[Album Review] Summer Nights (3rd Repackaged Album) – TWICE

TWICe made their return to the stage with their latest Summer comeback, Dance The Night Away. And while they are topping charts, the group also unveiled a repackaged version of their fifth mini-album, What Is Love?. The repackaged album is named Summer Nights and features 3 new songs. Today, we will be looking at those three songs. I will put a link down to the other songs originally on 5th mini-album, which I previously reviewed. Note that all songs from both albums are included in the ‘overall album rating’.

Summer Nights Album Cover

1..Dance The Night Away (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Dance The Night Away. (9/10)

2. Chillax – Like the title of the song, there is a soothing and calming nature regarding the song. This actually becomes quite useful as it follows the upbeat (and favourite) title track. I did like the vocals, which gave off this innocent vibe through its youthful sound. Throw in the catchy chorus and you pretty much have a really good track. But it isn’t perfect. I didn’t enjoy the rap as much that opens the second verse. Finally, I feel like them singing ‘chill’ and ‘relax’ throughout the entire song’s choruses defeats the purpose of naming the song ‘Chillax’. But that is me being picky. (8.5/10)

3. Shot Thru The Heart – Unfortunately, the song was a complete miss for me. Shot Thru The Heart is your traditional pop song but it felt extremely light. You know when you bite into a cake, but it was way too sweet for your liking? That is what I felt here. It also didn’t help that the song was the most skippable track on the entire album (including the songs following it). It does have that TWICE brightness that we associate with them, along with good vocal/rap sequences. But that wasn’t enough for me to enjoy the song. (5/10)

For tracks 4 to 9 (What Is Love, Sweet Talker, Ho!, Deja Vu, Say Yes, Stuck), click here for /their reviews!

Overall Album Rating – 8/10

Summer Nights Teaser Image

[Review] Dance The Night Away – TWICE

Summer is always a great time for a comeback and TWICE is joining in on the fun with their latest release. Dance The Night Away is the group’s first Summer single, and it is featured on the group’s repackaged album, Summer Nights (formerly What Is Love?). While the release took place 4 hours ago, the girls have already topped the charts, proving once again that they are a force to be reckoned with inside the industry.

Right off the bat, Dance The Night Away appeals to me. Mainly because it doesn’t feel like anything else that we have listened to in the industry. The verses were quite good, showcasing their vocals. Not so much in the second verse but the first verse featured some moments which drew my attention. The pre-chorus definitely hyped me into the chorus, making what we were about to get into very worthwhile. The chorus, to me, feels very unique, especially with the presence of the brass instrumental and catchy lyrics. The combination of these make the song very addictive and it may be hard to stop listening to it. I think the only section that I didn’t really feel much for was Dahyun’s rap.  It just didn’t feel like it carried the same momentum as the rest of the song but more like an addition to give Dahyun a section in the song (Chaeyoung, the group’s other rapper, was given vocal lines instead). But other than that, loving the new song.

Me being me who have watched many music videos in the (almost) 7 years I have operated this blog notices a few impossible (but funny) details. Firstly, the girls are washed up onto the beach. No wet clothes, not that much sand in hair. Secondly, they managed to pack extremely stylish and plentiful clothing in the limited luggage that came onshore with them and also some decorative lights, to which they somehow power up at the end of the video. Thirdly, they see a boat on the horizon and they didn’t bother with getting its attention to be rescued. But then again,  they have electricity already, so they are kind of set for the technological side of life. I only point these out because I didn’t know what else to say besides it had a fun vibe and was well-presented.

I thought the choreography was really nice. I liked how well the dance moves paired with the chorus, especially when the chorus kicked in. Extremely fun and definitely hints of tropical influences in their inspiration here.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.2/10

[Review] Wake Me Up – TWICE

Recently making their return to Japan is TWICE with Wake Me Up. They just wrapped up their promotions for their expectedly popular What Is Love? and have gone forth with a new song already! This is the group’s 3rd Japanese single and their second comeback in Japan for 2018 (the first being Candy Pop).

While it does have that catchy beat and simple hook that may get you singing along, the song doesn’t really feel that special. Instead, it feels mediocre and very typical, at best. The song started off with chanting (and this repeated throughout the song) and it felt quite cheesy, which left a lasting (not-so-great) impression on the rest of the song. It does sound quite childish, come to the think of it. The lyrics seem to have a supportive message. But given the cheesy nature of the song, I just can’t help to connect with the song. The instrumental, which felt very poppy, just feels a little disconnected with the song. Instead of going hand-in-hand, they just simply felt like they were layered underneath the vocals. Vocally, the song isn’t that bad. They sounded decent. The rapping was okay, not their absolute best. If I were to pick one moment that I thought was the best was Mina’s ‘dramatic life‘ line. 

