[Review] Tag Tag Tag – VERIVERY

It can definitely be said that VERIVERY has very big shoes to fill. With the impending military enlistment for all of the VIXX members, the senior male group has been focusing on solo activities (and my guess is that they will be all leaving to enlist soon). This leaves VERIVERY and Gugudan to carry the torch that VIXX has lit for their company. Today, VERIVERY returns with a new single, Tag Tag Tag and Veri-Chill (the group’s latest single album). This is the group’s first comeback since From Now, which was released a few months back.

Tag Tag Tag doesn’t strike me as a song that breaks ground. While the members do seem to push themselves with a more energetic and memorable pop song, this ‘heard before’ feeling was my initial thought. But with every listen I have given the song since, I am noticing a lot of new things that the song manages to do well. But that typical feel still hangs over my head. The song manages to show a convergence between a mature sound and the group’s usually energetic dance style. And I like this convergence. I just wished it managed to pick up something that makes me become more amazed. The energy was definitely a major plus. It fits the idea of using a game of tag to get closer to your lover. So the upbeat atmosphere does drive you towards that activeness. I really like how they voiced their vocals. They seemed to push themselves to stand out over the vocals, which I enjoyed. But the rapping was my favourite bit. It provided that extra intensity to the song, which in turns makes this a loaded track. The hooks are fast becoming catchy, giving that memorable element.

When we think of Jellyfish Entertainment, we all think of VIXX and their dark concepts. This music video leads us back into that dark concept with a haunted house, which the members play tag in. But it is done in a more youthful manner that wouldn’t fit VIXX.  We don’t get a sense of the creepiness until they play blindfold tag, where we see unrecognisable feet as they are playing and one member (who was it) removes his blindfold to reveal no one there. We get a sense that things are a lot more seriously creepy when their phones start picking up faces that are not there. Or when, the member who just stands there smiling, while something is registered in the background. Or that someone was watching them while they were playing outside.  Or that someone took a picture of the guy who was the seeker. The ending was probably the biggest shocker (even though I think we all saw it coming), as it reveals that one of the members was the barefooted entity all along. Very interesting video.

The choreography seems to return VERIVERY to their usual youthful style, which I guess is more fitting than infusing some horror to the stage. After all, the song is all about a game of tag. I like the energy is showcased as part of the performance and the moves that I saw looked pretty nice.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 9.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

[Album Review] Veri-Able (2nd Mini Album) – VERIVERY

Apologies for the delayed release of this album review. It was meant to be published yesterday but I decided to focus on my assignment last night (as I was one task away from completing it). Now that has been wrapped up, I can spend my weekend catching up on these posts! Today’s focus is on VERIVERY’s latest mini-album, Veri-Able. I never got around to reviewing this first mini-album (Veri-Us) as I passed over to it because I didn’t find any songs interesting. This time around, however, I did find some songs interesting enough to talk about, so that is why we are here today.

Veri-Able Album Cover

1..From Now (딱 잘라서 말해) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for From Now. (8/10) – Note that I did mention that in the From Now review that I wanted to hear something that was different. I have bumped up my rating from a 7.5 to 8 on the review, as I realized (after listening to this album) that retro does pretty much suit them and the album pretty much shows off variety.

2. Love Line – To me, Love Line sounds like a typical pop track. But there is more to track than its typicalness. The song kicks off with some keyboard and it gradually builds to its catchy chorus. I like how the track is smooth and the melody just comes off with ease. The vocal work was pretty good and the rapping complimented the melody and overall vibes of the track. I think this would be a good song to follow up with after promotions end for From Now. I can see a very pleasing performance to match the song. I think I like the ending the most, where they all come together. It makes the song feel very inclusive and really supports the hook of the song. (9/10)

3. All I Do (나 집에 가지 않을래) – Changing the energy of the album is All I Do. Coming from two fun and upbeat songs, this ballad start was very unexpected (I did expect slight ease from the upbeat songs prior to this one). And like most songs, All I Do manages to change it up a bit, which I was grateful. The ballad start was good, but I couldn’t see 3 minutes worth of it. The song ended up transforming into this 80s pop ballad, with retro synths. And I quite enjoyed it. I liked how they kept the momentum going for the second verse but opted for a middle area between the two styles, so the track didn’t depart entirely from its opening parts. I also enjoyed the layering in the with the vocals and the raps, giving it a very nice texture. (8/10)

4. Get Ready – VERIVERY’s pitch to us is retro-sounding tracks if you have not realized yet. Get Ready is probably their strongest pitch that really reminds me of the 90s. It is a fun track, loaded with energy and intensity, which are all things I like. It is also quite fast-paced, so it does become overwhelming slightly. But it isn’t too overpowering as you get used to it eventually. The track also boasts strong vocals and rap sequences, which I think adds to the fun side of the song. I also enjoy those deep sounds in the background (that the members make with the help of autotune). Interesting textural element and it adds a quirky vibe that I cannot forget. (9/10)

5. Light Up – The song that the group did opt as a secondary title track during their first week of promotions was a slow building tropical house track. Their retro pitch thus on the album was really good and I wanted them to continue this moment. So to see them end the album with a track that conforms to modern trends rather than play on that retro pitch was disappointing in a sense. And because it was slow building, the track felt it was their weakest. I guess I wanted a strong drop and something to really continue the energy from the previous track. But I liked the crispness of their vocals and the rapping was nice. (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.2/10

Veri-Able Teaser Image

[Review] From Now – VERIVERY

Last night, we saw the return of VERIVERY with From Now. This is the group’s first comeback since their debut earlier this year with Ring Ring Ring. In case you missed their debut, VERIVERY is a 7-member male group from Jellyfish Entertainment. They were also previously active in 2018 with their pre-debut single, Super Special.

