[Review] Lullaby – GOT7

One of my personal favourite boy groups are finally back and I am super excited. GOT7 is bringing along their third studio album, which has been titled Present: You. In the last week, the group have been dropping teasers to each member’s solo track that is featured on the album AND the title track, Lullaby. This is GOT7’s first comeback since their Look promotions back in March.

If in any chance you are looking for a soothing song to sleep to, this Lullaby is not going to help you tonight. GOT7’s version of a Lullaby is definitely upbeat and extremely intense, words that you don’t commonly associate with the sleepy time tunes. It follows the same style as Look (in terms of instrumentation and vibe), which I thought was rather nice. It was clean and it was well produced. The rapping by the three usual members was quite good but I felt the song was somewhat constrictive of their potential. But I guess that is why we have the solo tracks on the album. Vocally, I thought this is one of their best yet. The ad-libs by the vocalists at the end of the song were amazing. The chorus was very easy to get into and I thought it very smooth. I haven’t yet listened to the song in the other languages if you didn’t know, there is an English, Chinese and Spanish version of the track on the album as well) but I have high hopes if the Korean version sound this good.

It seems like the members are in dreamland with the music video. Yugyeom is in a never quiet train station (reminiscent of BLACKPINK’s As If It’s Your Last), JB’s on a book planet, Youngjae’s living Toy Story, Jinyoung’s flying a car, BamBam’s finds himself at an oasis, Jackson’s performing at a live concert and Mark’s causing flowers to bloom every time he takes a step. The video comes together quite well despite having all these different crazy and random elements. I thought the choreography shots were well done as well.

I thought the chorus was extremely fitting when they went for the sleeping pose for their Lullaby title. As for the rest of the performance, everything was fast pace such as the running moments after the chorus and Yugyeom’s footwork in his solo dance break. It was quite good to watch.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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