What I did like about the video was how high definition it was. I know, it says a lot about me. The video centres around Chaeyoung, who is editing the video for uploading. I guess even the top KPOP stars have to make some sort of living when they aren’t promoting. Hahaha… Besides that, there isn’t much else to the video.

The choreography, at least, looks like it was the most decent part of the whole comeback. It looked quite fun and the members looked like they enjoyed the entire routine, which in turn, speaks volume in its presentation and energy. It isn’t the next TT or Likey but it does the job just fine.

Song – 4/10
Music Video – 5/10 
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 4.9/10

[Album Review] What Is Love? (5th Mini Album) – TWICE

TWICE returned a few weeks back with What Is Love? and like their past tracks, it is undeniable that they have taken over the charts once again. This is my album review for their album release, including the physical album only song, Stuck. It is also long overdue that I focused on some album reviews for the female artists and TWICE’s album was the first one to peak my interest. So let’s get going with the review.

What Is Love? Album Cover

1..What Is Love? (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for What Is Love?. (8.8/10) 

2. Sweet Talker – The song does have some negatives and positive aspects to it. The instrumental, which was quite upbeat, seemed to be similar to a video game soundtrack or almost like 8–bit (with a few extra elements). The vocals were good and the rapping was quite nice. Talking about rapping, the pre-chorus was my most favourite part of the track. I did expect it to be a little catchier, especially with its upbeat nature. The hook was good at first but felt repetitive towards the end. It typical pop sound did also feel a little bland, in my opinion. But it was a good song overall. (7/10)

3. Ho! – What really screams out loud is the retro vibes that feature in the song. What I also liked was the vocal work by the main vocalists for the chorus, which really pushed the song further. When compared to the chorus the verses do feel a little flat but standalone, they were quite nice as well. While I don’t have much else to say about Ho!, the song does shine quite well on the album. (9/10)

4. Déjà Vu – Starting off the song are some rapping but I am not too keen on that part of the track. It just didn’t sit well with me. The verses were a little quirky with the instrumental, which sounds like old country music played on a banjo. The song gets a little confusing as it progresses due to its random transitions yet returning to its original sound. For example, that EDM instrumental break just felt to heavy in comparison to the rest of the song and I question why it is there. Hence, it creates a messy atmosphere, The drums for the “Na-Na-Na” hook were nice but rest of song was too confusing for my taste. (6/10)

5. Say Yes – Normally, I am not too much of a fan for these types of songs. However, Say Yes showcases great vocal work and gets you swaying along. It is a soft pop song, with a great ending to the song with the guitar and vocalisation. I think the song would have benefited from some harmonies, which would also prove to some listeners out there, their ability to sing (which they don’t really focus much in their title track). (8.5/10)

6. Stuck – But out of all the songs on this tracklist, Stuck was the ultimate song. While I have limited comments for this track, I pick this as the literal hidden gem of the album, as you can only find this track on the physical album. It showcases amazing vocals (which was heard in the previous track but it sounds so different when comparing the two). I actually thought some of the melodies (particularly in the chorus) were nostalgic of some of their past tracks. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.2/10

What Is Love? Music Video Screenshot

recommended red round grunge vintage ribbon stamp

[Review] What Is Love? – TWICE

After another successful year, TWICE has made their first comeback for 2018 with What Is Love?. And that same success may be replicated for the third year straight with the song already topping all the charts in the real-time within just hours of its release. What Is Love? is the title track off their 6th mini-album, which also shares the same title as their lead track.

What actually stands out for me in this song is that it takes on a somewhat more mature sound. It isn’t that they change their signature bright and bubbly sound. But rather, they took out the bubbly in their pop-based instrumental. While that does sound like it is rather typical, I think it is a fresh sound to add to their portfolio of catchy hits. Talking about catchy hits, the first time around, I was a caught off guard with how less catchy the song sounded. The track isn’t your Likey or TT, where the repetition is quite loud and clear. Instead, it takes a step back and while it was a worry, I can confirm that the song does catchy on with multiple replays. The vocals actually sound really good and I really liked the kick the raps gave the song during the bridge. I also liked Jihyo’s start for the final chorus, with it giving me chills. It is a great song, staying within their sound range but still managing to keep it fresh.

