Age Height – Two Song Place (Song Eun Yi ft. Song Seunghyun (FT Island))


A hot new duo collaboration for those who still have not seen their song. Both of the two are under the same company, FNC Entertainment. And it seems like this duo is quite popular from the reaction that they were given recently. One of them, the female, is actually a comedian, Song Eun Yi, who is ridiculously funny and is all over Korea with the many comedy shows that she participates in. The other half, the male, is actually FT Island’s rapper, Song Seung Hyun! This comeback, stage, song and video are really funny and I urge you guys to check them out.

Though I do not understand a single word in this song, the song itself talks about how guys focuses on more of the age and height rather than personality and other factors. So basically, if your hot and beautiful, more guys are going to take notice in you more than those who are less hot or beautiful. I guess there is more of a meaning when the comedian sings this song. Honestly, even though I understand zilch of the song, I actually find it really cute and catchy. After a few listens, you are bound to be singing along with the song. The song’s instrumental is pretty cool, but the start seems rather awkward. I am not going to judge her singing talent, mainly because this is probably her first time singing, but the Seung Hyun’s raps are pretty cool (The raps also seem to be a response to the lyrics. Just my thought)!

The music video is amazing. Not epic amazing, but hilariously funny amazing. Though I don’t think the parodies have much to do with the song, it fits the comedic concept that they have gone for. They had parody many different top Korean artists in this video. The parodies include: Miss A’s Hush, EXO’s Wolf, EXO’s Growl, Trouble Maker’s Now, Sunmi’s 24 Hours, 2NE1’s Missing You and probably many others that I have yet to pick up. On top of that, the music video contains so many famous comedians in the video such as Park Ji Min and Shin Bora. It is funny because they look all awkward dancing around and stuff. You all should check this video out.

The dance is pretty simple and I actually like it. You are bound to start dancing around when you hear this song as well. Or am I seriously the only one?

9.5/10. Really recommend you guys check it out in the playlist below.