[Review] Days Without You – Davichi

Davichi is often referred to as the ballad queens of South Korea. Their many hits time and time again have been enough proof to support these claims. The duo has returned with their 3rd full-length album, titled as 10&, which celebrates their 10 year anniversary since debut. The main title track is Days Without You. This is also their first official comeback since 2016.

Days Without You is definitely further proof of the claims made above. The song starts off slow with soft vocals. With the soft vocals come the very nice melodies which set the song up for a great start. It slowly builds up in both instrumental and vocal work. And when I say slowly, it is definitely a gradual process. This build-up made the song even better, with the climax being the best part of the song (both vocally) and instrumentally). There is a slight pause in the bridge just before that climax, which makes the impact of the high note even better. And the harmonies still shine very nicely. There are a few moments that were definitely attention-grabbing such as that beautiful high note or that moment in the song where the piano makes a sort of prancing sound (1:27 – 1:33 of music video). Overall, it seems like Davichi has done it again.

Accompanying the beautiful song is a beautiful music video. The video features Wanna One’s Daniel, who in the video, is going through a break-up. His acting in the video is quite good, which definitely makes the video even better. The Winter forest setting is also quite nice, as the song gives off a feeling of warmth, which compliments well with the cold surroundings. Overall, it is a great video to watch for a ballad song.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.6/10

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