The music video seems to reference a few well-known love stories seen in movies. Some examples include Romeo & Juliet, Ghost, She’s The Man (I think) and La-La Land (just to name a few). In many ways, this music video is like TT version 2.0 with the cosplaying. And while I was perplexed with the way they filmed the Heart Shaker video with twice the TWICE members (hahaha), this video puts even more members in the background for some of the scenes. Also, the slight pause (drawn out in the video) really worked with the Jihyo’s part that followed right after. I thought the video was nicely put together and visually, the video looked really nice.

The choreography looks nice. Not as catchy as you would hope but the entire chorus seemed like it was decent enough to still get a mad following. I also really liked the final part of the dance, with the hopping and kicks in the air. I thought that was also quite cool.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

[Review] Candy Pop – TWICE

TWICE’s One More Time was voted as the Best Japanese Song by a Korean Artist for 2017. You can see who else won in the 2017 KPOPREVIEWED Awards by clicking the link here

TWICE is back in Japan with a brand new single, Candy Pop. This is their second single to date in Japan, the previous being the catchy and addictive One More Time.

And while One More Time was catchy and addictive, Candy Pop doesn’t really give off the same flare. It just doesn’t replicate or exceed that nature of their previous single, which disappoints me. The sound does feel like their Korean releases but does sound a lot fluffier, which I think suits the Japanese market. There were few good moments that showcased their vocals and the raps were quite nice as well. The song just doesn’t feel like it buildups at all. Instead, it tends to feature a number of moments where they strip back the instrumental, which seems to feel like the slowing down the song. But that just cuts the flow of the song for me. Any attempt to showcase a buildup has been undermined. The chorus was okay but I felt the same copy-paste formula just doesn’t work as well, making the chorus feel repetitive, especially by the time we reached the third and final chorus. These are just some of my thoughts in regards to the song. For the most part, it was still okay to listen to but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find the song to listen to.

The music video was far more interesting compared to the video. The introduction of the video reminded me of GOT7’s Just Right but the video takes on a different storyline. Essentially, TWICE are anime characters of a TV show in which the girl watches. They notice the disappointment on the girl’s face and go on a mission to cheer her up. They get into some trouble but with some help from JYP (or Brock) himself, they get to the girl’s room by conveniently smashing down a wall with their purple bus. Their presence itself complete cheers up the girl and all is fine. It is a fun video. The ending was probably really boring and dry. But the rest of the video was nice to watch.

We don’t see much of the choreography in the video. It just seems like the article regarding how similar their dance moves for their South Korean comebacks is applicable here between both their Japanese songs. I am talking about the move around the 4:00 mark of the video. But from what I could see from the rest of the video, the dance looked cute.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10 (I may return to redo the review for this part once I find an actual performance for this song)
Overall Rating – 6.5/10

2017 KPOPREVIEWED Awards – Results

**drum rolls please**

It is time to announce the winners of the 2017 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. This is the first year ever that you (the readers) got the opportunity to vote and pick out the winners of each category (excluding a few). Let me just start by saying thank you for all those who participated in the voting process, as you all made this possible.

This will be an EXTREMELY LONG post and it will be gif heavy so it may take a while to load up. If you have a slow internet connection (like me), you can still view the winners (along with the nominees if you missed the voting period/want a reminder) by clicking the link here.

The respective gifs for each category represent the winners which you voted for, while I have put down my pick for the category. I have opted to not do a commentary this year due to the already long length of this post.


Wanna One

Author’s Choice – Wanna One


Dream Catcher

Author’s Choice – Dream Catcher


Kim Chungha

Author’s Choice – Jung Sewoon


Monsta X

Author’s Choice – NU’EST W


SEVENTEEN Performance Unit

Author’s Choice – Gugudan 5959



Author’s Choice – KARD


G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Author’s Choice – Bobby (iKON)



Author’s Choice – Sunmi



Author’s Choice – DAY6


Zico (Block B)

Author’s Choice – Bobby (iKON)


One More Time – TWICE

Author’s Choice – One More Time (TWICE)


Honey Bee – Luna, Solar, Hani

Author’s Choice – Bye Babe (Chen & 10CM)


Don’t Wanna Cry – SEVENTEEN

Author’s Choice – Gashina (Sunmi)


Peek-A-Boo – Red Velvet

Author’s Choice – You In Me (KARD)



Author’s Choice – SEVENTEEN


Red Velvet

Author’s Choice – Red Velvet


Beautiful – Pentagon


Palette – IU (4th Studio Album)

And there you have it, the 2017 KPOPREVIEWED Award Winners. Congratulations to all! Hopefully, the artist’s that you picked came out on top and were victorious.

