has been two weeks since it was released and nothing as been seen from the band. The song itself only features 4 members. Baekho, who we don’t get to hear in this song (but did sing in the ballad released with this song), is recovering from surgery from vocal cords surgery from late last year.  Pity we don’t get to hear his voice cause he has a pretty good voice.

Nevertheless, his band members make up for this lack of singing in the song. Honestly, I did not know that Baekho did not feature in this track until I researched some background on this song. His members either sound so good that Baekho is overshadowed (which I don’t think the case is) or that the members pretty much make up for Baekho’s disappearance. The rapping was pretty good and so were the vocals. It was catchy and would be something that I would play in the background to just listen to. It is not a memorable track but since NU’EST does not put out much songs, I think this digital single would be greatly appreciated by fans and also casual listeners. Their last song was so good yet no recognition for their talents. This song is like the continuation for that standard. The RnB track sounds pretty good, especially how this song at the start sounds a lot like the cafe style music I would hear from time to time.

As for the music video, it was meh. There was nothing that great about the music video. The girl in the music video was dancing a ballet type of choreography which surprisingly fitted the song entirely. Beside that the music video showed solo shots of the members being sad. Well, they were more like posing in front of the camera for most of the time. I agree with some people. I think a plot that involves a break up would have been perfect for this song. Maybe not too dramatic, but still something that will give an reason for the boys to be sad and depresso during the whole music video.

Welcome back to short reviews. The song was seen as ideal. The music video could have a bit better. 6/10

Good Bye Bye – NU’EST

NU’EST is finally back with a brand new song. It has been little over a year or little under a year since their last comeback, Sleep Talk. It has been so long since this band has been on stage and now fans have been “satsified” with their recent comeback. Attempting a concept that they had never tried, but to me, it seems like a more serious concept which I think is quite similar to their debut song and so. However, there is more a romantic side to the song, focus more on the emotional side of the song. While I am here, I just wish to apologise for my absence. I think in the next few weeks, I will be wrapping up the reviews for the time being and hopefully make my return in due course, but more of that when I actually make my decision.

This group has a lot of potential. You can just see it in their song. They are quite talented and I think they sound really amazing. To be precise, this song actually highlighted their talents and showcases their skills very well. The vocals in this song were really good, while the rapping was equally as great as the vocals. When I first listened to the song, I instantly like it. They played the soft yet hard sounding piano at the start, which reminds me of the song “Holding On and Letting Go” by Ross Copperman. The song kind of built up to an extent, but managed the enter the upbeat yet serious chorus. Then they moved onto the rap, which suited the song, with the husky voice. The one part of the song that really did not sit well and felt really awkward in the song was the dubstep breakdown. It was okay, just really does not fit the feel of the song. Honestly, if they kept the song fluent and did not add random dubstep breakdowns I would have digged the song more, just now everytime I listen to it, I just have memories of the bridge. But overall, a pretty amazing song that really does the boys well.

The music video is done in an odd manner.I am wriitng this as a person who randomly watches the video and would have no idea what the lyrics mean, okay? Though, I kept looking for the girl (Please don’t kill me, I am talking about Ren). I did some looking and searching up and he actually cut his hair to a “boys” length which allowed him to have a masculine feel for this comeback. He also and some other member also have ads, and it just sounds weird as hell. The whole video was shot in a very dark lighting which really adds to the meaning of the song. There are some things that even after looking at the lyrics I still don’t fully get. Like did the dude just try to the fish, like is he drunk? And the drunk depressed guy throws up a flower and it gets stuck in his mouth? Another guy is laughing like a maniac and driven insane? Then the more dramatic things happen. Such as the guy who goes around ripping off wall paper and punching walls (which I think is starting to pick up in many videos). However, most dramatic award goes to “guy that exits his house onto the streets”. Yep, so freaking dramatic. At least have a guy smash a vase or something. And then they are jumping around. In slo motion in the air. Normally I would say the video is okay, but this time around to a foreigner, it looks like a wild mashup of different videos in to one.

The dance looks pretty good, just overall, it does seem quite boring to watch.

The song was done really well, the music video and dance not so much in my point of view. 6/10

Face – NU’EST


Another great debut song. It is very upbeat and electronic. I quite enjoyed listening to song … once. I really liked the song at first however when I continue to listen to the song, I find the song very distant and unappealing to me. Actually I feel that way to any After School or Son Dam Bi song. I am not sure if it’s the singer or the song or the company that’s putting me off, but it is something all the songs have something in common. Anyone have any ideas what?

Anyhow, I liked this song. The vocals were okay and the rap was okay as well. The chorus was pretty good as well.

Music Video

Ho Ho Ho. Well this song gives us some great and some not-so-great messages.Bullying is not on. Thank you for addressing this. Just because a person is quiet and shy does not make you have the right to mock. As for the not so great messages well:

1. Get bullied so you can have front row seats to your saviour bashing up your bully.

2. Watch people fight and bully.

Yeah, this video is like that. But the plot and how these messages are told through is pretty well thought of. [SIDE NOTE: I have to say the blonde hair guy looks a lot like a girl. Not cool]

Live Performance

OMG, this dance is really cool. The dance moves actually mimic a fight and others trying to help. That is pretty cool. I quite enjoyed the performance.

And The Rating?

Bullying sucks. 8/10. But still a great debut.

Have Fun Watching. Troy. 😀