[Review] I’ll Be There – Yoon Ji Sung

Now, there was one earlier arrival to the Wanna One mini reunion today. Yoon Ji Sung made his solo return with I’ll Be There on Thursday. I was a little busy with assignments so I couldn’t write an immediate review, so hence why I decided to have him join the reunion as well. This is Yoon Ji Sung’s second promotional track, with In The Rain (released back in February) being his first. Yoon Ji Sung also recently confirmed that he will be enlisting in the military on the 14th of May, making this (possibly) his final release for the next few years or so.

Once again, I’ll Be There takes on the ballad route, which was expected of Yoon Ji Sung when he made his debut. But it is a lot different to his solo debut track. The guitar at the start made the song sound very beautiful and definitely set the tone. The combination of the guitar with some of the other elements remind me of Park Hyo Shin’s Happy Together, released a few years back. One of these elements has to be the melody of the chorus, which paired with the backing vocals, definitely gave off those vibes. I particularly thought the harmonies that Yoon Ji Sung shared with the backing vocals, in particular during the bridge, really gave the song some definition, alongside the guitar. Happy Together was more of a happier song, whereas this still has an emotional component to it. The song talks about writing memories into a book and that the relationship is going due to the number of pages written in. I thought was a nice concept, making this a promising ballad.

Going back to the lyrics, Yoon Ji Sung ends up reflecting a lot in the video. While the song was about writing memories of a relationship, Yoon Ji Sung spends most of his time alone and with his diary. He writes memories in there. My theory is that since this is a special album, it is farewell (for now) song. And the solo path that Yoon Ji Sung makes is kind of like ‘self-discovery’ time, just before his enlistment. So he writes about this in his diary. There is no sadness, rather it looks likes his mind is wandering and we do see some smiles throughout the video. We do also see a glimpse of a page but I am not too sure about what it said. To me, the video is one of those that is on the dry side but if my theory is right, I think it would a nice video for fans.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 6.5/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

[Review] In The Rain – Yoon Ji Sung

After the disbandment of Wanna One earlier this year, fans have anticipated the different routes that each member would take. Most will be returning to the stage as artists. Others have announced that they will be taking breaks, while others have embarked upon musicals and start acting careers. For this review, we will be looking at Yoon Ji Sung’s solo debut single, In The Rain. He is actually the first member to return. Yoon Ji Sung has also been confirmed for a musical and will also enlist in the first half of this year.

In The Rain is a neat ballad that lets Yoon Ji Sung shine brightly. As Wanna One was a large group, we don’t really get an opportunity to see him stand out. Through this ballad, we get an opportunity to hear his vocals in a more clear manner. The ballad is quite pleasant and is actually mostly light-hearted. While I do find emotionally driven ballads more enticing, pleasant sounding ballads that aren’t too focused on the emotions and vocals are often refreshing, which is the case for his debut single. That being said, he does have a nice voice. Also, I found myself swaying to the music, which I think makes it a pretty successful ballad in my books. I personally think the melody could have been a little stronger to really make the song more memorable but it good as it is.

I think I am more used to the ballad music videos having this hazy filter that really reflects the sad nature of the song. In this video, however, the music video features a whole of colour, which was a little foreign for me. I also liked how the music video reflected the peacefulness of the verses and then once the song built up to the chorus, it changed into an overload of pastel colours. In the video, it seems like he is awaiting a special someone, though that is my view of the music video given that I can’t find any translated lyrics as of yet. It is a nice video that goes nicely with the song.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.6/10