As for the BEST SONG OF THE YEAR award, it will be published in a separate post. For this year, the winning song will be the song that tops the End Of Year Charts (to be published on the 15th of January).

[Review] One More Time – TWICE

TWICE is nominated for Best Female Group and Best Japanese Song by a Korean Artist. Have you supported them in this year’s KPOPREVIEWED Awards? If you haven’t, click here for the poll!

This is the start of four reviews for some JPOP songs released by Korean artists. I am going to aim to do them closer to their release date starting next year, so I don’t get around to doing them months later (like these 4 reviews). Today’s focus will be TWICE first original Japanese song. Just prior to their Korean Likey comeback, TWICE released One More Time. This is their first comeback in Japan, after their debut with Signal and TT in Japan.

One More Time ended up being really addictive and catchy in nature, which is something I like, particularly the repetition of ‘One More Time’ throughout the chorus and post-chorus. The song also seems to show off a cute sound but the instrumental keeps the song from going overboard. Out of all the members, I feel like Dahyun and Chaeyoung were the best in the song. Their raps were so fitting for the deep rough electronic synth that featured in the song. The vocals are nice but they weren’t as outstanding as the raps. The autotune at the end didn’t seem it was necessary but it felt fine. But overall, this is definitely a song that has been played multiple times since release.

The music video had this cute feeling to it but overall, it felt rather generic. The video is sports centred with two main matches. Dahyun and Chaeyoung fit it out in a boxing match, while Jihyo and Nayeon get on the court for a tennis match. The other members featured in the background and some other sports. I did like the colour of the sets and some of the camera work. But there isn’t much else to say about it.

Not sure if it is the editing of the music video, but I really liked the scene at 2:13 where Nayeon moves along the line of TWICE members while dancing. It honestly looked quite cool. I also liked the choreography for the post-chorus (at 0:53).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

[Album Review] Twicetagram / Merry & Happy (1st Studio Album) – TWICE


I’ll make this intro a very quick one due to the length of this post. TWICE has returned with Merry & Happy, which is the re-release of their first album, Twicetagram. Both albums and songs have already topped the charts, showcasing the success and stability of TWICE.

Merry & Happy Album Cover


1. Heart Shaker (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Heart Shaker. (8/10)

2. Merry & Happy – Another upbeat Christmas themed track which didn’t feel too loaded. All the members vocally shined in the song and it felt genuinely cute. Besides that, the instrumental could have been better to keep the song more interesting. (6/10)

3. Likey (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Likey. (7.5/10)

4. Turtle (거북이) Turtle felt like a sweet song. It had a really nice acoustic instrumental which paired well with the vocals. From a song of such nature, the chorus became stuck in my head after a few listens. (8/10)

5. Missing U – Following Turtle is another acoustic song that developed into a somewhat pop-like during the chorus. It also seemed to incorporate some tropical flares in it as well. The transition between the acoustic and electric guitar was nice. In many ways, the song felt quite similar to Turtle, including the vocals and raps. Also, another catchy track. (9/10)

6. Wow – The song features retro vibes that made the song stand out slightly. Besides that, various details stuck out for the wrong reasons. The girl’s pronunciation of the word ‘Wow’ sounded like a dog barking, while the raps were my least favourite parts. Furthermore, the song felt repetitive by the time it got to the final chorus. (4/10)

7. FFW – For those who don’t know, FFW stands for ‘Fast Forward’. Given the title, the song’s tempo does not feel like it fits its name. But it isn’t intolerable. The chorus was quite nice but once again, the vocals didn’t seem to work with it. Come to the think of it, FFW does remind me of a Christmas song for some odd reason. (7/10)

8. Ding Dong – It is the one song on the album that is bound to get everyone dancing. The chorus was quite catchy and upbeat. It goes well with the bright sound that I think you can associate with TWICE. I like how there was an incline during the chorus, which I thought made the track interesting and appealing to my ears. (9/10)

9. 24/7 – The soft start of the song was really well done. Following that was a slight build-up throughout the rest of the song. It is a catchy track with many memorable moments. The addictive chorus, the clean vocal work, the subtle upbeat instrumentation and the cool rap. What more can you ask for? (9/10)