From Now is very similar to Ring Ring Ring. It has the same style of retro dance pop that their debut track had. I do think, because of this, the song did feel rather dry to an extent as it didn’t really bring anything new to showcase the members. However, there were some interesting parts of the song that I think it enough to make this track be considered somewhat different to their debut track. I think the rapping scenes had a more hip-hop centred melody, which I think really went well and gave the song a little more substance. While the instrumentation was also similar between song, this one felt a bit more vibrant and in-your-face with it. I also thought the synthesizer dance break right after the first chorus to be very appealing. I thought the vocals are very strong and went well with that ‘in-your-face’ style of instrumentation that I have already identified. I think the group could have gone with a different style to provide variety in their discography, From Now was still pretty good.

I thought the music video was rather appealing for this comeback. I felt the colour was more profound and bold, which really set the tone for the video. It also felt more suiting to the retro sound. This is also the first music video that I saw the ‘In My Feelings‘ challenge appear. Maybe the trend never reached South Korea but I thought it was something unique and fresh in the video.

From what I can see in the music video, the performance looks pretty good. I think the dance break will be the best section but everything else also looked like it was fitting for the vibrant and energetic song.

Song – 8/10 [Updated – See why on VERIVERY’s Album Review]
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.3/10

[Review] Ring Ring Ring – VERIVERY

Multiple comebacks in the same day is a regular thing but we don’t often hear too much about multiple debuts on the same day. In addition to the debut of ONEUS today, VERIVERY makes their career start with their title track Ring Ring Ring. The group is from Jellyfish Entertainment, which also manages VIXX and Gugudan. They consist of 7 members including Dongheon, Minchan, Yeonho, Hoyoung, Gyehyeon, Yongseung and Kangmin. While this is their debut track, this isn’t the first time I have reviewed the new group, as I wrote a review for their special single, Super Special, last year.

Ring Ring Ring reminds me of songs from the 90s era through its instrumental and melody. And with KPOP very big on the retro throwbacks, Ring Ring Ring fits neatly into the KPOP portfolio that has been growing over the years. The use of the drum beat throughout the song and the rap sequence within the bridge used to hype the song are all elements that point towards that era. The song itself is extremely bright and has also this pop feel to it, which I can see being infectious down the road. And for that, I think it is a very memorable song. The vocals were pretty good (that opening section to the bridge definitely showcases potential) and the rapping was definitely another top element. I did think the song got a little repetitive towards the end but I think its energetic nature makes up for this. Overall, it is a nice debut song to have ringing in the audience’s ear.

When I write these reviews, I find myself in awe of the simplest or smallest of things. I personally am not sure how they got those floating shapes in the background of the choreography shots to move about. I am not sure if it editing after filming or they used lights to project upon the white background. Either way, I am thoroughly intrigued about it. The rest of the video shows the members having fun, which is in line with the song’s vibes.

The choreography for this performance fits perfectly into the song. It is fun, energetic and youthful, which automatically becomes the group’s image. I think the best bit of the performance has to be the bridge. Starting off with those smooth rotating arms and exceptional synchronisation for the vocal section, while moving back into the fun style for the rap part of the bridge, everything looked well polished and it shows some versatility.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.1/10 

[Review] Super Special – VERIVERY

From what I can tell, there aren’t that many groups making their comeback this week due to the Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Festival) However, this does not mean I get to take the week off. I henceforth declare this week as ROOKIE WEEK. I will be posting at least one review for a different rookie group each day, so keep your eyes opened!

VERIVERY is a brand new male group who released their first single, Super Special, last week. As far as I know, it isn’t their official debut but rather the OST for their upcoming reality program. But who are they? Well, they come from the same company who currently houses VIXX and GUGUDAN (i.e. Jellyfish Entertainment) and is made up of 7 members – Dongheon, Minchan, Yeonho, Hoyoung, Gyehyeon, Yongseung and Kangmin.

I was somewhat relieved when I heard that this wouldn’t be their official debut title track. I would have been disappointed if I had the idea of it being a title track in my mind. The song lacks impact and doesn’t live up to the expectations set by their senior labelmates in terms of sound and concept. But as an OST, it promises that the group is very energetic and knows how to have fun, which is definitely a draw point to the group. Super Special is very retro, reminding me of ’90s pop songs. There is no doubt that the song showcases promising vocals and rapping, which makes me excited for their debut track. So this song ticks a few boxes, keeping them on my radar.  But going back to what I said at the start of this paragraph, the song isn’t that memorable and doesn’t have a strong hook to reel me in.

I am not sure how to review this music video, to be honest. I want to review as a normal music video for a comeback/debut but it isn’t their debut. It is just a music video put together to promote their new show. As this music video ‘introduces’ the members to the viewers, I am hoping their debut video has some sort of theatrical/dramatic flare that will get them engraved into my mind. What I thought was fitting for this video was that it was bright and cheerful, as you expect with an upbeat song. I also liked how their outfits were the main inputs of colour for the video, which usually is the jobs of the sets/background. They also had some fun close-ups as well, which was nice.

Their choreography in this video definitely showcases their potential. Everyone looked in-sync with each other and they movements flowed quite well. They had pretty good formations as well. Can’t wait to see what they have installed for us on stage.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10