10. Look At Me (날 바라바라봐) – The “Look At Me” lines repeated throughout the song became quite addictive. The raps were also quite nice even though they were of a more standard nature. The falsetto vocals before the chorus and during the bridge were also quite intriguing. The slowdown that made up the bridge contrasted well with the rest of the track. Overall, I thought it was an interesting song. (8/10)

11. Rollin’ – I thought it was a great track but there is a part of me that thinks it could have been better. The greatness is attributed to the retro vibes coming straight from the instrumentals. I actually like the chorus, which reminds of certain songs. The reason why i think the track could have better was that the vocals/raps were underwhelming. (6.5/10)

12. Don’t Give Up (힘내!) – While I thought the instrumental was on the quirky side, there were moments where I thought it overpowered the vocals. The vocals themselves were quite good but it was clear that the rap sequences (especially the one at the end) was the best part of the entire track. The bridge felt like it belonged to a completely different song. It was another passable track on the album. (6/10)

13. You In My Heart (널 내게 담아) – I really enjoyed the fresh feel that the instrumental gave the song but its pop style is something that you hear often. The vocals don’t really add much to the song but they were extremely fitting and clean for the song. I must say that if you want something easy on the ears, this is the song for you. (8/10)

14. Sleep Tight, Good Night (잘자요 굿나잇) – It is time for that mandatory ballad. And it wasn’t as bad as I had expected it. Instead, the track contained nice vocals. It did make me feel sleepy, acting almost like a lullaby. And while that may sound like a bad track, it isn’t. Instead, it is a nice way to say the album is over and to wait for the next release (at least, that is what I got from it). (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.5/10

Twicetagram Album Cover

[Review] Heart Shaker – TWICE

TWICE is nominated for Best Female Group and Best Japanese Song by a Korean Artist. Have you supported them in this year’s KPOPREVIEWED Awards? If you haven’t, click here for the poll!

TWICE has returned with their brand new song, Heart Shaker. This song is actually the title track from their repackaged Twicetagram full-length album, which featured Likey as the main title track when it was released back in October. The repackaged album was retitled to be Merry & Happy and you can expect an album review for the entire album sometime in the near future.

Heart Shaker is a decent song. But to me, it is missing that iconic moment that all TWICE songs. You may say that iconic part is the chorus but I would say that lines (such as ‘Shy Shy Shy’ or ‘Me Likey Likey Likey‘) are the parts that everyone knows when it comes to a TWICE song. The ‘You’re My Heart Shaker‘ seems to be the main hook this time but it lacks energy and feels hidden in comparison to the other parts of the song. It does feature an amazing chorus to make up for it. The instrumental feel very KPOP centred, which is a good thing I guess. The vocals are quite nice, with the exception of some members which still catch me off guard every time I listen to the song. The raps are nice but there were moments (such as the intro) that I was not fond of.

I was expecting something Christmas theme (as the title of the album is Merry & Happy) but we got something that was equally as nice. Not exactly fond of the shopping store set but everything else looked quite nice. The editing of the video makes the transitions between scenes quite pleasing to watch and I thought it was quite cool. I did notice the Tyuzu mistake at 2:02 of the music video. The ending where they combine the two TWICE groups completely blew my mind and I wonder how they shot that since they are all overlapping each other. Overall, it was a nice video to watch.

Like the song, it is missing that iconic part. But I thought the choreography during the chorus was good enough, matching the song’s tempo and sounds. I did like how they manage to throw in a sneaky heart sign during the chorus.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8/10



[Review] Likey – TWICE

After the likes of Signal and Knock Knock earlier this year TWICE has returned with Likey and their first full album. It is definitely a long time coming, especially how far the girls have gone with just their title tracks alone in the past two years. Like all of the group’s track, it is expected (and they will probably achieve this by the time I post this review) that they will top the charts once again with their title track, Likey.

The one thing that I think makes TWICE songs so popular is that key phrase within the song that ends up being so addictive that everyone ends up singing along. And following that same formula is Likey, which starts off the song with that its own catchphrase. I have got it stuck in my head already and it probably won’t be going anywhere. And given that, the song has been on repeat since its release a few hours back. The song isn’t in your face with that signature level of aegyo that the girls have gone for in the past, which is why I like this song. Vocally, the members did a wonderful job and the rappers were pretty good. The only thing they could have done better with are the verses. For the most part, they felt like a blur and very forgettable. But overall, I ‘likey like likey‘ this song.

The home video concept is actually quite pleasing to watch in this video. It also goes well with the neighbourhood sweetheart style they have going. It also seems like they used a little bit of green screen for some parts, which made it intriguing for me to watch. Besides that, I don’t really feel this video. It goes well with the song but there isn’t much to say about it.

TWICE’s dance breaks are to die for. Probably the best part of the entire video. Likey seems to tap into that memorable dance move for the ‘Likey Likey Likey‘ part but it seems complicated compared to their past routines. It does look like a fun dance routine to watch.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

[Review] Signal – Twice

The most talked about girl group, Twice, is finally back with a brand new song, Signal. They return with their fourth mini album, which is also titled as Signal. The group previously returned for a short promotional run for their song Knock Knock and their reissue of their third mini album. Twice is also gearing up for a Japan debut, so I am hoping for some original content from them in Japanese!!!

Sadly, I am on the fence with this song. It isn’t their best work out there, but it isn’t terrible as some people would describe it. Unlike all of their past songs, I don’t see anything that can be considered to be catchy. That leaves me a little disappointed because all of the songs that I love from Twice have that over-catchiness that makes it quite appealing. I am not a big fan of the opening or those ‘talking/chanting’ parts throughout the song. They felt awkward and very dull. Once the song starts picking up (and the members actually start singing), it gets a little better. And there is more colour to the song. The chorus was ‘alright’ at best. Like I said before, I can’t feel or hear any hooks in the song. The song also felt very neutral all throughout, with very little fluctuations or changes in the singing style that they go for. While the song felt very pop-centred, the neutralness does kill the track and prevent it from becoming that colourful track that Twice seems to aim for with all their songs. All of that being said, I don’t mind it. I can sit down and listen to it if it appears in my playlist. but I wouldn’t go through the effort of looking for the song.

So I guess the girls get transported to a different world and fall in love with a blue alien. But I love the only face (the  “IDGAF” face) that he gives throughout the video). Like I said yesterday, the music video quality is top-notch. What isn’t top-notch is the acting at the start, where they all faint in the field and the hair that some of the girl sport. Seems like someone ticked off the hair stylist recently. Each the girls also have a superpower (besides Nayeon. The Men In Black called and they want the Neuralyzer back). And I assume they decided to show off their powers to get the alien’s attention, which failed. In the end, it turns out they were all aliens, which explained their superpowers. It creeped me out a bit though. Overall, I thought this video is their cutest yet. And it is quite good!

I think the dance could pretty much be the next TT dance, with the alien ears. Their formations were also quite good. But watching their performance with the song, it felt weak and that left me a little disappointed. I just didn’t find it as cute as their past dances or like the video.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10



[Review] Knock Knock – Twice

Source: https://0.soompi.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/16070312/twice-knock-knock-mv-teaser.jpg

Twice has returned with the release of Twicecoaster: Lane 2 and the title track Knock Knock. The group previously made their comeback in October last year with TTTwicecoaster: Lane 2 is actually a reissue of the mini album released in October, with 2 new tracks. Since TT promotions ended, the group has also performed in a few concerts and swept the end of year awards ceremonies with Cheer Up as the Best Song Of The Year.

Knock Knock is your generic pop song with guitar riffs and a nice retro sound. Out of all their title tracks, this song feels the most vibrant and colourful. And that is something you would associate with Twice, given their personalities (seen through shows and videos) and past hits.We were given a small snippet to this song at the end of the TT music video. The same part was present at the end of the video was present at the start of the song. While I loved the way it sounded, the song took an unexpected turn and ended up being vibrant and colourful. Is that a necessarily a bad thing? No, but I would have loved to hear something a little different from Twice. Moving along, like all their previous songs Twice has used the catchphrase of the song to be the way to sell the song across to the listener. It was successful as “Knock Knock Knock on my door” seemed to be the catchiest part of the song and it was constantly replayed throughout it. I actually like their vocals because they are all clear. None of the member’s voices seemed to be hidden behind autotune in this song. From the raps to the singing vocals, each member did a really good job with no hitches. But then we run into another problem. While I have described a pretty good song so far, a part of me felt the song was too generic. There really wasn’t anything that amazing or necessarily captivating about the song. It just felt overdone and dull. But then again, I said similar things regarding Cheer Up and that song grew so much on me. So I guess only time will tell.

The video was quite generic but not to that extent like what I felt with the song. This video has its up and downs. Some parts felt dull and boring while other parts were funny and actually managed to get a joyful response out of me. The tie in with TT was pretty nice but it didn’t seem amazing. It didn’t blow my mind and I wanted something to blow my mind. Instead, they got locked out of their house and the book somehow changed them (or cursed them) into the characters of TT. Yeah… not really a blockbuster storyline hey! But I loved the humour the girls have. The scenes where the girls are coming down the lines. I recently (today actually) saw a picture that compares some of the moves they pull off while coming down the stairs are actually moves they pulled off in Like Ooh Aah. Likewise, if I was to choose a spirit animal from one of the girls coming down the stairs, it would have to Jungyeon. And if Park Ji Young came over to my house for a sleepover, I would have had the same reaction (I laughed at this part. They looked so disappointed when they saw him). Come over anytime, just not when there is a sleep over or I am preparing to snore in bed.

As expected from the title, there is a lot of knocking in this dance. Nothing that impressive, though the very start of the performance when Nayeon starts singing looked cool. The penguin dance intro looked really cool and cute as well.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10

KPOPREVIEWED 2016 Awards – Part 1

I am officially back everyone. And finally, I am moving along with the posts. This is the replacement to the normal Best of the Bests that I do at the end of each year. Essentially, they are the same thing, just a different name for them. This is just for fun and is just my thoughts relayed into a post. I did want to include you guys in the voting this time around, but because of my vacation, I had skipped over it. Maybe next year, if nothing pops up.

I usually post the nominees up in a separate post. However, because of time constraints, I have linked the nominees on a separate page by clicking the link below, instead of writing them out.



This award goes to the groups that have seen the most growth in 2016. Past winners have risen from the rookie status (usually) or ‘nugu’ status and conquered the year they were awarded in. Looking back there are a number groups that took over 2016. But the rising star award goes to Twice and Seventeen. It is quite obvious why. Both groups had a following already in 2015 but 2016 saw more success, proving them to be a force to look out for.


This award is self-explanatory, given to the song that has the best instrumental. This is something that I talk about in review and is vital to the song (though I have heard amazing acapella in the past). It seems like simple took out the award this year with the instrumental of The Rain by Ladies Code taking out the award. But don’t worry because the EDM based song Fire by BTS took out Honourable Mention.


Comeback after comeback after comeback. It is like shifting through a needle in a haystack. Any artist could have been nominated for this but I chose VIXX as the winner for this. Their comebacks have been consistent but unique each time. Their releases have you asking what they have planned next. As for honourable mentions, BTS takes it. Given their releases in the past year, I have to say I was very impressed.


It seems like subunits have dropped off the trends list this year. Actually, they have become quite rare. That being said, there have been some notable subunits in 2016. My pick for the winner is EXO-CBX, which consists of Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin. Their song, Hey Mama, was extremely catchy and fun to listen to. Honourable mention go to NCT Dream for their release of the fun and equally catchy Chewing Gum (plus they performed on hoverboards).


Not a big fan of rapping but I have to be honest, there are many great rappers here that show me otherwise. A few rappers in idol groups have released mixtapes this year as part of their solo work, further showing their influence on the industry. The winner I have chosen is Zico (Block B). All of his solo releases and collaborations have been extremely popular and successful in the past year. Honourable mention goes  Suga (BTS), whose mixtape and work within BTS have also amazed me this year.


Vocals are something that I admire the most. So, it was rather hard for me to narrow down just 5 nominees, particularly since there were more shows where vocalists of different idol groups and actors/actresses could participate in. My radar jumped when I heard the winner sing on those shows. I am talking about Sandeul (B1A4), whose voice sounded amazing in his solo work and collaborations on Duet Song Festival. I chose Mamamoo for honourable mention as their vocals are no joke, slaying with almost everything they release.


Collaborations are still popular and with SM Entertainment’s SM Station in full effect for 2016, we saw a more diverse range of collaborations that have never been seen before. My pick for the best collaboration of 2016 is Hit Me by MOBB, which is a collaboration between Mino (Winner) and Bobby (iKON). Honourable mentions go to Tiffany (SNSD) and SanE for their SM Station track, Heartbreak Hotel.


These songs include songs that were simply released as a part of the album but forgotten as it was never promoted. Some of them were performed with the title track for one week but have since not been performed. Songs that deserve some sort of recognition as well. My pick of honourable mention is I Miss You by Mamamoo, which was included in their first studio album. The winner of the best non-title song goes to Sistar with their track: String. String is actually one of the few songs that are not a title track that was replayed constantly on my phone.

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[Review] TT – Twice

One of the trendiest girl groups of the year has finally returned. Twice is currently killing the charts as we speak with their latest song, TT. They previously came back with Cheer Up. Any records set by Cheer Up was broken with TT, proving the force and impact Twice has in the game.

Another song that was recently released that I just shoved into my playlist because it is so great. Cheer Up was a disappointment for me, but I recently started warming up to it. TT just reels me in straight away and hooks me with the really catchy rhythm. First of all, “ba-ba-baby” is really catchy. I don’t understand what was so good with the “shy shy shy” phenomenon, but “ba-ba-baby” is a very simple and addictive part of the song. Secondly, the house genre instrumental was quite nice. It added colour, cuteness (kind of) and a vibrant feel to the song. It backed the vocals quite nicely, giving support and structure to the song. The vocals were okay, not the best, but okay. The ending felt quite messy with the ad-libs.  Minus the underwhelming vocals, I do like this song a lot and have been listening to it non-stop. It’s so damn catchy.

The music video is perfect of the Halloween season. Following a similar style as Cheer Up, the girls dress up as different characters. The one that caught my attention and made me smile as soon as I saw it was the cute as Dahyun bunny. Highlight of the video was probably the shuffling bunny. Moving along, I didn’t like the massive Jack-O-Lantern,in which they were dancing in. It looked cringeworthy. Also didn’t like their dull clothing which they wore while doing all the choreography scenes together. They look boring and unfitting for video. But besides that, everything else looked amazing. The ending has a “Coming Soon” label on it. I honestly didn’t know that there was going to be a second part. I am intrigued to see what they have in store with the next part. I also wonder how they plan on continuing the Halloween theme, since Halloween is basically over until October next year.

I love how they included the TT emoji in the choreography. Also liked the “ba-ba-baby” part. But besides that, the rest of the dance was quite boring to watch.

Rating – 8/10

[Review] Cheer Up – Twice

One of the power rookies of 2015 has finally returned with their long awaited comeback. Yes, I am referring to Twice (if you completely missed the title) and they have managed to do it again with their latest song: Cheer Up. Since release, it has stayed at the top of the charts and managed to crush any artist who dares to even attempt to compete for first place. They have managed to receive multiple certified perfect all kills and won many weekly music show charts. Just more to add to their power rookie status which probably has flung them into the ranks of the artists that took many years to gain momentum and popularity.

While many people are feeling this song, I am quite disappointed with what they release. We all expected a song that was even more addictive and catchy, a song that could top Like Ooh Aah. Some people do think it is a track that can do that, but I don’t think it is a good enough track to top their debut single. This song isn’t bad or anything, it just didn’t captivate me as Like Ooh Aah did. First of all, these girls can sing, but their pronunciation of the words threw me off. Cheer Up sounded a lot like “Turn Up” or “Cher Up” (with a heavy c sound). I have a very big problem with artists who can’t even pronounce the name of the song with bad pronunciation. Call me harsh, but honestly, I am sure the main vocalist can do a better job. The rapping fell below expectations and that the song wasn’t catchy enough. The “Shy Shy Shy” part was ridiculously embarrassing and childish, and I don’t even know why everyone like that one line. And that “Be A Man” breakdown during the bridge just did not fit in with the song. It felt disconnected. Their vocals were good though (just something needs to be done with their live voices) and the song was equally as bright as Like Ooh Aah. From everything you have read thus far, you can probably see that the song doesn’t sit well with me and the flaws (in my opinion) outweigh the good.

I didn’t like the cheerleading concept they were going for, but I loved the rest of the video. I would have been fine if just one member did the cheerleading concept, like how every member had a different theme (or movie reference) and then the girls regrouped for a different movie reference. I liked it how everyone had their own thing. Refreshing and different from every other video. The girls each parody another female movie character who became iconic female characters in a variety of genres. I would list the different movies out, but I can’t actually the list of the movies anymore (Yes, I have been browsing the comments on YouTube). The music video was much brighter and fitted the season more, than their debut video, which had a bright song but a dark video. Only thing creeped me out was the camera dude. Much creepy. But overall, I liked the video a lot.

The dance was underwhelming. Not as catchy or cool as Like Ooh Aah. This dance had the awkward rope pulling dance for the chorus and that just looked a little too weird. Also, the breakdown at the bridge  was a little too unfitting for me. I have no trouble with what they are going for, but I thought they could have been a little more creative. Well, that last point really is what I felt when I watch the performances.

Sorry Twice. I had a lot of high expectations and Cheer Up just did not live up to those expectations. But congratulations on the success. You girls definitely deserve it after last year. 4/10